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Single-lever bidet faucets

Intended for intimate cleaning, the bidet must be comfortable and practical, and also offer a possibly reduced consumption of water, cutting waste. From this point of view, single-lever bidet taps are certainly the best choice. These models are in fact equipped with a mixer, and therefore a single handle which, if moved in the right direction, can regulate both the temperature and the jet of water, using only one hand. The intimate cleaning, with the single lever bidet taps, becomes easier and more relaxing, whereas the fittings with the two typical knobs, one for the regulation of hot water, the other for that of cold water – are Less practical and more laborious.

Not all bidet taps with mixer, moreover, are the same. First of all, they are made with different materials: the most widespread and cheaper raw material is the chromed brass, where instead, to have even more resistant taps to face corrosion, you go  to the always Expanding range of stainless steel bidet taps . Different, then, are the various optionals. Some models present, for example, the flow limiter, to reduce wisely the consumption of water, to the advantage of the wallet and the environment. Other bidet taps, moreover, are equipped with a spout with a break, a peculiar device that, going to mix the water to the air, allow to reduce further consumption.

Choice of bidet faucet with mixer

appearance is important too. In a bathroom there are at least 3 taps, in the washbasin, in the shower (or the bathtub) and in the bidet. All together, these devices go to define the style and character of the bathroom environment. It is therefore very important to choose the single-lever bidet faucet more suitable for your vision and taste. From this point of view, the taps of our online store are divided – even if with nuances between one group and the other – between a standard style, a retro/vintage design and a modern and innovative vocation. You will then have elaborate and rounded lines for the bidet faucets admittedly vintage, whereas in the most current choices you will find simple lines and squared shapes, looking for an essential and minimalist result, usually in Stainless steel. And you, what kind of faucet do you prefer for your bidet?

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