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External shower taps

You've probably already decided how your shower will be made: so you've already chosen between fixed shower head or shower rails, between ceiling solution or wall solution. You may have left the decision on the shower faucet last, thinking that this would be simple, almost predictable. And yet this is not the case, as the various types of shower faucets also have their reason. On this page you can ,for example, view and purchase the external shower taps, which therefore clearly differ from the built-in solutions. What are the advantages and features of this model? Surely the external shower faucets are slightly more bulky than the built-in ones, but they are easier to install and easier to manage. Think about it: it is sufficient to prepare two water intakes on the wall, one for cold water and one for hot water, and that's it. With the internal shower taps, which tend to be more elegant, it is instead necessary to create the flush-fitting in the wall, whose dimensions often change from model to model, making a possible replacement more complicated - although, it should be emphasized, not impossible. But that's not all: once you've marked your preference for external shower faucets, in fact, you'll need to decide which type of faucet to buy, based on design and functionality.

Types of external shower taps, for design and functionality

Let's start with design: as a rule, we can talk about classic external shower taps and modern models. The former typically have softer forms, recalling twentieth-century models with elaborate handles and striking finishing; the latter, instead, tend to be more essential, leaving behind every superfluous detail. Looking at functionality, then, one can only distinguish the single-control taps from those with two handles: on the one hand, therefore, the practical external shower taps with mixer, and on the other the more elegant two-handle taps, which therefore require to mix cold and hot water to get the perfect temperature. Moreover, the most modern shower taps are equipped with a thermostatic cartridge, which therefore allows the water temperature to be kept constant, so as to avoid annoying thermal shocks caused by a sudden shower of icy water or, on the contrary, an unpleasant one boiling water jet. The choice of the external shower faucet, in all cases, must be made taking into consideration the design of the remaining bathroom taps.

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