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Bathtub Taps with two handles

There is no doubt: the taps equipped with a mixer, and so single-lever, are more practical and faster, and well they go well with our lifestyle, which is for the very fast - not to say frantic. Those who choose the bathtub, however, do not think of a tool that will help us to do everything more quickly. On the contrary, installing a bathtub in your own bathroom means assigning a small place of your home to relaxation, slowness and serenity. For this reason it is certainly not possible to say that choosing two-handle bathtub taps is a wrong choice: if this classic and impractical faucets – but irremediably fascinating – does not find a place aboard our bathtubs, where it can ever be Installed? The concept of the bathtub taps with the traditional knobs is simple: on the one hand, a handle regulates the influx of hot water, and on the other, the second handle regulates the intake of cold water, in order to create at the level of the spout the temperature and the desired jet. In addition to the two adjustment handles and the adjusting spout, the two-handle bathtub taps are normally equipped with flow diverter, which allows you to alternate the use of the tap or the hand shower – which is often included.

Buy a 2-handle bathtub faucet

On this page of our online store you can observe the most different types of faucet with two handles for bathtub. Given the selected model, which stands out to traditionality compared to the most modern mixers, it could certainly not miss the retro-style fittings, with soft and round lines, enriched by suggestive ceramic finishes. But it is certainly not said that those who choose a bathtub faucet with two handles should necessarily refer to a vintage view of the bathroom: here Below you will find in fact also taps with squared and exquisitely modern lines, which have nothing to envy, as to Character and design, to solutions with mixer. You will also find  two handles faucets for bathtub of all types, and therefore to support, battery, ground and built-in, in order to meet any of your needs, depending on the position and type of your bathtub. You will also choose whether to buy a faucet with a hand shower or not, or if instead turn to real bath showers, equipped with a column and shower head.


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