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Wall-mounted bidet taps

Bidets usually involve the installation of faucets, which are then mounted directly on the sanitary system. More rarely, however, you come across models that require a built-in faucet, and therefore require the installation on the wall of the tap. This choice is generally made in bathrooms that also have separated sink and bathtub taps, so as to match the conception of the entire room. The advantages of a built-in bidet faucet are well known: it is a solution that allows you to minimize the footprint area, which is certainly ideal in the presence of bathrooms – or bidets – not so big. The installation of the wall faucet also responds to a certain minimalist style, which goes well in modern bathrooms aimed at reducing everything to essential. This line of thought is confirmed by the style of most taps that you can find in this category, which leave behind the superfluous to present themselves elegantly basic. However, there are also disadvantages: those who opt for a tap for built-in bidet, in fact, are obliged to carry out work at the level of the wall work that, with a battery model, could be saved.

Which built-in bidet faucet to choose?

Not all built-in bidet taps are the same. There are both taps for bidet blenders and taps for mixer bidet. From the outside, the difference lies in the number of knobs. The first type has two handles, one to regulate the flow of cold water, and the other to regulate the flow of hot water instead. This solution, although more classic and, from a certain point of view, more refined, loses points in comfort, forcing us to look for the right combination to get to the temperature sought. Built-in bidet taps with mixer, on the other hand, have a single command, with which, with a single gesture, you can decide temperature and jet. This solution, in addition of being more comfortable, also allows greater energy savings – taking less time to get to the temperature sought. In addition to the number of controls, you will then have to choose the type of dispensing mouth, the building material – deciding mostly between stainless steel and chrome brass – and the style, which can be from time to time modern or retro. In all cases, on Ebath, you will be sure to buy the best of the bathroo’s faucets made in Italy.


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