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Thermostatic shower taps

The thermostatic shower taps allow you to have a constant temperature water from the beginning to the end of the shower. And this, mind you, whatever happens: typically, if someone takes cold water in the kitchen while we take a shower, our shower head immediately turns to boiling water, ruining our shower with scalds that are anything but pleasant; in the same way, if someone else in the house uses hot water, we will suddenly be hit by a jet of cold water. All this is just a memory of the past with a thermostatic shower faucet: these devices are in fact equipped with a particular valve - the thermostatic cartridge, precisely - which modulates the flow of water in concert with the real flow (determined by the use of other household appliances) guarantees a homogeneous temperature. In short, for a safe and relaxing shower, the thermostatic tap is now a real must. The risk of accidental burns disappears, and to this a concrete energy saving is added, thanks to the efficiency of the thermostatic valve. But what does a thermostatic shower faucet look like? This is a particular faucet with two controls: where, however, the dual-control faucets have a handle for cold water and one for hot water, the functions are different here. A knob, in fact, is responsible for regulating the water flow, while the other has the task of regulating - indeed, setting - the temperature. 

All the advantages of thermostatic shower taps

The thermostatic cartridge, therefore, allows an instant adaptation of the flow rate of the shower to fill any possible change in temperature at the inlet. In short, the resulting comfort is unparalleled and takes your shower to a whole new level!

Moreover, within the category dedicated to thermostatic shower faucets, you can find many different solutions. The most popular thermostatic shower faucet is certainly the external, horizontal and cylindrical one, which has two side controls: elegant and essential, this type responds to a modern and minimalist design, which is even accentuated in the case of thermostatic faucets with square shapes. There are also taps with a built-in thermostatic cartridge, which therefore have a metal plate on the top, on which two knobs, plus possibly a flow diverter, stand out - in the case of showers fitted with a service shower.

Are you looking for a high level shower experience? Once you've tried the thermostatic mixer, you won't come back! For more information regarding our shower faucets, do not hesitate to contact us.

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