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Bath drains

A detail? Of course, but an important detail. Which drains can best adapt to your bathroom's faucets? Which of the discharges on this page are able to perfectly complete your washbasin, your bidet, your bathtub or your shower? Drains are essential to complete the installation of bathroom fixture and fittings.

But what are the waste drains actually? These are small - or large - metal ring nuts that connect the sink, the bidet, the bathtub or the shower to the relative drain, allowing the water to flow and at the same time blocking the debris. Not all drains, must be said, are the same. In fact, there are drains with universal connections, click-clack type drains and valve with free drains. In the first case, there are drains that can be installed without problems in any type of sink, regardless of the material and size. As a general rule, the universal drain fittings are recommended to complete the installation of modern sanitary fixtures, without the overflow function (i.e. the hole at the top which, connected directly to the drain, allows the water to flow out above a certain level). The click-clack waste drains, on the other hand, open and close manually, by pressure. Finally, there are free-flow waste drains, especially recommended for bathrooms in shops, bars and restaurants, which can never be closed, so as never to fill the sink.

Select and install the drain for your bathroom

How to choose the right drain for your needs? We can give you some tips: the discharge of a shower, obviously, will have to make use of a free-draining drain, whereas instead the sink or bathtub will need a click-clack drain to block the flow of water.

Sometimes, due to poor maintenance, you find yourself having to replace the drain before the faucets: maybe its functionality has been compromised, or maybe the chrome has been ruined over time (something that can happen if you buy low quality products).  Replacing the drain plug is not difficult: to free it, however, it will also be necessary to dismantle the drain, using screwdrivers, a wrench and a parrot.

For any further information on the drains in your bathroom and on the waste drains, do not hesitate to contact us!

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