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Kitchen Battery

Kitchen Battery: This term may disorient anyone who has never been interested in the world of taps and fittings. But we are not talking about a array of pots, nor even a noisy musical instrument. When we talk about the battey taps we refer to particular taps that are installed directly on the sink, which must be prepared with the necessary holes, which will be two for a single-lever battery model , three for a two-handle kitchen faucet, and so on. Referring to these products, in addition to the term ' battery tap ', the terms ' two-hole taps ', ' three-hole taps ' and ' four-hole taps ' can be used. It all depends, of course, on the location of your kitchen sink, the type of washbasin and your needs: the faucet, as well as being installed directly on the sink-as in this case-can also be installed on the wall (and then you would have a Flush-mounted faucet) or immediately behind the sink (to have, therefore, a tap to support). For all these different solutions, of course, there are different taps, which from time to time are designed and realized to be practical and functional according to their positioning. 

Choose the battery tap for your kitchen 

If your sink has holes, you can only opt for a kitchen battery, made up of as many elements as there are holes. In a sink with three holes, for example, you can install the classic two-handle faucet, placing the dispenser in the centre and, on its sides, the two knobs (or levers) for the regulation of the jet and the temperature. The three-hole models are typically chosen by those who look for a classic style, which can become even antiquing, vintage or rustic by selecting specially designed taps, with the right finishes. The two-hole models, and therefore single-lever, in which a hole is designed for the dispenser and the other for the mixer, are instead designed looking at handling and modernity, allowing in fact the regulation of water with one hand. Hardly, for example, you will find in a modern professional kitchen a faucet with double knob, which instead can be the icing on the cake in a classic home kitchen.

You just have to choose the kitchen battery that is for you: how many holes do you have available? Do you prefer a high or low spout? And again, what finishes can best complete the style of your kitchen?

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