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Shower column with mechanical tap

In this page of our e-commerce dedicated to taps and fittings you can find a wide selection of shower columns with mechanical tap. It is therefore a very precise selection of shower columns, which exclude solutions without taps and solutions characterized by a thermostatic tap. Equipped with a fixed shower head positioned on top of the column and a service hand shower equipped with an adjustable support - along the column - as well as a flexible hose to give you maximum versatility, these solutions therefore have everything you need for a quality shower. Choosing the column with a mechanical tap for your shower and your bathroom is not as simple as it might seem at the beginning: there are many factors to consider. Let's start, for example, from the mechanical tap, which can be a mixer or, on the contrary, a two-handle system. The first solution is certainly more practical and modern, while the second brings with it the charm and elegance typical of classic showers. We then move on to the actual column, which can be vintage, and then made with soft lines, or modern and design, and then squared, flattened, and so on. Special attention must then be given to the shower head. In the most innovative models there are square and rectangular shower heads, very wide and ultra-flat, which can be tilted according to your needs. The classic models, on the other hand, have round, fixed and big shower heads.

Shower columns with mechanical faucet for shower and bath

Finally, the last element to be considered in the purchase of the shower column is the service shower, which with its flexible hose is housed on the adjustable support along the column. The style of this accessory, of course, is determined by that of the shower head: a square shower head indeed requires a service shower with squared shapes, while instead a classic round shower head will require a shower with equally soft lines. There are also very particular solutions, which respond to peculiar stylistic needs - and it’s not all. In some cases, for example, you choose to install shower columns with a mechanical faucet that, instead of starting at half height, start at floor level. And this is just one of the alternative solutions that designers of the best faucet manufacturers put at your disposal for highly functional and stylish showers and bathtubs.

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