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Wall-mounted washbasin taps

Here is a choice that often create problems to who is looking for the future taps of his new bathroom. Better to choose a classic taps to support, or better to turn to a built-in faucet for the sink? What are the advantages of this second option compared to the first one? Well, with the wall-mounted sink faucet and built-in, as you can imagine, very little is left to gaze at. This solution is therefore particularly suitable for all those people who want a bathroom without unnecessary elements, with a few frills, in short, basically minimalist, with essential lines. The flush for built-in washbasin faucet allows you to have a bathroom with a ' clean ' view.

Of course there are pros and cons to take into account. Among the advantages of installing a built-in sink faucet are certainly the elegance of this solution, as well as the important saving of space, leaving both the washbasin and the part behind free. It is therefore possible to install a larger sink, or perhaps to have more room for toiletries. Among the cons, of course, are to be taken into account the construction work that the recessed solution require: in the case of a new bathroom, the work to be done is negligible, whereas, in the event of a bathroom to be restored, the workload to connect the Flush of a built-in  faucet to water pipe should not be underestimated. To seek another disadvantage, we return to the structural question, and therefore to the walled water pipe, which do not facilitate the maintenance in the event of a breakdown: However, it is an absolutely remote eventuality.

Types of flush for built-in sink faucet

The majority of the built-in sink taps are single-lever, and therefore with mixer: In this case only two holes are sufficient. But you can also orient yourself towards a built-in flush with double handle faucet, to give a more classic touch to the environment: in this case you can look at explicitly traditional models, with double knob controls, or built-in flush taps with Squared and minimal levers, definitely more modern. Obviously, the dispensing mouths , with short and squared rods or long rods with soft lines, also change, in order to finally arrive at the irresistible waterfall mouths. If you want to install a built-in sink faucet in your next bathroom, on this page you will definitely find the model for you: We at Ebath have selected the best taps of the most quoted Italian manufacturers!


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