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Shower columns without tap

Here you can find a selection of shower columns without faucet. We are talking, therefore, of the most important accessory of your shower, which includes a bar, a hand shower with a flexible hose and an upper fixed shower head, but which must be connected to a tap (which is therefore not integrated, and can be chosen freely between thermostatic or standard taps, with mixer or with two handles). It should be emphasized that a shower column is not a latch. Therefore, it is not a shower set that allows the height adjustment of the shower head, but rather a column at the top of which is a fixed arm that carries the shower head in a central position, thus concentrating the mobility and versatility of the environment shower in the lower service shower. To understand what a shower column without a faucet is and what its characteristics may be, it may also be useful to underline its differences with a shower solution for built-in installation and respect to a shower panel. In the first case, in fact, there is no vertical external structure: the shower head is in fact installed directly on the wall, without any column. In the case of the shower panel, instead, in place of the actual column there is a wide and equipped panel, which typically integrates body jets, or water outlets at the median height to massage the body during the shower.

Styles of shower column without faucet

We explained, therefore, what are shower columns without taps, and how they differ from other shower solutions. It should also be emphasized that shower columns of this type can also be installed in the bathtub, with an effect that is certainly more elegant and classic than the most common shower rails. Moreover, this is what distinguishes the shower columns, which tend to be made following a classic style, with the column extending upwards and then curving forward in a polite way, to bring a shower head into a central position typically round. To accentuate the retro style even more, you can buy shower columns with elaborate and rounded finishes, or move towards a more properly Liberty style. It is also possible to buy shower columns without faucets characterized by modern lines and shapes, so to accompany a tap with essential lines.

The shower column, in any case, lends itself to having a shower complete with every comfort, without sacrificing elegance.

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