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Shower taps

How annoying is to be in the shower and not being able to regulate the water temperature properly? Sometimes the fault lies with the boiler, which fails to support the demand for hot water continuously and homogeneously, but other times it is the responsibility of poorly functional shower faucets, which do not allow easy adjustment of the water. Yes, the comfort of a shower therefore also passes through its taps, as well as the type of shower head.

There are many models of faucets for showers, to respond to different and peculiar needs. Let's start with the external shower taps: in this case the entire tap protrudes from the wall, to which it is connected through two different supports, one for hot water and the other for cold water, typically with a central mixer. However, this classic solution has the disadvantage of being bulky inside the shower, this is particularly negative in the case of small shower compartment. This problem does not exist with built-in shower taps, which require precisely recessing inside the wall: the result, at sight, is therefore a metal plate flush at the same level of the wall, which presents the mixer and, sometimes , the diverter. The types of shower taps, however, are not defined solely and exclusively from the recessed solution.

Shower taps, from electronic models to thermostatic taps

Among the most interesting innovations in recent years concerning bathroom taps and fittings there are certainly thermostatic taps, which are now widely used in bathtubs and, obviously, in showers. But how do these thermostatic mixers work? Thanks to the presence of a particular internal valve, these taps can guarantee a constant water temperature. This way you will not risk to stay under boiling water when someone in another room turns on the cold water, or under freezing water when using double hot water. Comfort in this way is assured, with the possibility of adjusting the water temperature precisely and constantly. Instead, electronic faucets for showers respond to special needs, usually used in public bathrooms to minimize water waste.

The choice of the shower faucet, in any case, must be made in conjunction with that of the shower head and other shower accessories, from the possible shower rails to the hand shower, also taking into consideration the others faucets chosen for the bathroom, from the sink to the bidet.

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  • External shower taps

    You've probably already decided how your shower will be made: so you've already chosen between fixed shower head or shower rails, between ceiling solution or wall solution. You may have left the decision on the shower faucet last, thinking that this would be simple, almost predictable. And yet this is not the case, as the various types of shower faucets also have their reason. On this page you can ,for example, view and purchase the external shower taps, which therefore clearly differ from the built-in solutions. What are the advantages and features of this model? Surely the external shower faucets are slightly more bulky than the built-in ones, but they are easier to install and easier to manage. Think about it: it is sufficient to prepare two water intakes on the wall, one for cold water and one for hot water, and that's it. With the internal shower taps, which tend to be more elegant, it is instead necessary to create the flush-fitting in the wall, whose dimensions often change from model to model, making a possible replacement more complicated - although, it should be emphasized, not impossible. But that's not all: once you've marked your preference for external shower faucets, in fact, you'll need to decide which type of faucet to buy, based on design and functionality.

    Types of external shower taps, for design and functionality

    Let's start with design: as a rule, we can talk about classic external shower taps and modern models. The former typically have softer forms, recalling twentieth-century models with elaborate handles and striking finishing; the latter, instead, tend to be more essential, leaving behind every superfluous detail. Looking at functionality, then, one can only distinguish the single-control taps from those with two handles: on the one hand, therefore, the practical external shower taps with mixer, and on the other the more elegant two-handle taps, which therefore require to mix cold and hot water to get the perfect temperature. Moreover, the most modern shower taps are equipped with a thermostatic cartridge, which therefore allows the water temperature to be kept constant, so as to avoid annoying thermal shocks caused by a sudden shower of icy water or, on the contrary, an unpleasant one boiling water jet. The choice of the external shower faucet, in all cases, must be made taking into consideration the design of the remaining bathroom taps.

  • Built-in shower taps

    Less bulky, more discreet, more modern and more elegant. In one word: minimal. The built-in shower taps disappear inside the wall, leaving only the bare essentials - the mixer - or, sometimes, the two handles for cold and hot water. Who should choose built-in shower faucets? Certainly this is the ideal solution for those who do not want to steal space inside the shower in any way: therefore, in the restricted shower enclosures, the built-in faucets certainly offer advantages not to be overlooked. But that's not all: thanks to their minimalist conception, these taps lend themselves to be installed in so many bathrooms that marry this design, and that therefore have made consistent choices also for the sink, bidet and possibly tub fittings. It should also be emphasized that built-in shower taps also have small disadvantages compared to external counterparts: it must be said that, to install these devices, it is necessary to prepare the necessary space at the wall level. This detail makes the replacement of the tap slightly more difficult. Those presented on this page, however, are built-in shower taps designed and manufactured by the best Italian manufacturers, and therefore promise to last a long time: the replacement, therefore, will certainly be very far away in time, and will probably coincide with a restoration of the whole bathroom environment!

    Not all built-in shower taps are the same

    The most classic among the built-in shower taps is a metal plate in the center of which the mixer is positioned. Everything here: as mentioned, it is a minimalist choice. In other cases, for showers with two water outlets - typically showerheads and duplexes - the faucet is equipped with a convenient automatic return diverter, which in any case does not scratch the essential lines of this object. True nostalgics, however, can opt for a different solution, while remaining within the context of built-in shower taps: in fact, instead of the classic mixer, it is possible to choose the two wall handles, for the independent management of cold water and hot. This option, which clearly refers to a classic conception of bathroom taps and fittings, can give great character to an environment that - with other bathroom accessories - has already taken this street, certainly less practical, but certainly more fascinating. And you, which faucet will you install in your shower?

  • Thermostatic shower taps

    The thermostatic shower taps allow you to have a constant temperature water from the beginning to the end of the shower. And this, mind you, whatever happens: typically, if someone takes cold water in the kitchen while we take a shower, our shower head immediately turns to boiling water, ruining our shower with scalds that are anything but pleasant; in the same way, if someone else in the house uses hot water, we will suddenly be hit by a jet of cold water. All this is just a memory of the past with a thermostatic shower faucet: these devices are in fact equipped with a particular valve - the thermostatic cartridge, precisely - which modulates the flow of water in concert with the real flow (determined by the use of other household appliances) guarantees a homogeneous temperature. In short, for a safe and relaxing shower, the thermostatic tap is now a real must. The risk of accidental burns disappears, and to this a concrete energy saving is added, thanks to the efficiency of the thermostatic valve. But what does a thermostatic shower faucet look like? This is a particular faucet with two controls: where, however, the dual-control faucets have a handle for cold water and one for hot water, the functions are different here. A knob, in fact, is responsible for regulating the water flow, while the other has the task of regulating - indeed, setting - the temperature. 

    All the advantages of thermostatic shower taps

    The thermostatic cartridge, therefore, allows an instant adaptation of the flow rate of the shower to fill any possible change in temperature at the inlet. In short, the resulting comfort is unparalleled and takes your shower to a whole new level!

    Moreover, within the category dedicated to thermostatic shower faucets, you can find many different solutions. The most popular thermostatic shower faucet is certainly the external, horizontal and cylindrical one, which has two side controls: elegant and essential, this type responds to a modern and minimalist design, which is even accentuated in the case of thermostatic faucets with square shapes. There are also taps with a built-in thermostatic cartridge, which therefore have a metal plate on the top, on which two knobs, plus possibly a flow diverter, stand out - in the case of showers fitted with a service shower.

    Are you looking for a high level shower experience? Once you've tried the thermostatic mixer, you won't come back! For more information regarding our shower faucets, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Stainless shower taps

    Why to opt for stainless steel shower faucets, instead of relying on the cheaper brass shower faucets? Simple: the stainless steel shower faucets have a greater durability, as well as greater resistance. These are in fact the advantages of stainless steel, and therefore of the ferrous alloy which contains at least 11% chromium. The presence of this particular binder allows the artifact - in this case the stainless steel shower faucet - to develop an anti-corrosion protective film, and this is where the greater resistance to corrosion comes from. The result is therefore a faucet which, unlike chrome-plated brass fittings, does not fear the action of more aggressive detergents and anti-limescale products, which in the long run end up ruining lower quality ferrous alloys. Certainly opting for a stainless steel faucet for your shower also means making a stylistic choice: steel, in fact, has an exterior appearance different from brass, less bright and more opaque. It should therefore not be surprising that this material is chosen above all to make taps with modern and essential shapes, with a limited number of processes - however, given the greater difficulty in working steel, which must be excavated and turned, unlike the brass, which can be thermoformed. It must then be said that, thanks to its perfect surface, steel drastically reduces the presence of bacteria: it is not a case that stainless steel is also used in operating rooms.

    Choose the stainless steel faucet

    In this category of our shop dedicated to bathroom and kitchen fittings, therefore, you can find a wide range of shower taps selected not for functionality or form, but instead for construction material. You can therefore find simple built-in mixer taps like the single-control faucets supplied from the shower head. That's not all: on this page you will be able to see and buy thermostatic stainless steel shower taps with or without diverter, designed for showers with a single shower head, with duplex or body jet - and therefore with multiple controls. In all cases you will be sure to bring home and install in your bathroom a high quality faucet, designed and manufactured by the best Italian manufacturers. Durable and easy to clean, a steel faucet gives character to the shower and to the bathroom: however, it is important to combine it correctly with the remaining faucets, as well as, of course, with the other shower accessories.

  • Bathroom set with shower

    Bulkiness without sacrificing comfort: on this page you will find bathroom sets with shower, or everything you need to have a comfortable shower. Here you will not find shower columns or rails: everything, in fact, is built-in at the level of the wall, and you will be the one to choose how many accessories your shower set will be made up of. The minimum solution is obviously composed of a shower head and a faucet, which can be of different types. You can opt for a bath set with shower and blender tap, therefore equipped with two handles, one for cold water and the other for hot water. This solution, classic and elegant, however, lacks in terms of practicality, making it slightly more difficult to reach the desired water temperature. Another option, more widespread, is that of the faucet with mixer, which allows to set both the temperature and the power of the jet with a single gesture. Thermostatic tap is more modern, more comfortable and safer. Thanks to its special thermostatic cartridge, this accessory allows you to precisely regulate the water temperature, which will remain so constant for the entire duration of the wash, eliminating upstream the possibility of running into sudden and annoying jets of frozen or hot water.

    Choosing  bathroom set with shower

    But the most suitable bath set with shower could have some more accessories. In addition to the simple coupled shower head and tap, for example, you could equip your shower with a service shower with a flexible hose, so as to alternate the fixed jet of the central shower head with the versatile one of the duplex. That's not all, as your bathroom set with shower can be complete with body jets, or side nozzles capable of gently massaging your body like a real Jacuzzi. Every single accessory, then, can be equipped with different functions. We have already talked about the various possibilities of the tap, but it must be said that even the shower head can be presented in different models: you can in fact choose between a simple shower head, and therefore a single jet, and a more complex shower head, with multi-jet function, and then a rain, waterfall and fog shower head. We must also think of the style, and therefore the aesthetic aspect of the shower set: here you can find sets that reflect a classic view of the shower, with soft lines, round gargoyles and special workmanship, or on the other hand ultra modern sets, which appeal to a minimalist conception, with their essential lines and their square shapes.

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