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La Torre rubinetteria

La Torre offers contemporary style taps that satisfy different tastes for furnishing. The company La Torre SpA is a production company, certified since 2001 with the ISO-9001: 2000 quality system and is an authentic exponent of "Made in Italy" faucets designed and manufactured 100% in Italy.

There are 256 products.


  • Laghi

    The Laghi collection of taps signed by the architect Marco Poletti draws inspiration from the natural scenery that surrounds the company. Technological research and attention to detail make the I Laghi series a harmonious, contemporary collection that satisfies different tastes for furnishing. The finishes, the purity of the forms, the elegance make the lakes a real design object.
    The Laghi mixers, in line with the environmental protection policy embraced by the Company La Torre, have specific characteristics: the aerator that guarantees the reduction of the quantity of water used, the choice of raw materials that meet the international certifications to protect the consumer. The I Laghi series won the coveted Belarus Design Award famous festival in Belarus.


  • Profili

    Designed by architect Marco Polelli for La Torre Rubinetteria, the Profili series is characterized by squared lines, clean and modern. A collection that finds space in modern and contemporary furnishings. Made with raw materials such as brass with low lead content or without zinc and with a low nickel content, certified according to national standards, in compliance with the highest standards of energy saving.

    Decisive but harmonious, slender and squared lines distinguish the Profili series. A line of mixers for the bathroom complete and characterized by a square body and a mixing lever. For lovers of refined and decisive design associated with softer shapes, the Profili series has been joined by the Profili plus line, with a slightly bent delivery spout.

    Available in six colors: polished chrome, steel effect, total white or black, brushed black chrome and brushed gold.


  • Profili plus
  • Taya

    The body of 3,2 cm in diameter, the side lever and the flat delivery spout characterize the Taya series. The essential and at the same time elegant style is expressed in the simplicity of the line, cast in one piece. Technological research and attention to detail coexist in a single solution. The sink tap is available in 4 finishes.

  • Taya Top

    Taya Top represents the evolution of the Taya line with lateral control. For lovers of modern tap with mixing lever over the body, Taya Top sink mixer is the ideal solution. Cylindrical body, flat spout and vertical thin lever are the distinctive features.

  • Italia 150

     A line of simple and clean design with an accurate combination of tracts and volumes typical of the made in Italy style. The special accent and plus of this collection is the possibility to enjoy the evocative sight of water fl owing through the spout as a natural element in a natural environment.

  • Studio

    Smooth lines and high functionality for a faucet that can be the right choice for just about any bathroom. Body and lever designed together as a unit. A project with the successful result of an element with character but open to various and personalised interpretations.

  • Newtech

    The new “classic” of water mixers, cylindrical and simple, with a curvingdown spout like the original water pumps. A technical object that has become an icon of style in itself. The starting point of all further minimalist developments.

  • Victoria

    Simlply shaped components in complex combination for a line that is the true expression of the starting point in the production of taps. Even today the method of production of this line requires a high level of craftsmanship for the many phases still depending on manual work.

  • Imperial
  • Leonardo

    We invite you to reproduce the real tradition and the fascinating style of old manors and palaces in today’s bathrooms. Create an enchanted ambience with elements like this taps and mixers inspiring, elegant and refined.

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  • La Torre shower accessories

    La Torre rubinetterie offers a series of shower accessories that can be combined with all the Company's collections.

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