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Bidet taps

Many and different factors have to be considered when choosing fittings for your bathroom. And this is valid also for the choice of the bidet faucet. Think, for example, about the aesthetic factor: The bidet faucet  has to perfectly match with sink, shower and bathtub faucets, but also with all other bathroom accessories, to give character and style to the room. However, a part of the aesthetic prerequisite, other elements have to be taken into consideration: the bidet is also a key element of our hygiene, an element that we use every day and that must therefore not only be functional, but also comfortable. Choosing a bulky tap, for example, can make the use of the bidet annoying. And also, another factor to consider at the time of purchase is the consumption of water: certain models, with the same efficacy, permit to use less water; this,  before being a benefit from an economic point of view, is an advantage from the environmental point of view, very dear to those who want to protect our planet. Some choices, moreover, are constrained by the type of bidet that you intend to buy: certain models in fact expressly require a built-in faucet, and then mounted on the wall, while other bidets are built to house a single-control or battery-operated bidet tap, with two or three holes.

To every bidet its mixer: how to choose the right faucet

The most popular choice, when choosing taps for bidets, is the single-hole and single-lever faucet, therefore equipped with a mixer that is very practical to use. Many people, along the lines of the taps and fittings of the previous generations, prefer, the three-hole taps, and therefore with the classic cranks for the regulation of cold or hot water. This second choice is motivated by purely aesthetic factors, certainly not the most practical option. There are then more distinctly modern models, with linear shapes and chrome-plated metals, opposed to vintage and round solutions. Someone else, instead, could point towards the essentiality, and therefore towards minimalist taps, which are usually also the right choice from the point of view of easy- cleaning. In addition, more and more people are choosing to install waterfall bathroom taps: it is therefore important to underline the fact that these miniature models also exist for bidets.

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  • Single-lever bidet faucets

    Intended for intimate cleaning, the bidet must be comfortable and practical, and also offer a possibly reduced consumption of water, cutting waste. From this point of view, single-lever bidet taps are certainly the best choice. These models are in fact equipped with a mixer, and therefore a single handle which, if moved in the right direction, can regulate both the temperature and the jet of water, using only one hand. The intimate cleaning, with the single lever bidet taps, becomes easier and more relaxing, whereas the fittings with the two typical knobs, one for the regulation of hot water, the other for that of cold water – are Less practical and more laborious.

    Not all bidet taps with mixer, moreover, are the same. First of all, they are made with different materials: the most widespread and cheaper raw material is the chromed brass, where instead, to have even more resistant taps to face corrosion, you go  to the always Expanding range of stainless steel bidet taps . Different, then, are the various optionals. Some models present, for example, the flow limiter, to reduce wisely the consumption of water, to the advantage of the wallet and the environment. Other bidet taps, moreover, are equipped with a spout with a break, a peculiar device that, going to mix the water to the air, allow to reduce further consumption.

    Choice of bidet faucet with mixer

    appearance is important too. In a bathroom there are at least 3 taps, in the washbasin, in the shower (or the bathtub) and in the bidet. All together, these devices go to define the style and character of the bathroom environment. It is therefore very important to choose the single-lever bidet faucet more suitable for your vision and taste. From this point of view, the taps of our online store are divided – even if with nuances between one group and the other – between a standard style, a retro/vintage design and a modern and innovative vocation. You will then have elaborate and rounded lines for the bidet faucets admittedly vintage, whereas in the most current choices you will find simple lines and squared shapes, looking for an essential and minimalist result, usually in Stainless steel. And you, what kind of faucet do you prefer for your bidet?

  • Wall-mounted bidet taps

    Bidets usually involve the installation of faucets, which are then mounted directly on the sanitary system. More rarely, however, you come across models that require a built-in faucet, and therefore require the installation on the wall of the tap. This choice is generally made in bathrooms that also have separated sink and bathtub taps, so as to match the conception of the entire room. The advantages of a built-in bidet faucet are well known: it is a solution that allows you to minimize the footprint area, which is certainly ideal in the presence of bathrooms – or bidets – not so big. The installation of the wall faucet also responds to a certain minimalist style, which goes well in modern bathrooms aimed at reducing everything to essential. This line of thought is confirmed by the style of most taps that you can find in this category, which leave behind the superfluous to present themselves elegantly basic. However, there are also disadvantages: those who opt for a tap for built-in bidet, in fact, are obliged to carry out work at the level of the wall work that, with a battery model, could be saved.

    Which built-in bidet faucet to choose?

    Not all built-in bidet taps are the same. There are both taps for bidet blenders and taps for mixer bidet. From the outside, the difference lies in the number of knobs. The first type has two handles, one to regulate the flow of cold water, and the other to regulate the flow of hot water instead. This solution, although more classic and, from a certain point of view, more refined, loses points in comfort, forcing us to look for the right combination to get to the temperature sought. Built-in bidet taps with mixer, on the other hand, have a single command, with which, with a single gesture, you can decide temperature and jet. This solution, in addition of being more comfortable, also allows greater energy savings – taking less time to get to the temperature sought. In addition to the number of controls, you will then have to choose the type of dispensing mouth, the building material – deciding mostly between stainless steel and chrome brass – and the style, which can be from time to time modern or retro. In all cases, on Ebath, you will be sure to buy the best of the bathroo’s faucets made in Italy.


  • Bidet set

    Welcome to our online store dedicated to bidet batteries: here, in fact, you will find the two-hole bidet taps but above all three holes for your bathroom. These are therefore support solutions, to be installed directly on the bathroom fixture – which must therefore be prepared for this particular type of faucet. Here, as elsewhere, our e-commerce presents you bathroom taps powered, designed and made by the best Italian manufacturers, who have always been accompanied by careful aesthetic research to present functional product resistant over time. We have therefore selected a wide range of bidet batteries to meet the most different needs. You can then find three-hole taps for bidet that respond to a classic style, and other solutions, instead, distinctly design, able to give a decisive character to the bathroom environment more suitable. The trick, as always, is to create the right combinations between the bathroom taps: in this sense, the tap of the sink and that of the bidet must absolutely match.

    When you think of three-hole taps for bidet you automatically end up going back with the mind to the classic and shiny models, equipped with the two classic handles on the sides, as well as a dispensing barrel with round shapes. And as you can see, here below we present many models that explicitly refer to this 'traditional' way of thinking concerning bidet tap. But not all battery bidet taps are like that, indeed!

    The modern three-hole bidet battery

    Many Italian manufacturers decided to rethink the classic battery three holes for bidet, proposing solutions that recall the trends of more contemporary design. The lines become less soft, the shapes become essential, and more and more often, the shine of the chrome brass is opposed by the character of stainless steel, true evergreen that promises never to stew. The classic side handles therefore take on new forms: in some cases the traditional shapes are re-studied in a modern way, while other times they are totally revolutionized, to give square mixing controls, which have nothing to do with the classic imagery of the bidet tap. This certainly does not mean that vintage tap lovers will not find  something that they can handle on this page: between retro dispensing mouths and white ceramic finishes, we are ready to bring a classic breath inside your bathroom.


  • Two handle bidet faucet

    The classic two-handles bidet. So we are not talking about a model with a mixer, equipped with a single lever to regulate both the flow of water and the temperature. No, on this page we present the most classic model of faucet for bidet, which contrasts with the mixer technology that of the blender: you are yourself, turning the two handles on the sides of the dispensing mouth, to look for the perfect mix between hot water and Cold. The solution, you know, is slightly less practical, and is not the best choice from a savings point of view – in fact, with 2-handles bidet taps you end up consuming more water than you would with a mixer. From an aesthetic point of view, however, this faucets have a classic and, in most cases, more elegant form. It should be pointed out that on this page we present the two-hole bidet taps, with the controls integrated on the sides of the dispensing mouth: if you are interested in giving a peek to the three-hole bi-control bidet taps, and then with the handles of independent from the dispensing mouth, we invite you to visit the category dedicated to bidet batteries.

    Choose Two handle bidet faucet

    As anticipated, opting for a two-hand bidet faucet means, in most cases, making a clear choice of style, looking to the past. These models, in fact, are often built specifically to recall a classic style, with distinctly retro handles and dispensing vents that, with their curves, seem to have come out of early twentieth century villas. In other cases, vintage shapes are attenuated, to give life to two-handles bidet taps that, to a classic soul, accompany a more essential and functional structure. Other manufacturers have decided to revolutionize the concept of a two-corner bidet faucet altogether, proposing two-control models that abandon any frivolity at every softness: we are dealing, in these cases, with essential lines and angles marked, which can find place in bathroom environments that, already at the level of sanitary, have made a clear choice of style in a modern key. Bidet faucet – both double lever and single lever – has to be choosen together with washbasing and bathtub of shower taps making uniform  the environment of your bathroom.

  • Stainless steel bidet taps

    There are so many reasons why you should choose a stainless steel bidet tap. First of all, remember that you are talking about a device dedicated to intimate hygiene, which should therefore meet certain standards. In this sense, stainless steel is, for many reasons, the best choice. So why should you consider a stainless steel bidet? First, this material is highly resistant, both mechanically and chemically. This means that your stainless steel bidet will stand up to the various cleaning cycles without any problem, not being affected even by the most aggressive detergents – whereas, for example, taps of other materials fear use anti-limescale. Secondly, we cannot overlook the increased hygiene that this material guarantees us. Steel is in fact antibacterial, not allowing the mass proliferation of such organisms: it is certainly no coincidence that in the operating rooms you find exactly this particular alloy between iron and carbon! Stainless steel also does not rust, and this too, for an accessory in constant contact with water, is certainly an advantage not to be forgotten. The people who care about the health of the environment, then, know that steel does not contain lead, nor does it require the galvanic baths provided in the case of chrome brass. Steel, for its part, has neither carcinogenic nor environmentally dangerous substances, doubling its environmental sustainability by virtue of its strong durability.  

    Why choose a stainless steel bidet faucet?

    We anticipated that the stainless steel bidet is not afraid to be clean with normal detergents: to keep these faucets shiny there are no special precautions, except to avoid muriatic acid and that to use soft clothes. From an aesthetic point of view, steel – requiring to be excavated and turned – lends itself above all to the creation of taps with a minimal style, with clean and clear lines, and therefore corresponding with the trends of contemporary design. Those who prefer softer, rounder and therefore classic shapes – if not properly vintage – will have to opt for chrome brass taps, then made with a material that can be thermoformed. On this page, in any case, you will find faucets for bicommand or mono-command stainless steel bidets, and then with mixer, built-in or supported ones with one, two or three holes.


  • Waterfall bidet faucets

    Here is a type of bidet taps that are booming. Until not so long ago, all bath faucest presented themselves with the classic tubular shape. Some short, some long, some edcheon and some round, but still closed and narrow. From the world of hot springs and spas, however, came the waterfall taps, equipped with a particular dispensing mouth that, instead of being closed on all sides, opens at the top and widens, so as to recreate, precisely, a cascading effect. These solutions exist for the sink and the barhtub, and yes, of course also for the bidet. The effect is that of a soft, relaxing and fascinating flow of water, which gives a unique style to the bathroom environment in which a waterdall bidet faucet is installed. Buying a faucet of this type means, in the vast majority of cases, to opt for a solution with a modern and minimalist style, that leave behind the decorations: here the main element is water, which with its flow does not leave space for anything else. An option not to be missed in the design houses, waterfall tap sits well with all contemporary furnishings, and with all the bathroom environments that aim to communicate elegance, modernity and relaxation.

    Waterfall tap for bidet

    As anticipated, the Spa style is winning over more and more people, with the cascading effect protagonist of an increasing number of bathrooms. Depending on the layout and type of bidet, waterfall faucet can be installed directly on the sanitary system or, possibly, on the wall, built-in. In most cases, given the intrinsic modernity of these taps, you will have to deal with a mixer, and therefore with a single-control solution; However, we should not rule out the possibility of choosing a waterfall tap for bidet with two handles, to give a touch of classicism to this modern and design accessory.

    A cascading bidet faucet does not go unnoticed, and for this reason the quality of its manufacture must reach the highest levels: as for all the bathroom and kitchen faucets present in our e-commerce, we at Ebath supply only from the best manufacturers Italians, able to combine exceptional design with highly satisfying resistance and durability. For any doubt concerning your new waterfall faucet, do not hesitate to contact us: we’ll be glad to answer to all your doubt.


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