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Single handle sink faucets

Without any doubt, the most widespread typology of faucets for the washbasin is the single-lever bathroom faucet which is in fact the modern answer to the classic and more laborious two-handle taps, one for cold water, the other for hot water. With a single mixer, everything focuses on a single lever, which regulates both the temperature and the water jet. Being able to regulate all aspects with a single gesture, this system is presented as more practical, allowing not only more speed of use and greater comfort, but also a concrete saving of water and energy. We think, in fact, the difficulty of finding the right temperature with the fittings with two handles: the regulation requires in most cases a certain work, with water coming out either too hot or too cold, bringing us to handle before one and after The other knob, looking for the perfect combination. During this time dedicated not to the use of the dispensed water, as for its regulation, the waste is obvious. With a mixer, on the other hand, reaching the desired temperature and jet is far from difficult, being able to center the target with a single move.

Choose the single lever mixer

As you can see in this category of our e-commerce dedicated to the sale of taps and fittings, the choice of single-lever bathroom sink taps is exterminated. There are exquisitely modern mixers, which come off from two-handle models, not only in terms of concept, but also in terms of shapes. Those seeking a contemporary design will therefore orient themselves towards the single-lever taps with the most square and severe lines, able to give great character to the bathroom environment. Those who, although opting for a single-lever faucet, continue to appreciate the soft lines of the classic taps, instead choose the most rounded solutions, with more gentle dispensing mouths and soft lines. There are certainly the single-lever mixers, which are capable of being noticed, like for example the waterfall sink taps, with an irresistible design, that recall with their peculiar shape the world of SPAS and therefore of well-being: with these taps the Relaxation of the view and the soul is assured. Those who want to give an original touch to their bathroom can also choose a single-lever sink faucet from the floor, which with its slender shape can certainly not go unnoticed, combining style and practicality.

And you, which single-lever mixer will you choose for your new bathroom?

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