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Built-it bathtub faucets

There are those who, before taking a bath in the bathtub, lights a handful of candles, turns off the lights, turns on soothing music as a background and uses the most effective products to fill the tub with delicate white foam. Other people, however, are satisfied with a bath in the bathtub faster and less organized, seeing this operation not as a moment of relaxation, but as a pure act of cleanliness, nothing more. These two types of people will probably buy different taps! In This category of our e-commerce, however, we want to satisfy everyone. Here you can find all types of bathtub taps, and then installed directly to the wall that skirts the tub. It is a clean and essential choice that, by exploiting the inside of the wall, minimizes the dimensions: to protrude will be in fact only the essential elements, like the mixer or the knobs, the spout and, possibly, the attack for the Handheld shower. The features and styles you can choosewithin this category are many: you can opt for a more classic built-in bathtub faucet, and then equipped with a double handle to mix hot or cold water; Or, on the contrary, you can choose a more modern and practical solution, and then a single-lever bathtub faucet with a mixer, to have the right jet and the perfect temperature with just one simple gesture.

The different styles of the built-in bathtub taps

What character has – or will have– your bathroom? What is the style that will distinguish that environment when you have finished the work? If you are thinking about something vintage, we suggest you turn to the taps for flush-mounted bathtub, with soft and rounded lines, in chromed brass and why not, with elegant ceramic finishes. Are you aiming instead at a more modern style? Then you should direct your gaze towards the cleanest bathtub taps, with more decisive and simple lines, to define essential and sometimes minimalist taps. For those who are looking for the most relaxing bath in the absolute, instead, we have selected built-in and waterfall taps for bathtub, which will then fill your tub with a thunderous, relaxing and wide jet of water, thanks to their particular Spout. Think about your bathroom environment, and think about your future baths in the bathtub: What are your desires? We at Ebath are ready to satisfy them!

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