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Gattoni Rubinetteria

Gattoni Rubinetteria’s company strategy has been focusing on green themes by improving and modernizing the processes of all manufacturing phases. That is why our taps can be identified as environmental-friendly for their innovative functions aimed at proposing a responsible management of water consumption. It can be defined as GREEN ATTITUDE. An additional element supporting such a foresighted attitude is also the choice we make of our suppliers, who are selected among those that offer certified raw materials, processed by highly professional and specialised workers, coming from the most important Italian taps-and-fittings production district, located on a territory far from highly urbanized and industrialised suburbs and therefore characterised by a healthy quality of life. All of the above contribute to define Gattoni Rubinetteria as a firm grounded on environment-friendly and environmental sustainability principles typical of a company that takes to heart the milieu surrounding it and respectful of all the partners it works with down to the final consumer

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  • Color

    The “Green Attitude” by Gattoni Rubinetteria meets creativity. The result of this choice is the new Color series that, while significantly reducing water consumption, offers maximum freedom to customise the bathroom. The mixers, in fact, are characterised by a cartridge designed to optimise consumption and that features sleek, elegant and clean lines created by architect Marco Pisano, enhanced by attractive colour solutions which can be matched successfully with furnishings. The range features classic colours such as black and white, with a matt finish and a special tobacco shade and, for those who dare, there are bright colours, such as yellow, orange, red, blue and green.

  • Color Cube

    After the success of Color, Gattoni Rubinetteria introduces Color Cube, i.e. the square version of the original coloured-lever mixer designed by architect Marco Pisati. Thanks to the Colour Cube series, the company widens its range of linear mixers that, in addition to optimising water consumption, enables you to fully customise your bathroom. The new collection, which is equipped with an ecological cartridge, enables you to choose from different shades such as yellow, orange, red, blue and green to match your furnishings. A combination of green heart and versatile design creating innovative geometrical shapes and essential volumes ideal for modern bathrooms.


  • Circle One

    The special features of the new Circle One mixer taps from Gattoni Rubinetteria are their cylindrical shapes and clean contemporary lines, topped by levers in very original shades. From red to black to green: these different tones allow you to personalise your space with real style and flair. To satisfy the needs of a whole range of settings, we are offering these mixer taps in five different heights. In addition, we have produced a variety of models to complete the range, with taps for basins, bidets and baths, so ensuring that your whole bathroom can enjoy this touch of fresh, elegant style

  • Circle Two

    The clean linear shapes which led to the success of our Easy collection have inspired the architect Marco Pisati, who has revisited and updated these designs, conceiving a modern-day product with considerable impact. Circle Two is distinguished by its finely balanced proportions and its characteristic downward-facing outlet: features which, combined with the colourful lever, transform any bathroom into a stylish space open to personalised design. We offer a choice, not only of different shades, but also of five different heights for this style of mixer tap, and a selection of various models within the range, including a free-standing version.

  • Ely

    In the new mixer Ely by Gattoni Rubinetteria the geometric rigor of the volumes blends harmoniously with the plasticity of the lines. In fact Ely is characterized by the squared body, terminating with the characteristic curve spout, surmounted by the lever, which is also molded, but slender upwards. Ely was born with the intention of having square and soft lines at the same time - explains the designer Marco Pisati, from whose hand was born the new proposal of Gattoni Rubinetteria - The decision to have clashing curvatures, which is a contrast between definite and soft lines, is extremely important, because by doing so, we create a formal, strong and original movement. The endearing design is enhanced by eleven different colors available for the lever, including purple and blue pastel, obtained with thermosetting powder paint which ensures excellent durability of the finish in time, and, presenting rough to the touch, offers a ‘ fascinating sensory experience. The surface of materials communicates quality and performance characteristics and helps to build the first communication line, pleasant to touch and sight. Furthermore, the mixer promotes water saving, thanks to its aerator which simultaneously allows to obtain an efficient flow

  • Soffio

    Marco Pisati has been inspired by the dynamic power of wind to create the innovative mixer Soffio. The innovative bathroom solution is recognizable by the ergonomic and slender shape of its trapezoidal lever which seems to be moulded by the wind. Beside the well harmonized squared body and thanks to its many faceting, the surface of “Soffio” reminds of the an ancient Florentine baptistery’s plan, a concept that stresses out the Tuscan cultural background of Marco Pisati. The high level of color finishing customization is one of the most remarkable asset of Gattoni and even “Soffio” reflects the company personality. Beside the classic chrome finishing, the mixer body is available in 7 different shining versions (gold, polish copper, pink gold, dark nickel, brushed nickel, old copper) and 2 matte finishings (black, white). Moreover, the lever is available up to 8 different matte finishings (white, black, orange, red, purple-red, crayon-blue, green and dove-grey): a wide range with the aim to create unique combinations.

  • Gattoni kitchen faucets

    Gattoni Rubinetterie, in addition to bathroom faucets, offers a rich selection of taps for kitchen. As in the series reserved for the bathroom, the products dedicated to the environment symbol of the culinary art find the right place. The combination of lines with essential geometries and exclusive design create an alchemy of shapes that give emotions and at the same time safety in their use.

  • Gattoni accessories
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