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Bath Faucets

We are pleased to present a wide selection of faucets and mixer faucets for your bathroom, to ensure you the perfect match and the creation of a unique and satisfying bathroom experience. Every single faucet in our online store has been designed and developed in Italy by best producers, to guarantee our customers the highest quality, as well as the highest comfort of use. Details make a bathroom beautiful and functional,  starting from bathroom fittings, central element that alone, if chosen with care and taste, can define the interior room, it doesn’t matter if it is small or large. For this reason, browsing through this section, you can find bathroom faucets responding to different styles, ranging from classic to modern, up to the real avant-garde, imagined by the best Italian designers. Minimalist and inflexible solutions await you, arched lines and classic designs, but also high-tech and intelligent faucet, for highly comfortable bathrooms, from the sink to the shower. Ebath is the right solution for those who are not satisfied with the usual tap: all you have to do is to have a look to our products and find out the high attention that we place on the selection of our bathroom faucets, starting with the latest trends in the design field.

Faucets for the bathroom, from the sink to the bath tub 

The choice of a faucet for the bathroom is a matter of style: shape, color,  type of installation, all these are details not to be overlooked, since they will define the character of the whole location. The right faucet gives elegance, makes a room lively, lightens the atmosphere, gives the right eclectic touch. On this page you can find faucets for the sink, for the bath tub, for the bidet and for the shower, ranging between the single-lever or double-handle models, including built-in faucetsand three-hole faucets, to get to the multifunction shower heads, to the hand showers to shut-offs and various bathroom accessories. Finally, to guarantee you the perfect match, we also offer you many bathroom sets.

And you, have you already thought about which bathroom faucets are right for you? Do you prefer something intriguing, with an irresistible design like waterfall taps, or are you looking for something more classic? Everything depends on your personal taste, the location you want to recreate and the type of bathroom fixtures that will complete your bathroom. For any doubt about our bathroom faucets, do not hesitate to contact our assistance: we will be happy to find out the best solution for you!

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  • Washbasin taps

    High quality wash sink faucets designed to last: Ebath offers a wide selection of faucets for your bathroom, chosen taking into consideration the latest trends in the market and the real needs of our customers. Maybe you never even thought about it, but there are many different types of taps for the bathroom sink, among which you have to orient yourself according to your needs, your personal taste, the characteristics of your sink and your bathroom. You should in fact ask yourself, first of all, where and how you want to install your new faucet. You could choose to install it on the wall, thus opting for a built-in model, which involves making a masonry work to make room for the internal part of the taps, to have an essential and simple result. Or you could instead opt for something more classic and, instead of installing the faucet on the wall, mount it directly on the sink or on the back countertop. In this case, you will really be spoilt for choice. Browsing through our e-commerce, you can therefore orient yourself towards the sub-category 'Washbasin taps', in which you can find washbasins with two or three holes. If, on the other hand, you prefer a single structure - and a single hole - you should not miss out on the area dedicated to 'Single handle sink faucets', which have the mixer mounted directly on the faucet itself.

    Choose the right faucet for the sink

    Moreover it is not only the different functioning that distinguishes the different models of faucet. Shapes, lines and dimensions should also be considered: do you think your bathroom can benefit from a regular and squared model, or solutions characterized by more rounded, tapered and soft lines? Do you prefer that the faucet accompanies the shapes already present in your bathroom or, instead, are you looking for an element of contrast, able to stand out and give movement? Those who want to follow the most exclusive trend of the moment will certainly be attracted by the various models of waterfall faucet, available both built-in and free-standing, to let themselves be intrigued by the flow of running water. Those who instead want to amaze their guests will not be able to avoid taking into consideration the ceiling taps, minimalist accessories that are reduced to the indispensable, with mixing and flow control integrated in the spout.

    Whatever your goal is, we are confident that we can help you to achieve it with our wide range of sink faucets.

  • Bidet taps

    Many and different factors have to be considered when choosing fittings for your bathroom. And this is valid also for the choice of the bidet faucet. Think, for example, about the aesthetic factor: The bidet faucet  has to perfectly match with sink, shower and bathtub faucets, but also with all other bathroom accessories, to give character and style to the room. However, a part of the aesthetic prerequisite, other elements have to be taken into consideration: the bidet is also a key element of our hygiene, an element that we use every day and that must therefore not only be functional, but also comfortable. Choosing a bulky tap, for example, can make the use of the bidet annoying. And also, another factor to consider at the time of purchase is the consumption of water: certain models, with the same efficacy, permit to use less water; this,  before being a benefit from an economic point of view, is an advantage from the environmental point of view, very dear to those who want to protect our planet. Some choices, moreover, are constrained by the type of bidet that you intend to buy: certain models in fact expressly require a built-in faucet, and then mounted on the wall, while other bidets are built to house a single-control or battery-operated bidet tap, with two or three holes.

    To every bidet its mixer: how to choose the right faucet

    The most popular choice, when choosing taps for bidets, is the single-hole and single-lever faucet, therefore equipped with a mixer that is very practical to use. Many people, along the lines of the taps and fittings of the previous generations, prefer, the three-hole taps, and therefore with the classic cranks for the regulation of cold or hot water. This second choice is motivated by purely aesthetic factors, certainly not the most practical option. There are then more distinctly modern models, with linear shapes and chrome-plated metals, opposed to vintage and round solutions. Someone else, instead, could point towards the essentiality, and therefore towards minimalist taps, which are usually also the right choice from the point of view of easy- cleaning. In addition, more and more people are choosing to install waterfall bathroom taps: it is therefore important to underline the fact that these miniature models also exist for bidets.

  • Shower taps

    How annoying is to be in the shower and not being able to regulate the water temperature properly? Sometimes the fault lies with the boiler, which fails to support the demand for hot water continuously and homogeneously, but other times it is the responsibility of poorly functional shower faucets, which do not allow easy adjustment of the water. Yes, the comfort of a shower therefore also passes through its taps, as well as the type of shower head.

    There are many models of faucets for showers, to respond to different and peculiar needs. Let's start with the external shower taps: in this case the entire tap protrudes from the wall, to which it is connected through two different supports, one for hot water and the other for cold water, typically with a central mixer. However, this classic solution has the disadvantage of being bulky inside the shower, this is particularly negative in the case of small shower compartment. This problem does not exist with built-in shower taps, which require precisely recessing inside the wall: the result, at sight, is therefore a metal plate flush at the same level of the wall, which presents the mixer and, sometimes , the diverter. The types of shower taps, however, are not defined solely and exclusively from the recessed solution.

    Shower taps, from electronic models to thermostatic taps

    Among the most interesting innovations in recent years concerning bathroom taps and fittings there are certainly thermostatic taps, which are now widely used in bathtubs and, obviously, in showers. But how do these thermostatic mixers work? Thanks to the presence of a particular internal valve, these taps can guarantee a constant water temperature. This way you will not risk to stay under boiling water when someone in another room turns on the cold water, or under freezing water when using double hot water. Comfort in this way is assured, with the possibility of adjusting the water temperature precisely and constantly. Instead, electronic faucets for showers respond to special needs, usually used in public bathrooms to minimize water waste.

    The choice of the shower faucet, in any case, must be made in conjunction with that of the shower head and other shower accessories, from the possible shower rails to the hand shower, also taking into consideration the others faucets chosen for the bathroom, from the sink to the bidet.

  • Shower panels

    Shower columns are not all the same. And be careful, when we talk about shower columns we are not referring to shower rails: between the two terms - and the two accessories - there is indeed a big difference. The latch is made up of a bar that allows you to move up or down - typically by unscrewing a special sliding support to clamp - the shower head, which is therefore attached through a flexible tube. The shower column, on the other hand, does not provide an upward or downward movement of the shower head: it is in fact a fixed and static structure, which carries the water jet upwards. It is perhaps a less versatile solution compared to shower rails, but there is no doubt: the shower column soares up and is much more elegant, with its important presence. Choosing this solution, moreover, does not necessarily have to mean a total renunciation of the versatility of shower rails. Some shower column models, in fact, are equipped with an additional adjustable hand shower, the perfect solution for those looking for the elegance of the shower column without sacrificing the possibility of handling the shower head in complete freedom. But how many types of shower columns are there?

    Shower columns for all tastes

    In this section you can find the many types of shower columns, from the most classic to the most innovative and modern. There are, for example, shower columns without faucet, and therefore with an essential line, which must of course be integrated with combined, built-in or external taps. Among the models fitted with a tap, on the other hand, it is possible to choose between the solutions with the normal mechanical taps and the shower columns enriched with modern thermostatic mixers, which guarantee a relaxing and harmonious wash, with a constant temperature of the water supplied. Some shower columns, moving away from the classic tubular format, appear more modern, with a squared wall body and built-in faucets included and integrated into the structure itself. Choosing a shower column also means choosing the integrated shower head, thus opting for single-jet, multi-jet or multi-function models, which add LED lights, chromotherapy lateral jets and the choice of the preferred type of  jet (rain, waterfall or nebulised).

    Do you want a design shower, elegant, comfortable, relaxing and moreover practical to clean? We at Ebath have selected the best and more different shower columns produced in Italy, to give you only the best of the best.

  • Shower concept

    In the last few years the concept of shower has evolved strongly. Once it was a purely functional element, which did not respond to particular needs from an aesthetic point of view. Today, instead, it has become a central element within the bathroom environment, no longer only from a functional and pragmatic point of view, but also from an aesthetic one. Interior designers have therefore begun to take great interest in shower accessories, knowing that these, together with the rest of the bathroom taps, can completely change an environment. But what do you need to think about when you go to choose the shower accessories? Factors to be taken into consideration are mainly four, namely the design of the accessories, the level of comfort assured, the easy-cleaning and, finally, the duration of the accessories. Let's start with the design: for example there are fundamentally classic shower heads, with absolutely traditional shapes, and instead more modern shower heads, with square and courageous shapes. As for comfort, in recent years there has been a real explosion of novelties. In fact, from the single jet shower head you can switch to multi-jet models and, even to multi-function shower heads, which can for example integrate hi-tech functions such as LED lights and an audio system. Some shower complements also lend themselves to quick and easy cleaning in terms of installation and design, while in other cases perfect maintenance of the accessories is more demanding - but never too much, given the quality of the shower compliments chosen by Ebath. Finally, the duration of the accessories must be taken into consideration: if treated correctly, the quality shower complements are practically eternal, but certainly stainless steel accessories tend to better withstand the action of possible aggressive detergents.

    Choose the shower components, from the shower head to the body jets

    Modern showers are not only wall shower head. It is indeed possible to opt for ceiling-mounted shower heads, with their large dimensions, or for additional duplex shower heads, to make your shower even more versatile. And that's not all: to turn the shower into a relaxing and recharging moment, it is possible to enrich it with body jets, with comfortable lateral heads with fixed or adjustable jet. In this same category of our online store it is also possible to view and buy the shower arms , slide bars and the modern shut-offs.

  • Bathtub taps

    Choosing a faucet for the design bathtub does not mean to sacrifice functionality, just as to favorite comfort must not mean to put less attention to appearance. Or at least, this happens when you browse through the pages of our online store dedicated to taps and fittings, which is supplied by the best Italian manufacturers of faucets and bathroom accessories. And you, have you already thought about the bathtub faucet model that you prefer? From the single-control mixers to the two-handle recessed models, in this section you will find all the alternatives, with the assurance of always having to deal with the highest quality taps that, once installed in the bathroom of your apartment, will last long time confirming the excellent choice you made. It should also not be forgotten that the bathtub is not just any accessory: it is a place not only for hygiene, but also for real relax. And you know, the relaxing moments are always too few and too short: to fully enjoy them, we recommend you to choose the faucet that will best accompany you in these wonderful moments. We offer you so many models of bathtub faucets to tempt your eyes and those of your guests, and to give you maximum comfort.

    Selecting the best faucet for your bathtub

    Here you will find faucets for your bathtub in stainless steel and chrome-plated brass, with ceramic and glass details. Depending on the position and the workmanship of your bathtub you can choose between a built-in faucet, and therefore installed in the wall, or battery-powered, to be installed on the bath, ranging from three to five holes, based on the number of accessories you want have. Whoever wants to combine an extra aspect with the typical relax in a bath tub can also buy the new waterfall faucets, which offer a unique experience for both eyes and ears. We must not forget that always more people are choosing room-center models to give value to the bathtub element. In this case, to give an extra touch to the environment, you can opt for elegant floor-mounted mixers.

    As you can see, therefore, there are different solutions, to satisfy the most different needs: once you choose the faucet for your bathtub, also visit the other pages of our e-commerce, to combine it with the best taps for sink, bidet and shower!

  • Bathroom components

    Maybe you're building the shower of your dreams, or maybe you're looking for spare parts for your shower. In any case, those you are looking for are quality shower accessories: we at Ebath, with our four decades of experience, are ready to provide you with the best products, to make your shower practical, comfortable, durable and beautiful. In other sections you can find all the other components for your shower, from the shower heads to the taps, passing through the shower rails, the hand showers and so on. Here, instead, we present complementary accessories, such as flexible metal hoses, water intakes and shower supports, drains, siphons and various stainless steel accessories.

    Let's start with the flexible ones: not all showers obviously need it. For example, let's think about the boxes equipped with a fixed support for the shower head, or even the modern ceiling shower heads. Classic shower, however, impose the shower rails, and therefore the showerhead anchored to it with a practical flexible tube. In this section of our e-commerce you will therefore be able to find flexible shower fittings made of chrome-plated brass or chromolux models. The guarantee is to buy elegant, comfortable and resistant flexible hoses - based on the assumption that hoses are generally the most frequently changed shower accessories.

    The choice of the right hose must also be made thinking of the combination of shower head and faucets, recalling other design elements inside the bathroom.

    All the shower accessories you need

    In addition to the flexible ones, in this section of our online store you can find the water intakes to which you attach the hose of your showerhead, as well as the sockets provided with hook, to solve everything with a single solution, halving the bulk and the jobs for the 'installation. Different in terms of shapes, materials and colors, the water intakes that we present are designed to meet your all your needs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic impact. In this category, finally, you can find the drains for your shower, chosen among the models that allow a faster and practical cleaning and maintenance. Also in this case, a special attention has been given to the design of the shower accessories: you can therefore find pressure drains with round or square tops, with the most different finishes, to match perfectly with taps and shower heads. We therefore present shower drains in chrome, steel, black, white, gold, brushed and so on.

  • Bathroom accessories

    The toilet brush holder, the plate for the toilet cistern, the towel holders to be placed near the sink and bidet, and possibly near the shower and tub, as well as the toilet paper holder, the cup holder, the dispenser holder and hangers: all these are important bathroom accessories, which must be chosen carefully based on their functionality and style. In most cases, we talk about essential bathroom accessories. Those who have not installed a shut-off, for example, cannot do without a toilet brush and toilet brush holder, and in the same way it is difficult to imagine a functional and comfortable bathroom without the special coat hangers and hooks for towels. To be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing shower, as well as to be able to prepare quickly and fluidly for work every morning: in all cases, it is necessary to have a well-organized bathroom, with the right bathroom accessories placed in the right place. But beware, we must not think only of functionality: the risk, in fact, is to have a bathroom full of inconsistencies and contrasts that are anything but pleasant, in terms of materials, colors, shapes and textures. Much better, therefore, to also take into consideration the aesthetic side of bathroom accessories!

    The right style for bathroom accessories

    Bathroom accessories are, in fact, the last adjustment that is thought of when creating this environment, the last step before actually starting to experience this place. It is therefore clear that the style of bathroom accessories depends in all respects on the choices that have been made previously with regards to bathroom fixtures and taps. Before buying a toilet brush, a towel holder or a shelf for the toilet, it is therefore good to think about the material and lines of the sanitary ware and taps. Those who have opted for classic or even retro elements will have to be coherent all the way, opting for equally classic bathroom accessories: those who have created a modern bathroom will have to continue on this line, buying bathroom accessories with clean lines and net. The same, in principle, also applies to materials and colors, even if it must be said that - if well designed - the correspondence does not have to be perfectly exact. And you, have you already decided on the perfect style for your bathroom accessories?

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