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Fratelli Frattini, Daniel Rubinetterie, Rimonio, Bossini, Zazzeri, La Torre, and many others to come, in a continuous search for the best designers and the best manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen fittings. Our e-commerce is based on forty years of direct sales, and therefore on a solid experience within this sector. Year after year we understood that our mission is not and should not be to aim, at all costs ,at the best price, presenting to our customers economic, anonymous and of questionable quality fittings. We of Ebath instead aim to enrich your kitchen and your bathroom with faucets, mixers and accessories designed to be long-lasting, to amaze your guests and to give character to your rooms. We therefore do not rely on imported products, looking for the best price, but entrust on the best Italian taps, designed and created by companies that share our same values ​​and our same passion for quality accessories.

The best brands of fittings made in Italy

Our goal is to expand the network of our supplier brands eveery month, to be able to present our customers the widest range of faucets. Here you can find, for example, the taps of the Gattoni brand, which since over sixty years, has been working with qualified designers to develop stylistically unique and, at the same time, eco-friendly and environmentally safe faucets. We go even further back in time with Zazzeri designer faucets, a company active since 1929 and highly appreciated by customers and interior designers, who look favorably on the characteristic combination of design and tradition. Daniel Rubinetterie is more recent and innovative, and since its foundation in the 80’s aims to satisfy the most demanding customers, ranging from antique metal faucets to the most courageous pop art style compositions, offering solutions that are always able to amaze.

At Ebath we want to assure you the pleasure of having a bathroom that perfectly complies with your aspirations and your needs, and for this reason, we rely on the experience of the best Italian brands that already supply us today, but also we always look for innovative, capable artisans to enrich continually our  extended catalog. A faucet is not just a tap: if you share this thought and you are looking for  long-lasting accessories that enrich your home, you've come to the right place!

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  • Bossini

    Bossini has been a player in the global market for shower products since 1960. It is one of the best-known shower brands in the world. It constitutes an ambassador of Made in Italy excellence in terms of both quality and design. It operates in over 60 countries around the world. It is UNI EN ISO 9001/2015, IATF 16949:2016 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.


  • Daniel Rubinetterie

    Daniel Rubinetterie has been active on the market since 1985 bringing innovation in field of taps, thanks to originality of carefully designed creations that aim to satisfy the most demanding buyers. The use of the best materials, modern processing, finishing and assembly techniques guarantee the highest standards. To make a service focused and aimed at the taste of the customer all products Daniel can be customized and further embellished through special finishes and decorations. Antique, brushed, varnished, classic and metallised metals are just some of the countless finishes available in addition to galvanic finishes decorated with designs ranging from pop-art style to rounded and harmonious shapes, to more classic damask decorations.


  • Fratelli Frattini

    Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini for over 50 years is known in Italy and worldwide for its high quality, design and technology accomplished products, that always grant a great reliability. Therefore when you choose Fratelli Frattini, don’t let you deceive, be always sure that it is not an imitation but the real tap granted by the prestigious brand Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini.


    In terms of quality and sustainability, Tubico offers a carefully chosen selection of products for bathroom, kitchen and wellness taps, exclusively Made in Italy.
    The Italian style runs through every object and the modern, clean and essential design becomes a tool for sustainability,
    water conservation and environmentally conscious impact.
    A new way of conceiving the details of the environment in which space mirrors choices linked to comfort and well-being in the intimate and global sphere.

  • Gattoni Rubinetteria

    Gattoni Rubinetteria’s company strategy has been focusing on green themes by improving and modernizing the processes of all manufacturing phases. That is why our taps can be identified as environmental-friendly for their innovative functions aimed at proposing a responsible management of water consumption. It can be defined as GREEN ATTITUDE. An additional element supporting such a foresighted attitude is also the choice we make of our suppliers, who are selected among those that offer certified raw materials, processed by highly professional and specialised workers, coming from the most important Italian taps-and-fittings production district, located on a territory far from highly urbanized and industrialised suburbs and therefore characterised by a healthy quality of life. All of the above contribute to define Gattoni Rubinetteria as a firm grounded on environment-friendly and environmental sustainability principles typical of a company that takes to heart the milieu surrounding it and respectful of all the partners it works with down to the final consumer

  • Radomonte

    Radomonte is an Italian brand that designs taps and high quality accessories for bathroom and kitchen made of stainless steel. A project that was born from the creativity of GEDA, a well established company that produces design taps based in Porcia (Pordenone), in the heart of Italy’s Northeast. Innovative products that represent the perfect combination between advanced technical research and the know-how of a decade-long tradition of craftsmanship. An elegant and sophisticated design made unique by the nature of stainless steel, a material that has several qualities: it is environmentally friendly, hygienic, and highly resistant to corrosion. A choice that is guaranteed for life.

  • Ritmonio

    Ritmonio is a company with two souls, the Factory division, dedicated for over 70 years to the production of safety valves for electric water heaters and brass, stainless steel, aluminum and copper components; the other Bath & Shower, engaged in the design of faucets and bathroom accessories. Combining craftsmanship, aesthetic research and manufacturing skills, Ritmonio creates exclusive products, authentically made in Italy, capable of responding to functional and at the same time environmentally conscious needs.


  • Fir Italia

    In the current panorama of mixer taps and shower heads for kitchens and bathrooms, Fir Italia is a brand steeped in history: since 1957since 1957 it has created collections of mixer taps and shower heads inspired by natural elements, architecture and fashion.

    Over time, the company has become characterized by its pursuit of innovation and quality, seeking to look ahead and imagine the future, to understand the tastes and expectations of a diverse public in advance.

  • La Torre rubinetteria

    La Torre offers contemporary style taps that satisfy different tastes for furnishing. The company La Torre SpA is a production company, certified since 2001 with the ISO-9001: 2000 quality system and is an authentic exponent of "Made in Italy" faucets designed and manufactured 100% in Italy.

  • Zazzeri

    Since 1929, Zazzeri S.pA. has been producing designer faucets, today in the Modern, Classic and Shower collections. It’s featured by a stylish coherence and both by the detail care together with the technical innovation. All the taps are included in the best bathroom interior design projects. The Experience, the high professionalism and the best raw materials, including with the undisputed talent let us be market oriented.

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