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Built-in shower taps

Less bulky, more discreet, more modern and more elegant. In one word: minimal. The built-in shower taps disappear inside the wall, leaving only the bare essentials - the mixer - or, sometimes, the two handles for cold and hot water. Who should choose built-in shower faucets? Certainly this is the ideal solution for those who do not want to steal space inside the shower in any way: therefore, in the restricted shower enclosures, the built-in faucets certainly offer advantages not to be overlooked. But that's not all: thanks to their minimalist conception, these taps lend themselves to be installed in so many bathrooms that marry this design, and that therefore have made consistent choices also for the sink, bidet and possibly tub fittings. It should also be emphasized that built-in shower taps also have small disadvantages compared to external counterparts: it must be said that, to install these devices, it is necessary to prepare the necessary space at the wall level. This detail makes the replacement of the tap slightly more difficult. Those presented on this page, however, are built-in shower taps designed and manufactured by the best Italian manufacturers, and therefore promise to last a long time: the replacement, therefore, will certainly be very far away in time, and will probably coincide with a restoration of the whole bathroom environment!

Not all built-in shower taps are the same

The most classic among the built-in shower taps is a metal plate in the center of which the mixer is positioned. Everything here: as mentioned, it is a minimalist choice. In other cases, for showers with two water outlets - typically showerheads and duplexes - the faucet is equipped with a convenient automatic return diverter, which in any case does not scratch the essential lines of this object. True nostalgics, however, can opt for a different solution, while remaining within the context of built-in shower taps: in fact, instead of the classic mixer, it is possible to choose the two wall handles, for the independent management of cold water and hot. This option, which clearly refers to a classic conception of bathroom taps and fittings, can give great character to an environment that - with other bathroom accessories - has already taken this street, certainly less practical, but certainly more fascinating. And you, which faucet will you install in your shower?

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