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Kitchen faucets

Are you choosing which faucet to install in your new kitchen, or are you thinking to replace the faucet in your current sink?  Don’t make it out to be more difficult than it really is: in this section of our online store dedicated to the world of faucets and fittings you will be able to find all different types of taps and mixers for the kitchen, from classic to the more modern and design models. An essential requirement, satisfied by every single product of our e-commerce , is to respect a high standard of quality: all the faucets in our store are designed and produced in Italy, by the most renowned companies in the sector.

Moreover, it is not a mere aesthetic issue: we know very well that a kitchen faucet, beyond having to be beautiful, have also to be highly functional, in order to be used without problems in all different occasions. You will need it for cooking, for washing dishes and food, for cleaning the kitchen, for drinking and for watering the plants in your apartment: think about how many times you will find yourself using this accessory! To buy the right faucet for your kitchen, therefore, you have to think about the correct combination and style to follow, but also about the concrete space that will welcome it and the choice that will guarantee you the chosen level of comfort. 

How to choose the kitchen faucet

To understand which kitchen faucet to buy in our online store, first of all you have to think of the more suitable type of installation: you will then orientate yourself towards a built-in faucet, so built in the  wall, or to a countertop model, to be installed directly on the sink or on the kitchen worktop? And again, do you prefer a single-control faucet, and therefore a classic mixer, or do you want to orientate yourself towards a more vintage model, with the two-handle system? Those who are looking for a faucet similar to those found in professional kitchens, on the other hand, will focus on models with extractable or extendable showers, to wash dishes practically efficiently. Others, prefer to optimize spaces by installing low-level faucets or, folding faucets.

Whatever are your needs, in these pages you will certainly be able to identify the kitchen faucet capable of bringing your vision to fruition: browse the various categories, enlarge the images of the products and benefit from our detailed technical data sheets. In any case, we assure you of high quality products!

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  • Single-lever kitchen faucets

    The most recent, the most practical: single-lever kitchen taps, unlike traditional taps with double handle, can be used with one hand: in fact, with a single gesture it is possible to regulate the power of the jet and the water temperature. These models-called by the most mixers facilitate the life of those who wash the dishes, but also of course of those who cook. Nostalgic, of course, tend to prefer the classic forms of double-lever taps; It must be noticed, however, that, in recent years, the designs proposed by the best manufacturers of Italian taps for single-lever kitchen taps also lead to doubt the most ' classicists ' among consumers, who are attracted by the mixers of  the latest generation. Some manufacturers in fact wanted to recover vintage  shapes even for single-lever kitchen taps, proposing curves, high and elegant barrels which, sometimes, even have ceramic finishes. Even those who aspire to a very vintage sink, therefore, can opt for a practical mixer faucet, as long as you rely on the best designers of taps – something that we at Ebath do daily with great passion.

    Types of single-lever kitchen faucets

    But how many types of single-lever kitchen faucets are there? It starts from the supporting model with lateral lever, extremely diffused and very practical, which can have a high or low barrel, more or less curved, according to the needs of space and to the personal taste. Some of the most innovative and modern models present the lever in the upper position, at the level of the dispensing barrel, proposing mixers with essential and geometric lines: This option can be taken into account both for the Kitchen taps on the wall and for those to be supported. Who is looking for an extremely practical and comfortable kitchen faucet, as well as those found in professional kitchens, should instead turn to models with extractable shower or, even better, with spring shower, so you have a Flexible and very versatile dispensing sprout. Washing dishes and cleaning, with these professional kitchen mixers, can become a real pleasure! 

    To choose the single-lever faucet for your sink, think in which place it will be mounted, how and how much it will be used and finally to the character you want to give to your kitchen: you'll see that, make a choice will not be  difficult!


  • Kitchen Battery

    Kitchen Battery: This term may disorient anyone who has never been interested in the world of taps and fittings. But we are not talking about a array of pots, nor even a noisy musical instrument. When we talk about the battey taps we refer to particular taps that are installed directly on the sink, which must be prepared with the necessary holes, which will be two for a single-lever battery model , three for a two-handle kitchen faucet, and so on. Referring to these products, in addition to the term ' battery tap ', the terms ' two-hole taps ', ' three-hole taps ' and ' four-hole taps ' can be used. It all depends, of course, on the location of your kitchen sink, the type of washbasin and your needs: the faucet, as well as being installed directly on the sink-as in this case-can also be installed on the wall (and then you would have a Flush-mounted faucet) or immediately behind the sink (to have, therefore, a tap to support). For all these different solutions, of course, there are different taps, which from time to time are designed and realized to be practical and functional according to their positioning. 

    Choose the battery tap for your kitchen 

    If your sink has holes, you can only opt for a kitchen battery, made up of as many elements as there are holes. In a sink with three holes, for example, you can install the classic two-handle faucet, placing the dispenser in the centre and, on its sides, the two knobs (or levers) for the regulation of the jet and the temperature. The three-hole models are typically chosen by those who look for a classic style, which can become even antiquing, vintage or rustic by selecting specially designed taps, with the right finishes. The two-hole models, and therefore single-lever, in which a hole is designed for the dispenser and the other for the mixer, are instead designed looking at handling and modernity, allowing in fact the regulation of water with one hand. Hardly, for example, you will find in a modern professional kitchen a faucet with double knob, which instead can be the icing on the cake in a classic home kitchen.

    You just have to choose the kitchen battery that is for you: how many holes do you have available? Do you prefer a high or low spout? And again, what finishes can best complete the style of your kitchen?

  • Two-lever kitchen faucet

    The classic kitchen faucet with two handles: here we do not have a mixer that allows us, with a single quick gesture, to regulate the power of the jet and the temperature of the water. No, here we have a double handle, and then one command cold water and the other hot water. The kitchen faucet with two handles is a classic choice, which is made especially by those who, through the recovery of traditional blending, want to connect in a more or less explicit way to a vintage style. Moreover, it is not said that the installation of a two handles kitchen taps must necessarily be dictated by a precise choice of vintage style: it should be stressed that, in recent years, there have been several reinterpretations of the concept of faucet for Kitchen with two handles in a modern key, where the traditional roundish shapes left space for decisive lines and squared elements, children of the most contemporary design.

    The choice of the kitchen faucet, however, should not be made from the only aesthetic impact: the faucets near the stove ends up being very often the most stressed element of the entire kitchen, with openings and closures that are repeated for dozens of Times a day, if not for hundreds of times

    The two-lever kitchen faucet

    In addition to design, therefore, before choosing a faucet for the kitchen you have to think about its functionality and its durability in time. As for practicality, as it is known, there is no escape: the single-lever models, and therefore with a mixer, are certainly more comfortable than the two-handle taps. As for the long lasting, the type of faucet goes into the background. To count, in this case, is rather the manufacturer, and therefore the methods, materials and technologies used to make our faucet. For good measure choose Ebath: in our e-commerce dedicated to the world of faucets for kitchen and bathroom, in fact, you can find only faucets of the best Italian producers.

    So, you just have to indulge in the choice, keeping in mind the style you want to impress your kitchen. If you have chosen to rely on a two-command faucet, you just have to choose the type of line you prefer, the material, the model of the spout and, of course, the finishes. On this page, for example, you can also find a distinctly vintage faucets, in chromed brass and with ceramic finishing, to give a touch of class to the smallest daily gestures.



  • Stainless steel sinks

    In this category we enclose all the stainless steel kitchen taps. What are the advantages of this material compared to chromed brass, another extremely widespread alloy in the world of taps and fittings? We must start from the premise that steel is an alloy between iron and carbon, which with its unique characteristics has revolutionized entire sectors, from construction onwards. For these same features, the stainless steel is increasingly appreciated also for taps, both for the bathroom and the kitchen. But what are the most appreciated properties of stainless steel? First of all, it should be underlined that stainless steel, because of its extraordinary compactness, avoids preciously the nesting of bacteria, thus making our domestic environments healthier and safer. It's not all here: the other highly valued property of stainless steel taps is their resistance to corrosion, because of the particular capacity of this alloy of ' self-generating '. The stainless steel is in fact protected by a passive film, a kind of superficial film that keeps intact, beautiful and functional this material over time. This aspect should not be overlooked: some of the detergents that can be found on the market, being overly aggressive, may end up deteriorating the taps. In case of stainless steel kitchen taps, however, this risk does not exist, because of the particular resistance of this material.

    Why choose a stainless steel faucet for the kitchen sink?

    Beautiful and extremely elegant, there is no doubt that stainless steel is a good choice also from the aesthetic point of view, especially  for kitchen faucets with modern lines. Steel, in fact, marries perfectly with the taps that respond to a minimalist aesthetics, with clean and decisive shapes; Who tends instead for classic forms, more elaborate or rounded, probably will lean on the chrome brass, which gives the best of itself in the vintage models. Who wants to look at itself in the tap of his own kitchen, on the other hand, will choose the brass; Who prefers a satin surface, or maybe brushed, will lean for stainless steel. It should not be forgotten that stainless steel does not contain lead, and that it is also free of carcinogenic or harmful substances, aspects not to be overlooked when talking about the taps of the kitchen.

    Certainly steel also has faults compared to brass, especially at the level of production: in fact the chromed brass can be worked easily, the steel must instead be dug and turned, and this increase slightly the average costs of Stainless steel faucets.

  • Kitchen faucet with extractable/ extendable shower

    Are you looking for a practical and functional kitchen faucet? Here, on this page we present the maximum functionality in the field of kitchen faucets. Let's go with order: until not long ago, the kitchen taps were unequipped with mixers, and were mostly fixed. Then, over the years, two important innovations have arrived. First of all, the majority of the taps became revolving, so as to make the washing of dishes more practical . Secondly, the mixer was introduced, an element that today, for its functionality, is always more common. But that's not all. To make the kitchen faucets even more practical, the producers worked on the spout, proposing two highly functional models: the kitchen tap with removable shower and the kitchen tap with a flexible barrel. And on this page we want to introduce you to the best models conceived and realized by the most innovative Italian producers: which faucet will you choose to make your kitchen sink highly practical?

    The advantages of the kitchen faucet with flexible barrel

    The taps with extractable shower, viewed from the outside, could seem a common single-lever taps, nothing more. There are different types: high barrel, low barrel, with side or top mixer, with straight or round barrel. To distinguish them from all the others is however the spout, which is extractable: This means that in the kitchen, for washing dishes or for cleaning, you can count on a comfortable shower, which allows us to move the water jet in different positions. As anticipated, however, this is not the only option. To have a professional kitchen faucet, and therefore built starting from the models used in the kitchens of the most modern restaurants, you should in fact orient yourself towards the taps with flexible cane. These are models with high spout, articulated and swivel, as well as, in most cases, with extractable shower. Difficult, in short, to ask for more to a faucet. These last models, of course, represent an important accessory, which can have a strong impact within the kitchen environment. They get married perfectly inside a modern kitchen.

    Those who love cooking should absolutely consider the kitchen taps with extensible shower or with flexible cane: from rinsing the vegetables to washing the dishes, it will be all differently better!

  • Reclinable kitchen taps

    Architects and designers absolutely agree that the best location for the kitchen sink is, when possible, under the window. Beyond the pure aesthetic fact, it should be emphasized that in this way it is possible to exploit the natural light for the use of the washbasin, so you not have to turn on the light even during the day, avoiding collaterally all those shadows that often make difficult this task. It should then be added that being able to wash the dishes in front of a window allows the look to space, making this activity less tiring, lighter and more enjoyable.

    We have to underline, however, that wanting to place the washbasin under the window inevitably leads to important considerations from the hydraulic point of view: In the case of a normal window with traditional opening, in fact, it will be necessary to equip itself with A special reclining kitchen faucet, which can be folded horizontally over the washbasin, allowing the window to open. Not always, moreover, it is necessary to equip themselves with faucets with a folding barrel: Sometimes the height of the window allows to install a simple tap with low barrel, thought not by chance, just to optimize the spaces. Very often, however, the height of the light compartment is just above the line of the washbasin; Other times, our needs do not allow us to choose for a low faucet, which of course can only limit the functionality of the kitchen sink. In these cases, the only possible choice – and therefore the best – is made up of the reclinable kitchen taps.

    Buy a reclinable faucet for the kitchen

    The ideal kitchen, in terms of functionality, is the one that places the sink in the centre of everything – preferably under a light compartment – placing on one side the burners and the cooking top, and on the other the refrigerator. In this way the sink conquers the his position inside the kitchen, both in the case of a linear arrangement and in that of an angular arrangement. The Under-window reclining faucet, from this point of view, becomes a qualifying and essential element. Typically this particular faucet is single-lever and, of course, to support, being the wall occupied by the window itself.

    Being able to count on the right elements, no project is impossible: it would be a pity to give up the kitchen of your dreams – and then to the sink under the window – for the mere fact of not having taken into account the reclinable faucets  for the kitchen!


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