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Stainless steel washbasin taps

There is no doubt in stating that the chromed brass is absolutely the most used material for the production of taps and fittings. The people in the sector – like us of  Ebath online shop – agree to underline the growth of sales and the models of stainless steel taps. But why always more and more people prefer to buy stainless steel sink faucets? To understand it you have to focus on the peculiar characteristics of this material. We must know that steel is in fact an alloy between iron and carbon, to which other elements can be added according to the needs. Stainless steel – which is used for the manufacture of stainless steel sink faucets – Contains a significant part of chromium, which gives this iron alloy an exceptional resistance to corrosion, due to the phenomenon known As ' passivation '. Chromium, in fact, induces the formation of a thin but precious external protective layer – which is created at the contact between the stainless steel and the humidity contained in the surrounding air – which is able to protect the taps from corrosive attacks. It should be stressed that many people continue to clean the taps of their home with  aggressive commercial products, which, in time, can end up ruining the image of brass taps. These products, however, can not scratch in any way the stainless steel, which is  revealed to be a valuable alloy for bathroom taps and kitchen.

The characteristics of the stainless steel bathroom faucets

We talked about the chemical resistance of the stainless steel sink taps. But it is certainly not all here: There are many other peculiarities that can push our customers towards the choice of steel taps for their bathroom. In fact, stainless steel also has an excellent mechanical resistance, whereas brass can be mechanically scratched – although this possibility is  remote. At the design level, certainly the steel sink taps are ideal for those looking for a minimal style, with clean lines , not overly elaborated. The surface of these taps is satin or brushed, different from the mirror typical of chromed brass. Given the different manufacturing process, the cost of the stainless steel taps tends to be higher than the chromium models, but the quality and durability of the faucet can certainly justify the higher spending.

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