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Bathroom set

Choosing taps and fittings for the bathroom is not always easy, on the contrary it is almost never. And this is because in our bathrooms there is not a single faucet: no, there is the sink faucet, the bidet faucet, the shower faucet, and sometimes even the bathtub faucet. And if the devices connected to water multiply, coordination becomes fundamental. For a perfect result, all these elements should be combined, this to give to the bathroom a homogeneous and decisive character: it is not possible to think of mounting taps in full liberty style on the bidet, then installing an ultra-modern mixer with squared lines on the sink. The combination of the various accessories, as you might imagine,  is important as the choice of each single element. For this reason, to help you make the right choices, we decided to introduce you to Bath Sets, that is the selections of combined products. On this page you can therefore view and purchase shower bath sets, bath sets for bathtubs and bathroom tap sets. You can range from the simplest two-element shower sets, consisting of a built-in mixer and a fixed shower head, to arrive at more complex compositions, such as the shower sets consisting of a 4-way thermostatic shower kit, a fixed multifunction shower head, hand shower and body jets, to compose an absolutely complete and completely combined shower.

Complete bathroom sets for a decisive style

We, of the e-commerce Ebath, can think at  the combinations of your bathroom, you still have the burden of choosing the most suitable style for your bathroom, in the knowledge that you can find all the options on these pages, with the collaboration of the best Italian brands in the field of faucets. So before looking at coordination, then, you should decide between a minimal , essential style and a vintage style, and then think about the level of technology - and therefore comfort - that you intend to adopt in your bathroom. High-tech people will not think about it for a moment, and will immediately turn to the shower sets equipped with thermostatic kits and precise regulators; the most nostalgic, on the contrary, will opt first for the bathtub, and then for the vintage bath kits, with round shower heads, double handles and why not, gilded chrome finishes. Take a tour of our shop and, product by product, sheet by sheet, try to understand not only which taps can fit in your bathroom but also which ones you wish to use daily for the next years coming.


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  • Bathroom set with shower

    Bulkiness without sacrificing comfort: on this page you will find bathroom sets with shower, or everything you need to have a comfortable shower. Here you will not find shower columns or rails: everything, in fact, is built-in at the level of the wall, and you will be the one to choose how many accessories your shower set will be made up of. The minimum solution is obviously composed of a shower head and a faucet, which can be of different types. You can opt for a bath set with shower and blender tap, therefore equipped with two handles, one for cold water and the other for hot water. This solution, classic and elegant, however, lacks in terms of practicality, making it slightly more difficult to reach the desired water temperature. Another option, more widespread, is that of the faucet with mixer, which allows to set both the temperature and the power of the jet with a single gesture. Thermostatic tap is more modern, more comfortable and safer. Thanks to its special thermostatic cartridge, this accessory allows you to precisely regulate the water temperature, which will remain so constant for the entire duration of the wash, eliminating upstream the possibility of running into sudden and annoying jets of frozen or hot water.

    Choosing  bathroom set with shower

    But the most suitable bath set with shower could have some more accessories. In addition to the simple coupled shower head and tap, for example, you could equip your shower with a service shower with a flexible hose, so as to alternate the fixed jet of the central shower head with the versatile one of the duplex. That's not all, as your bathroom set with shower can be complete with body jets, or side nozzles capable of gently massaging your body like a real Jacuzzi. Every single accessory, then, can be equipped with different functions. We have already talked about the various possibilities of the tap, but it must be said that even the shower head can be presented in different models: you can in fact choose between a simple shower head, and therefore a single jet, and a more complex shower head, with multi-jet function, and then a rain, waterfall and fog shower head. We must also think of the style, and therefore the aesthetic aspect of the shower set: here you can find sets that reflect a classic view of the shower, with soft lines, round gargoyles and special workmanship, or on the other hand ultra modern sets, which appeal to a minimalist conception, with their essential lines and their square shapes.

  • Bathroom set with bathtub

    There are many ways to conceive a bathtub: for example, there are bathtubs made up of a simple support tap accompanied by a small shower head, and which are therefore light years away from the concept of shower. There are other bathtubs, instead, that aim to imitate the shower experience more closely, so as to replicate in a single object both the typical functions of the bathtub and those of a shower. And so here, in those cases, bathtubs are enriched with special rails or shower columns. Here, instead, we offer bathroom sets with built-in bathtubs, which therefore require the installation of bath accessories on the wall. These solutions, therefore, adapt perfectly to bathtubs that develop at the side of the room - and therefore not to the central solutions, which instead need special taps from the ground - and which at the same time want to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum. Remove the column, take off the rail: on the edge of the pool, therefore, only the outlet and the actual faucet can be recognized, which can be single-lever - and therefore with mixer - or dual-lever - and therefore with blender, with double handle for hot and cold water. To complete the bathroom set with bathtub, finally, the shower head, which is installed on the wall through a special arm

    Choose the bathroom set with bathtub

    The bath tub set should be chosen taking into consideration the remaining bathroom fittings: the sink faucet, the bidet faucet, the bathtub faucet and possibly the shower faucet, in fact, must express the same style and the same vision, reiterated from the furnishing of the room. There are therefore classic bath sets for bathtubs, recognizable by their rounded shapes and soft lines, as well as by the refined finishes intended to imitate the models of fifty or even a hundred years ago. Thick, glossy and round shower heads, blender taps with pronounced  ,or even ceramic finished , handles, elaborate and goose-beaked dispensing mouths: these are the salient features of the bathtub sets. Otherwise, the most modern and design solutions stand out for the essentiality of the lines and shapes, which leave little or nothing to the superfluous, approaching a basic minimalism that is well combined with the exaltation of the functionality of the accessories. And which bathtub set will you choose for your home?

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