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Multifunction shower panels

A shower head with waterfall, rain or fog, dispensing according to your needs. But that's not all: a shower column with two side water jets, so as to massage your body like in a Jacuzzi. And yet, LED lights for chromotherapy, which turn your shower into a regenerating bath or a relaxing treatment from time to time. Yes, we are talking about a multi-function shower column, ready to transform according to your wishes. Here, in short, there is really everything you can look for in a shower.

Some models, in addition to all this, also feature a thermostatic mixer, which allows you to precisely adjust the water temperature, being sure to keep it uniform for the duration of the bath: with the best multifunction shower columns, therefore, you have the possibility to leave behind all the sudden cold showers or all the annoying scalds due to sudden and unexpected changes in water temperature.

The ones we present to you are therefore modern shower columns and equipped with every possible option, a thousand miles away from the most classic shower rails or from simple shower heads installed on the wall: what we offer you is a complete experience, which will make you fall in love with your new bathroom !

The advantages of a multi-function shower

There is no question about the charm of a waterfall shower: relaxing already at the sight, the cascading water massages and delights. Not even on the sensations that can be offered by the nebulized and rain jets do we need to stop: those who have already tried them know what we are referring to, and those who have not yet done it ... could not simply understand! Instead, we talk about chromotherapy, or that is a bath with lights. Being able to rely on LED lights in the shower means being able to transform the color of the water jets, to have a tonic, invigorating or relaxing effect from time to time. The red light, for example, is perfect for the morning, to make the charge of energy and face the day better. Blue light, on the other hand, is indicated for the evening, to leave stress behind and to get ready for a night's sleep. Those in search of lost harmony should instead enjoy a green shower, while those feeling particularly dejected should dive into a shower illuminated by a white light. To all this, by choosing the most complete multi-function shower column, you can also add body jets, and then lateral water jets ready to gently massage your body!


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