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Daniel Rubinetterie

Daniel Rubinetterie has been active on the market since 1985 bringing innovation in field of taps, thanks to originality of carefully designed creations that aim to satisfy the most demanding buyers. The use of the best materials, modern processing, finishing and assembly techniques guarantee the highest standards. To make a service focused and aimed at the taste of the customer all products Daniel can be customized and further embellished through special finishes and decorations. Antique, brushed, varnished, classic and metallised metals are just some of the countless finishes available in addition to galvanic finishes decorated with designs ranging from pop-art style to rounded and harmonious shapes, to more classic damask decorations.


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  • Tokyo

    The TOKYO Series is the perfect synthesis of a design that bases its nature on the essence of minimalism. The use of the Ø 25 mm cartridge makes the mixer bodies extremely elegant and willowy. The soft-bending spouts enhance the line by gently following the water in its flow. TOKYO is a timeless design classy mixer.

  • Tokyo Steel

    TOKYO STEEL collection is entirely produced in stainless steel, enclosing in an essential design all the aesthetic and practical appeal of this material.
    The shapes of faucets are slender, simple and smooth, like the curvature of the mouths that gently accompanies the water flow. In addition to the beauty and modernity of its visual impact, TOKYO STEEL offers on the functional level the high strength of stainless steel at the time and usage. The TOKYO STEEL faucets are available in different heights and compositions to best fit into every furnishing solution.

  • Skyline

    Skyline is a square collection, with modern and essential lines. It satisfies the customer's taste, attentive to detail and high quality. The entire range of taps can be customized thanks to the wide choice of finishes and decorations that offer countless combination possibilities. The series is equipped with a ceramic cartridge Ø 25 mm, while the recesses use the ceramic cartridge Ø 35 mm.

  • Speed

    The lines of Speed serie areinspired by the modern shapes of the aeronautics world. Aerodynamic and lightness are the characteristics that distinguish all the parts of this collection. Speed is a product of dynamic design thanks to its shapes jostling forward and giving a movement and speed effect. Speed is also technically advanced thanks to the use of the diameter 25 cartridge, the hidden aerators, the bidet joint protecting shelter, patented by us, and a particular diverter used on bathtub mixers, that has allowed us to remove the knob, thus activating the water deviation by simply pulling the flexible hose. All these features make the series Speed an unmistakable jewel in the nowadays and future scenery.  

  • Diva

    Light and delicate collection, mirror of a refined living culture. Born from the desire for maximum proportion, the study of forms follows the idea of ​​a simple line that, gently curving, plays with its own femininity. Diva is echo of an elegant modernity.

  • Tiara

    Tiara is the ideal combination of curved lines and stiff faces. The presence of frontal carved surfaces like diamonds characterizes the design of all elements. The result is a perfect aesthetic harmony, enhanced by multiple ambient light reflections. The series is equipped with ceramic cartridge Ø 35 mm.

  • Omega

    The soft and round lines of Omega collection alternate with flat and reflective surfaces, drawing a clear parallel betweenspout and mixer lever and defining the essential aesthetics profiles. A series with attention to every detail, such as the aerator protection shield in bidet mixer, able to satisfy the style demands even in low budget projects.

  • Jax
  • Revival

    REVIVAL collection represents the most classical expression between Daniel Rubinetterie series. Double-lever mixers in which the shapes taste and elegance harmoniously blends with the finest tradition. The wide range of finishes allows also to choose the most suitable combination to enrich every single project, highlighting the ancient tones in “retro” environments or experimenting new colors combinations with modern furniture tints. 

  • Retrò

    The RETRO collection represents a small trip into profiles and memories of the past. The ideal furnishing solution to add a yesteryear class to of to everyday gestures. The series is equipped with ceramic headvalves.

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