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Which trap best suits to your bathroom environment? On this page you can find traps for your sink and your bidet. Certainly you know that the role of the siphons is fundamental: despite this, many times this particular bathroom accessory is hidden, closed inside the same structure of sink and bidet. In fact, the old traps are purely functional and unsightly. If quality and well made, however,  siphons can also become real furnishing in your bathroom, highlighting the style and character already expressed by taps and fittings. Precisely for this reason, in recent years, designers of the best brands in the world of faucets have begun to design more and more beautiful visible siphons, impossible to hide. Round, square, S and bottle shape traps are thus born, so as to revolutionize the entire bathroom environment. Yes, because laying exposed traps means rethinking the idea of ​​the sink and the bidet, which are thus lighter. Covering structures are no longer necessary, so as to give maximum freedom to the space below the sink: no longer closed furniture, but a simple wall, or again, open, cheap and - above all - modern shelves. The advantages, however, are not limited to the design level. An open trap that eliminates the lower part of the washbasin brings concrete benefits even on the cleaning front.

Choose the right siphon for your bathroom

There are many ways to intelligently exploit a furnishing trap. It is possible, as anticipated, to install the washbasin on an open support surface, such as on a wall table with a large lower shelf for towels and other bathroom products. In other situations, the furnishing siphon can be chosen to eliminate the need of a column below the sink, which is perfect for making a bathroom more essential and at the same time enhancing the lines of the sink. There is no doubt, then, in stating that visible siphon fits very well with a minimalist bathroom view. Furthermore, the most attentive interior designers will be able to take advantage of the furnishing traps to give continuity to the finishes of a bathroom, recalling taps, towel rails, handles, baskets, frames and so on. The trick, of course, lies in identifying the right siphons for your sink and bidet: on this page you have a wide choice!

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