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Washbasin taps

High quality wash sink faucets designed to last: Ebath offers a wide selection of faucets for your bathroom, chosen taking into consideration the latest trends in the market and the real needs of our customers. Maybe you never even thought about it, but there are many different types of taps for the bathroom sink, among which you have to orient yourself according to your needs, your personal taste, the characteristics of your sink and your bathroom. You should in fact ask yourself, first of all, where and how you want to install your new faucet. You could choose to install it on the wall, thus opting for a built-in model, which involves making a masonry work to make room for the internal part of the taps, to have an essential and simple result. Or you could instead opt for something more classic and, instead of installing the faucet on the wall, mount it directly on the sink or on the back countertop. In this case, you will really be spoilt for choice. Browsing through our e-commerce, you can therefore orient yourself towards the sub-category 'Washbasin taps', in which you can find washbasins with two or three holes. If, on the other hand, you prefer a single structure - and a single hole - you should not miss out on the area dedicated to 'Single handle sink faucets', which have the mixer mounted directly on the faucet itself.

Choose the right faucet for the sink

Moreover it is not only the different functioning that distinguishes the different models of faucet. Shapes, lines and dimensions should also be considered: do you think your bathroom can benefit from a regular and squared model, or solutions characterized by more rounded, tapered and soft lines? Do you prefer that the faucet accompanies the shapes already present in your bathroom or, instead, are you looking for an element of contrast, able to stand out and give movement? Those who want to follow the most exclusive trend of the moment will certainly be attracted by the various models of waterfall faucet, available both built-in and free-standing, to let themselves be intrigued by the flow of running water. Those who instead want to amaze their guests will not be able to avoid taking into consideration the ceiling taps, minimalist accessories that are reduced to the indispensable, with mixing and flow control integrated in the spout.

Whatever your goal is, we are confident that we can help you to achieve it with our wide range of sink faucets.

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  • Single handle sink faucets

    Without any doubt, the most widespread typology of faucets for the washbasin is the single-lever bathroom faucet which is in fact the modern answer to the classic and more laborious two-handle taps, one for cold water, the other for hot water. With a single mixer, everything focuses on a single lever, which regulates both the temperature and the water jet. Being able to regulate all aspects with a single gesture, this system is presented as more practical, allowing not only more speed of use and greater comfort, but also a concrete saving of water and energy. We think, in fact, the difficulty of finding the right temperature with the fittings with two handles: the regulation requires in most cases a certain work, with water coming out either too hot or too cold, bringing us to handle before one and after The other knob, looking for the perfect combination. During this time dedicated not to the use of the dispensed water, as for its regulation, the waste is obvious. With a mixer, on the other hand, reaching the desired temperature and jet is far from difficult, being able to center the target with a single move.

    Choose the single lever mixer

    As you can see in this category of our e-commerce dedicated to the sale of taps and fittings, the choice of single-lever bathroom sink taps is exterminated. There are exquisitely modern mixers, which come off from two-handle models, not only in terms of concept, but also in terms of shapes. Those seeking a contemporary design will therefore orient themselves towards the single-lever taps with the most square and severe lines, able to give great character to the bathroom environment. Those who, although opting for a single-lever faucet, continue to appreciate the soft lines of the classic taps, instead choose the most rounded solutions, with more gentle dispensing mouths and soft lines. There are certainly the single-lever mixers, which are capable of being noticed, like for example the waterfall sink taps, with an irresistible design, that recall with their peculiar shape the world of SPAS and therefore of well-being: with these taps the Relaxation of the view and the soul is assured. Those who want to give an original touch to their bathroom can also choose a single-lever sink faucet from the floor, which with its slender shape can certainly not go unnoticed, combining style and practicality.

    And you, which single-lever mixer will you choose for your new bathroom?

  • Wall-mounted washbasin taps

    Here is a choice that often create problems to who is looking for the future taps of his new bathroom. Better to choose a classic taps to support, or better to turn to a built-in faucet for the sink? What are the advantages of this second option compared to the first one? Well, with the wall-mounted sink faucet and built-in, as you can imagine, very little is left to gaze at. This solution is therefore particularly suitable for all those people who want a bathroom without unnecessary elements, with a few frills, in short, basically minimalist, with essential lines. The flush for built-in washbasin faucet allows you to have a bathroom with a ' clean ' view.

    Of course there are pros and cons to take into account. Among the advantages of installing a built-in sink faucet are certainly the elegance of this solution, as well as the important saving of space, leaving both the washbasin and the part behind free. It is therefore possible to install a larger sink, or perhaps to have more room for toiletries. Among the cons, of course, are to be taken into account the construction work that the recessed solution require: in the case of a new bathroom, the work to be done is negligible, whereas, in the event of a bathroom to be restored, the workload to connect the Flush of a built-in  faucet to water pipe should not be underestimated. To seek another disadvantage, we return to the structural question, and therefore to the walled water pipe, which do not facilitate the maintenance in the event of a breakdown: However, it is an absolutely remote eventuality.

    Types of flush for built-in sink faucet

    The majority of the built-in sink taps are single-lever, and therefore with mixer: In this case only two holes are sufficient. But you can also orient yourself towards a built-in flush with double handle faucet, to give a more classic touch to the environment: in this case you can look at explicitly traditional models, with double knob controls, or built-in flush taps with Squared and minimal levers, definitely more modern. Obviously, the dispensing mouths , with short and squared rods or long rods with soft lines, also change, in order to finally arrive at the irresistible waterfall mouths. If you want to install a built-in sink faucet in your next bathroom, on this page you will definitely find the model for you: We at Ebath have selected the best taps of the most quoted Italian manufacturers!


  • Washbasin set

    Someone out there is going around a large number of tap shop looking for the perfect faucet for his bathroom. The problem is that, very often,  finding the most suitable faucet for your bathroom environment is either than easy: as strange as it may seem, frequently the choice of a physical shop – even if well-stocked – is limited. Much better, for the most demanding people looking for a design product, contact the e-commerce of taps as Ebath, strong of a rich assortment of taps, designed, developed by the most Italian producers, as well as of long experience In the sector . On this page, for example, you can find a Wide range of battery taps for washbasin, with two or three-hole. These are, therefore, taps whose elements – the dispensing barrel, the mixer or the mixing handles – are mounted independently but directly on the washbasin, occupying a larger hole. In the case of single-lever taps, it is necessary to have two holes, one for the barrel and the other for the mixer, whereas, in the case of double control taps, you will have three holes, the central one for the barrel, and the lateral ones for the two knobs. It is not uncommon to stumble across customers who, after a couple of physical stores, have failed to find the battery for the bathroom sink that most satisfies them: it should not be overlooked, moreover, that battery tap must be matched to that of the bidet. In our online store, the range is so wide to guarantee the right solution for anyone looking for a quality faucet Made in Italy!

    Choose a battery for the bathroom sink

    The first step is to choose the type of battery tap for the washbasin according to the number of holes in the sink in question. After you restrict your search to only two-hole or three-hole bathroom faucets, you can dedicate yourself to the style of the faucet. You can opt for something fundamentally classic, or even vintage, as for example a battery from the three-hole washbasin with a curved and retro spout, as well as with finished ceramic handles; Or, on the contrary, you will be able to buy an extremely modern faucet, with minimal and severe lines, with a no-frills dispensing rod and controls with clean lines. You have the choice!

  • Sink faucet with two handles

    Want to bring a vintage breath to your bathroom? Choosing a sink faucet with two handles means making a classic choice that, while renouncing to the practicality of the most modern mixers, gives the environment a timeless elegance. In the taps with double controls – and therefore with double valve – the water is dispensed in a separate way. It therefore follows that the final temperature of the water supplied depends on the combination of the two valves. The detractors of the two-handle sink taps –the supporters of the most modern mixers – point the accusing finger at the approximate adjustment of the temperature of these taps, with which we reach the desired temperature after many attemps. From the aesthetic point of view, however, the elegance of the two-handle taps for bathroom is not discussed, as well as the gestures that these devices impose on us. In some cases the classic operation of these double-lever taps finds an explicit echo in their design, which sometimes accentuates the ancient tones with elaborate handles and a spout with vintage forms. Other times, however, the antiquity of the operation is mediated and diluted through a more modern design, with candid and clean lines.

    Choose the most suitable two-handle sink faucet

    In this page of our online store of taps, then, you can choose the sink faucet with two handles that most can characterize your bathroom-together with the taps of bidet, bathtub and/or shower. Here below we collected the best taps with double control and single hole designed and manufactured by the most wanted Italian manufacturers. The designers, as you can see, are really crazy, spacing with ease among the most different styles. There are therefore taps through which the design with double handle has been reinterpreted in a modern key, with minimalists double controls almost hidden on the sides of the faucet. Elsewhere, the old-fashioned style is strongly exalted, making the washbasin taps small works of art, suitable for the more nostalgic. In any case, whatever the goal of the designers was, the taps that we present in these pages are characterized by a high functionality, and by a high duration. Your washbasin has a central hole and you're looking for a faucet that can make your bathroom special and fundamentally classic? Then on this page you can certainly find the right one for you!

  • Stainless steel washbasin taps

    There is no doubt in stating that the chromed brass is absolutely the most used material for the production of taps and fittings. The people in the sector – like us of  Ebath online shop – agree to underline the growth of sales and the models of stainless steel taps. But why always more and more people prefer to buy stainless steel sink faucets? To understand it you have to focus on the peculiar characteristics of this material. We must know that steel is in fact an alloy between iron and carbon, to which other elements can be added according to the needs. Stainless steel – which is used for the manufacture of stainless steel sink faucets – Contains a significant part of chromium, which gives this iron alloy an exceptional resistance to corrosion, due to the phenomenon known As ' passivation '. Chromium, in fact, induces the formation of a thin but precious external protective layer – which is created at the contact between the stainless steel and the humidity contained in the surrounding air – which is able to protect the taps from corrosive attacks. It should be stressed that many people continue to clean the taps of their home with  aggressive commercial products, which, in time, can end up ruining the image of brass taps. These products, however, can not scratch in any way the stainless steel, which is  revealed to be a valuable alloy for bathroom taps and kitchen.

    The characteristics of the stainless steel bathroom faucets

    We talked about the chemical resistance of the stainless steel sink taps. But it is certainly not all here: There are many other peculiarities that can push our customers towards the choice of steel taps for their bathroom. In fact, stainless steel also has an excellent mechanical resistance, whereas brass can be mechanically scratched – although this possibility is  remote. At the design level, certainly the steel sink taps are ideal for those looking for a minimal style, with clean lines , not overly elaborated. The surface of these taps is satin or brushed, different from the mirror typical of chromed brass. Given the different manufacturing process, the cost of the stainless steel taps tends to be higher than the chromium models, but the quality and durability of the faucet can certainly justify the higher spending.

  • Washbasin taps with waterfall spout

    Here is the faucet that everyone, in recent times, would like to install in their own bathroom: The waterfall sink faucet is in fact the most desired solution between those who are building a new bathroom environment. Goodbye, therefore, to the classic tubular shape of the spout, to embrace a spout open in its upper part and typically enlarged, to reproduce, in fact, a pleasant waterfall of water directed towards our washbasin. The result is a relaxing and lovable water flow on sight, able to transform a normal bathroom environment into something elegant, modern and restful, like a small spa. Choosing a waterfall sink faucet, therefore, means to recognize a special role to bathroom fittings, which becomes the protagonist of this particular space. To create a refined environment, the combination with the right sink is essential: usually, the pair is perfect with the most modern washbasins.

    Normally more consistent in size, the waterfall sink tap give a decisive character to the bathroom, which amaze all our guests.

    The right model of waterfall faucet for bathroom

    As you can see on this page of our online shop dedicated to taps and fittings, there are the most different types of waterfall faucet. For example, there are solutions similar to the most widespread single-lever taps, replicating the forms of the normal dispensing mouths. In other cases, you find a completely original faucet, with a new and very wide spout, creating an even more fascinating waterfall. It should also be stressed that in order to satisfy everyone, we have selected built-in and supported sink taps, as well as the floor models, for those who want to give an extra original touch to their bathroom. And it's not all here: Despite being an exquisitely modern solution, there are those who want to design a waterfall sink faucet with no mixer, but with a double handle, to melt the more classic style with the contemporary one.

    Even the simplest act of cleansing your face in the morning, with a waterfall faucet, can change our day. Browsing through the categories of our online store you will find cascade faucets not only for the bathroom sink, but also for the bidet, for the bathtub and for the shower, to match them to each other for perfection. 

  • Special faucets

    In This category we gather all the bathroom faucets for the washbasin that, in form, installation, operation or conception are special, and therefore different from the taps that we usually use in our everyday life. Here, therefore, you will not find the classic taps to be supported with mixer, nor the flush-mounted washbasin taps with double handle: If you look for those ' normal ' taps, then you have to look in the appropriate categories of our online store. Here we go in fact to meet the special needs of our customers. On this page of our e-commerce, for example, you can view and purchase single-lever wall mixer taps for cold water only, which can be used in particular installations, such as in public baths and beach resort. But that's not all: In this category we collect, for example, also the modern ceiling faucets, a real hymn to the purity of the lines in the bathroom environment.                                 

    Wide choice of special sink faucets

    The ceiling taps can be seen as the extreme evolution of the most classic and widespread wall faucets. Completely freed the washbasin from the taps, the bathroom assumes a new shape, chasing a minimalist design. Usually, with the ceiling taps, you are dealing with systems that integrate to the long and thin spout both mixing and flow control. But in which environments the installation of these special bath faucets gives the best of itself? Stated the particularity of these ceiling faucets, the maximum result is obtained in rooms where the washbasin is in the center of the room, without drain.

    With this range of special faucets we have therefore decided to satisfy the most peculiar needs of our customers, in order not to reduce in any way their freedom of action in the design and realization of their new bathroom. Strong of a long experience in the field of taps, we at Ebath are obviously ready to provide from time to time the best ideas to accommodate the projects and desires of our customers: If you are therefore looking for a special faucet capable of Satisfy your ideal bathroom environment, do not hesitate to ask for advice, writing through our contact area!

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