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Choosing a faucet for the design bathtub does not mean to sacrifice functionality, just as to favorite comfort must not mean to put less attention to appearance. Or at least, this happens when you browse through the pages of our online store dedicated to taps and fittings, which is supplied by the best Italian manufacturers of faucets and bathroom accessories. And you, have you already thought about the bathtub faucet model that you prefer? From the single-control mixers to the two-handle recessed models, in this section you will find all the alternatives, with the assurance of always having to deal with the highest quality taps that, once installed in the bathroom of your apartment, will last long time confirming the excellent choice you made. It should also not be forgotten that the bathtub is not just any accessory: it is a place not only for hygiene, but also for real relax. And you know, the relaxing moments are always too few and too short: to fully enjoy them, we recommend you to choose the faucet that will best accompany you in these wonderful moments. We offer you so many models of bathtub faucets to tempt your eyes and those of your guests, and to give you maximum comfort.

Selecting the best faucet for your bathtub

Here you will find faucets for your bathtub in stainless steel and chrome-plated brass, with ceramic and glass details. Depending on the position and the workmanship of your bathtub you can choose between a built-in faucet, and therefore installed in the wall, or battery-powered, to be installed on the bath, ranging from three to five holes, based on the number of accessories you want have. Whoever wants to combine an extra aspect with the typical relax in a bath tub can also buy the new waterfall faucets, which offer a unique experience for both eyes and ears. We must not forget that always more people are choosing room-center models to give value to the bathtub element. In this case, to give an extra touch to the environment, you can opt for elegant floor-mounted mixers.

As you can see, therefore, there are different solutions, to satisfy the most different needs: once you choose the faucet for your bathtub, also visit the other pages of our e-commerce, to combine it with the best taps for sink, bidet and shower!

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  • External single lever bath mixer

    What could be better than a relaxing bath at the end of the day? Just one thing: bathing in a really functional bathtub. And this begins of course from the faucet, which must allow us to regulate in an immediate, practical and safe the jet and above all the water temperature. And there is no doubt: the most practical solution concerning taps is that of the single-lever bathtub taps, supplied by a mixer that, with a single gesture, allows to regulate both the jet and the water temperature. On this page you will find all the possible types of taps with mixer for the bathtub, to choose according to the style you prefer, the type of bathtub you want to install, the bathroom environment you have in mind and, of course, according to your budget for your bathroom. By and large, we can affirm that there are two main types of bathtub taps to choose from: On one hand there are the most widespread single-lever bathtub to-wall taps, which must therefore be installed on the wall that delimits the tub; On the other hand, there are floor-standing bathtub taps, which are indispensable for the tubs installed in the center of the room, but not only.

    Choose the faucet with bathtub mixer

    Apart from the distinction between floor and wall taps, there are other factors to consider. For example, you should think about accessories that should be included in the product: As you can see below, some bathtub taps also include the hose, the diverter and the hook for the rest position, while others, while having the diverter, are Sold only, leaving you the freedom to match the faucet with the hand shower you prefer. It's not all here, because we wante to incorporate in this range also the technologically advanced single-lever bathtub taps, able to facilitate the saving of water: In this case you deal with fittings systems capable of Limiting the water flow, while not compromising the degree of comfort, in order to have an advantage from the economic point of view and from the environmental point of view. In this category of our e-commerce, you can also find both chromed brass bathtub taps and stainless steel taps. Do you already know which solution to orient yourself in?


  • Built-it bathtub faucets

    There are those who, before taking a bath in the bathtub, lights a handful of candles, turns off the lights, turns on soothing music as a background and uses the most effective products to fill the tub with delicate white foam. Other people, however, are satisfied with a bath in the bathtub faster and less organized, seeing this operation not as a moment of relaxation, but as a pure act of cleanliness, nothing more. These two types of people will probably buy different taps! In This category of our e-commerce, however, we want to satisfy everyone. Here you can find all types of bathtub taps, and then installed directly to the wall that skirts the tub. It is a clean and essential choice that, by exploiting the inside of the wall, minimizes the dimensions: to protrude will be in fact only the essential elements, like the mixer or the knobs, the spout and, possibly, the attack for the Handheld shower. The features and styles you can choosewithin this category are many: you can opt for a more classic built-in bathtub faucet, and then equipped with a double handle to mix hot or cold water; Or, on the contrary, you can choose a more modern and practical solution, and then a single-lever bathtub faucet with a mixer, to have the right jet and the perfect temperature with just one simple gesture.

    The different styles of the built-in bathtub taps

    What character has – or will have– your bathroom? What is the style that will distinguish that environment when you have finished the work? If you are thinking about something vintage, we suggest you turn to the taps for flush-mounted bathtub, with soft and rounded lines, in chromed brass and why not, with elegant ceramic finishes. Are you aiming instead at a more modern style? Then you should direct your gaze towards the cleanest bathtub taps, with more decisive and simple lines, to define essential and sometimes minimalist taps. For those who are looking for the most relaxing bath in the absolute, instead, we have selected built-in and waterfall taps for bathtub, which will then fill your tub with a thunderous, relaxing and wide jet of water, thanks to their particular Spout. Think about your bathroom environment, and think about your future baths in the bathtub: What are your desires? We at Ebath are ready to satisfy them!

  • Battery Bathtub Faucets

    Are you looking online for the right faucet for your bathtub, and are you looking for a solution that combines a strong style and high quality? Then this is the page that suits you: here Below you can see all the batteries of bathtub taps designed and developed by the best Italian manufacturers of bathroom taps. If you are here, most likely you have already decided to install in your bathroom a bathtub prepared for taps to be supported, and therefore neither flush at the wall nor from the ground (choice that instead would be practically obliged in the case of bathtub in the center room). Here, then, you can see all the battery taps for bathtub, which are designed to be installed directly on the latter (or on the adjacent tiles) going to exploit the holes present. In your choice, then, you have to consider the exact model of bathtub that you already own or are about to buy: Depending on it you can decide whether to buy a bath-side battery with three, four or five holes. In case of bathtub not prepared, instead, the bath border batteries can be installed on the side.

    Which bathtub border faucet to choose

    Choosing for battery taps for bathtub means opting for a more natural and less sought-after position than the floor taps, as well as for a less bulky solution. In front of you there are several possibilities: for example, you could opt for a bath battery with three holes, and therefore composed, for example, a practical mixer, a spout and a shower with retractable flexible metal hose. Or you could choose a 5-hole battery tap, provided with a hot water knob and a cold water knob, as well as a diverter to direct the water to the spout or to the shower with retractable hose. And again, to make your bathtub even more relaxing, you could choose for a bath battery with a waterfall spout, so you feel like you're in a Spa every time you have a bath! In addition to the different technologies, these bathtub taps have different reference styles. There are more classic batteries, composed of double handles and soft and rounded lines, and there are decidedly more modern solutions, with squared mixers and essential lines. And finally, between which material will you choose the more suitable for your bathtub faucet? Stainless steel or chromed brass?

  • Bathtub Taps with two handles

    There is no doubt: the taps equipped with a mixer, and so single-lever, are more practical and faster, and well they go well with our lifestyle, which is for the very fast - not to say frantic. Those who choose the bathtub, however, do not think of a tool that will help us to do everything more quickly. On the contrary, installing a bathtub in your own bathroom means assigning a small place of your home to relaxation, slowness and serenity. For this reason it is certainly not possible to say that choosing two-handle bathtub taps is a wrong choice: if this classic and impractical faucets – but irremediably fascinating – does not find a place aboard our bathtubs, where it can ever be Installed? The concept of the bathtub taps with the traditional knobs is simple: on the one hand, a handle regulates the influx of hot water, and on the other, the second handle regulates the intake of cold water, in order to create at the level of the spout the temperature and the desired jet. In addition to the two adjustment handles and the adjusting spout, the two-handle bathtub taps are normally equipped with flow diverter, which allows you to alternate the use of the tap or the hand shower – which is often included.

    Buy a 2-handle bathtub faucet

    On this page of our online store you can observe the most different types of faucet with two handles for bathtub. Given the selected model, which stands out to traditionality compared to the most modern mixers, it could certainly not miss the retro-style fittings, with soft and round lines, enriched by suggestive ceramic finishes. But it is certainly not said that those who choose a bathtub faucet with two handles should necessarily refer to a vintage view of the bathroom: here Below you will find in fact also taps with squared and exquisitely modern lines, which have nothing to envy, as to Character and design, to solutions with mixer. You will also find  two handles faucets for bathtub of all types, and therefore to support, battery, ground and built-in, in order to meet any of your needs, depending on the position and type of your bathtub. You will also choose whether to buy a faucet with a hand shower or not, or if instead turn to real bath showers, equipped with a column and shower head.


  • Thermostatic bathtub taps

    The bath in the bathtub is the most relaxing moment of the day, a break of relaxation that everyone should treat themselves to. But not always, however, things go as they should go, with water that suddenly - maybe because of somebody turns on the faucet of the kitchen-becomes icy or boiling, transforming a moment of soothing in a stressful activity. The trick for a bathtub able to guarantee maximum relaxation? Simple: a thermostatic bathtub faucet. But what is it? The word ' thermostatic ' is composed of two Greek words, ' thermos ', heat, and ' stasis ', stationary. It is therefore clear that the purpose of thermostatic bath taps is to keep the water temperature unvaried – and therefore constant – so as to allow a really restful bath and no nasty surprises. This is the last evolution of the taps. Before, with the two-handle solutions, we had to handle with care and, by force of attempts, find the perfect combination, knowing that however, shortly after, we should have gone to adjust the levers again. With the mixer, the regulation has become simpler and faster, but nothing prevents the water from suddenly changing temperature: if a tap connected to the same boiler is opened, the temperature can change drastically. All this no longer happens with the thermostatic bathtub taps which, inside, are supplied with the special thermostatic valve.

    How do the thermostatic taps for the bathtub work?

    To make special thermostatic bath taps, as anticipated, is the particular valve that distinguishes them from other solutions. This has the task of mixing hot and cold water appropriately to ensure the desired temperature, reacting in immediate times according to the changes in temperature and pressure of the cold and hot water inside. The result is a comfort and a safety simply unreachable with normal taps. Generally, these solutions are equipped with a movable wheel through which it is possible to set the desired temperature. It is not, therefore, a normal mixer, that we move from one side to the other to have ' more or less ' hot water. No, the thermostatic taps for the bath can be set to the precise temperature of the supplied water. Usually, the bathtub taps equipped with thermostatic valve are pre-set to the maximum temperature of 38 degrees: To obtain warmer water, it is necessary to press a special key, in order to be sure to avoid getting burnt by selecting accidentally temperatures too high.

  • Stainless steel bathtub taps

    When you look at taps and fittings you don't have to look only at the shape. The substance, in fact, is also essential, to have resistant and durable taps. More and more people think like this, and it is therefore no coincidence that in recent years the demand for stainless steel tub faucets is increasing, a material increasingly appreciated for sanitary products and, in general, for the bathroom environment. Buying a stainless tub tap means equipping your bathroom with an accessory – at least from the point of view of the material – absolutely evergreen. It is not a choice dictated by cheapness – as can be that of chrome brass – nor by a search for an eccentric and niche material, as could be bronze. No, choosing steel means being sure to install a tap on your bathtub that, in addition to lasting over time, will not get you bored of it, and will never go out of fashion. But the advantages of stainless tub taps do not end here: it is in fact an extremely resistant material, which is not afraid of rust or corrosion, which is certainly good for all those people who do not always use specific detergents to clean faucets. Stainless steel taps, in addition of being very easy to clean, therefore remain unchanged and beautiful over time, not fearing external threats.

    Choose a stainless steel tank tap

    Always fashionable, durable and easy to clean, stainless steel tap for bathtub is also the right choice from the point of view of hygiene, not releasing iron shards and hindering the formation of dirt, by virtue of its smooth surface, totally without roughness  both outside and inside. If, therefore, convinced by all these advantages, you decided to buy a stainless faucet for your bathtub – even if you are dealing with prices on average higher than those of chrome brass solutions – you just have to look for the most suitable model for your environment and bathroom: on this page you can find stainless steel bathtub taps built-in, supported and floor installed, made from time to time following different styles. To choose you will obviously have to take into account the type and location of your bathtub, as well as the style chosen for all other bathroom taps and fittings, in order to create a unique and distinctive style.

  • Bathtub taps with waterfall spout

    Absolutely the best way to fully enjoy a bathroom: waterfall faucet turn any bathroom environment into a small and intimate Spa. Seeing the wide and lively jet of water, feeling the cheerful and relaxing roar, are sensations that can make a simple bath even more pleasant. And all this is possible thanks to a special dispensing mouth that, failing the classic tubular shape, transformed and widened. There isn’t, moreover, a unique type of waterfall tub tap. In fact, the 'classic' ones have an open dispensing mouth upwards, so as to give our gaze immediately the flow of water. In other cases, however, the dispensing mouth is closed but extremely wide, creating a particularly intriguing effect. The bathtub, of course, is the best place for this type of faucets, which are gaining more and more acclaim. The water that comes out of these particular dispensing mouths flows softly downwards, and the feeling is to find yourself next to an idillic waterfall, between nature and artifice, between old and new. The gentle flow of water hails from an ancient world, whereas the lines of waterfall bathtub faucets are based on an outspokenly modern design. The result, however, is harmonious and, in many ways, irresistible. 

    Which waterfall faucet to choose for your bathtub

    As anticipated, bathtub is without a doubt the place for waterfall taps, together with the shower. The sink and bidet can of course also take advantage of these peculiar taps, but they will inevitably have to be narrower, and therefore necessarily less characteristic. Depending on the type and location of your bathtub, on this page you can choose from different models of waterfall taps. If yours is in the middle of the room you can opt for a waterfall faucet from the floor, whereas instead, for a bathtub installed on the side, you can choose built-in or support taps. The waterfall dispensing mouth does not exclude the possibility of buying a faucet equipped with a shower with slide bar, so as to combine comfort with maximum convenience. And again, on this page you can find waterfall tub taps with mixer or with the traditional double handles, depending on your tastes and your habits. In short, we can say without too much doubt that in our ecommerce you will definitely be able to locate the most suitable waterfall faucet for your tub!

  • Rubinetti vasca led
  • Bathroom set with bathtub

    There are many ways to conceive a bathtub: for example, there are bathtubs made up of a simple support tap accompanied by a small shower head, and which are therefore light years away from the concept of shower. There are other bathtubs, instead, that aim to imitate the shower experience more closely, so as to replicate in a single object both the typical functions of the bathtub and those of a shower. And so here, in those cases, bathtubs are enriched with special rails or shower columns. Here, instead, we offer bathroom sets with built-in bathtubs, which therefore require the installation of bath accessories on the wall. These solutions, therefore, adapt perfectly to bathtubs that develop at the side of the room - and therefore not to the central solutions, which instead need special taps from the ground - and which at the same time want to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum. Remove the column, take off the rail: on the edge of the pool, therefore, only the outlet and the actual faucet can be recognized, which can be single-lever - and therefore with mixer - or dual-lever - and therefore with blender, with double handle for hot and cold water. To complete the bathroom set with bathtub, finally, the shower head, which is installed on the wall through a special arm

    Choose the bathroom set with bathtub

    The bath tub set should be chosen taking into consideration the remaining bathroom fittings: the sink faucet, the bidet faucet, the bathtub faucet and possibly the shower faucet, in fact, must express the same style and the same vision, reiterated from the furnishing of the room. There are therefore classic bath sets for bathtubs, recognizable by their rounded shapes and soft lines, as well as by the refined finishes intended to imitate the models of fifty or even a hundred years ago. Thick, glossy and round shower heads, blender taps with pronounced  ,or even ceramic finished , handles, elaborate and goose-beaked dispensing mouths: these are the salient features of the bathtub sets. Otherwise, the most modern and design solutions stand out for the essentiality of the lines and shapes, which leave little or nothing to the superfluous, approaching a basic minimalism that is well combined with the exaltation of the functionality of the accessories. And which bathtub set will you choose for your home?

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