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Stainless shower taps

Why to opt for stainless steel shower faucets, instead of relying on the cheaper brass shower faucets? Simple: the stainless steel shower faucets have a greater durability, as well as greater resistance. These are in fact the advantages of stainless steel, and therefore of the ferrous alloy which contains at least 11% chromium. The presence of this particular binder allows the artifact - in this case the stainless steel shower faucet - to develop an anti-corrosion protective film, and this is where the greater resistance to corrosion comes from. The result is therefore a faucet which, unlike chrome-plated brass fittings, does not fear the action of more aggressive detergents and anti-limescale products, which in the long run end up ruining lower quality ferrous alloys. Certainly opting for a stainless steel faucet for your shower also means making a stylistic choice: steel, in fact, has an exterior appearance different from brass, less bright and more opaque. It should therefore not be surprising that this material is chosen above all to make taps with modern and essential shapes, with a limited number of processes - however, given the greater difficulty in working steel, which must be excavated and turned, unlike the brass, which can be thermoformed. It must then be said that, thanks to its perfect surface, steel drastically reduces the presence of bacteria: it is not a case that stainless steel is also used in operating rooms.

Choose the stainless steel faucet

In this category of our shop dedicated to bathroom and kitchen fittings, therefore, you can find a wide range of shower taps selected not for functionality or form, but instead for construction material. You can therefore find simple built-in mixer taps like the single-control faucets supplied from the shower head. That's not all: on this page you will be able to see and buy thermostatic stainless steel shower taps with or without diverter, designed for showers with a single shower head, with duplex or body jet - and therefore with multiple controls. In all cases you will be sure to bring home and install in your bathroom a high quality faucet, designed and manufactured by the best Italian manufacturers. Durable and easy to clean, a steel faucet gives character to the shower and to the bathroom: however, it is important to combine it correctly with the remaining faucets, as well as, of course, with the other shower accessories.

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