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Bathroom set with bathtub

There are many ways to conceive a bathtub: for example, there are bathtubs made up of a simple support tap accompanied by a small shower head, and which are therefore light years away from the concept of shower. There are other bathtubs, instead, that aim to imitate the shower experience more closely, so as to replicate in a single object both the typical functions of the bathtub and those of a shower. And so here, in those cases, bathtubs are enriched with special rails or shower columns. Here, instead, we offer bathroom sets with built-in bathtubs, which therefore require the installation of bath accessories on the wall. These solutions, therefore, adapt perfectly to bathtubs that develop at the side of the room - and therefore not to the central solutions, which instead need special taps from the ground - and which at the same time want to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum. Remove the column, take off the rail: on the edge of the pool, therefore, only the outlet and the actual faucet can be recognized, which can be single-lever - and therefore with mixer - or dual-lever - and therefore with blender, with double handle for hot and cold water. To complete the bathroom set with bathtub, finally, the shower head, which is installed on the wall through a special arm

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The bath tub set should be chosen taking into consideration the remaining bathroom fittings: the sink faucet, the bidet faucet, the bathtub faucet and possibly the shower faucet, in fact, must express the same style and the same vision, reiterated from the furnishing of the room. There are therefore classic bath sets for bathtubs, recognizable by their rounded shapes and soft lines, as well as by the refined finishes intended to imitate the models of fifty or even a hundred years ago. Thick, glossy and round shower heads, blender taps with pronounced  ,or even ceramic finished , handles, elaborate and goose-beaked dispensing mouths: these are the salient features of the bathtub sets. Otherwise, the most modern and design solutions stand out for the essentiality of the lines and shapes, which leave little or nothing to the superfluous, approaching a basic minimalism that is well combined with the exaltation of the functionality of the accessories. And which bathtub set will you choose for your home?

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