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Shower arm

When choosing faucets for the shower and related accessories, great attention is paid to the type of faucet, and therefore to the choice between blender and mixer, and to the type of shower head, moving between the various jets, multi-jet and multi-function. One does not think too much, about the shower arm, which however is a fundamental element to give the right character to the overall vision. There are mainly two types of shower arms: the standard one, which is installed on the shower wall in order to bring the shower head into a central position; or that of the ceiling, and therefore vertical, which being installed at the level of the floor has the task of lowering the shower head. There are therefore three functions of this shower accessory, namely that of supporting the shower head, that of bringing water up to the spout and, finally, the purely aesthetic one, which varies from model to model. Consider, for example, a modern shower, which boasts a thermostatic tap with mixer and a multi-jet design showerhead: in order not to betray the style of this elements, it will be necessary to choose a modern shower arm, which knows how to resume their style, with clear lines and an essential shape. The subject is totally different, for those who want to buy a more traditional tap, perhaps with two handles, and the classic round shower head in chromed brass. In this case, the shower arm will have to show off softer and rounder lines, to match perfectly with the remaining accessories.

Choose the shower arm

Many shower heads, after all, are already sold together with the arm to be installed on the wall. In all other cases, it is up to you to choose the most suitable shower arm, obviously relying on our advice: thanks to our long experience and our rich catalog, it will not be difficult to find the perfect shower arm for your bathroom. In addition to the style issues seen above, you will have to consider the type of material and finish of the head and the taps: a shower with a tap and a brushed steel shower head, for example, cannot show off a shower arm in chrome plated brass. And that's not all: some of the most modern Italian taps manufacturers also have shower arms with custom-made finishes, from the classic polished chrome to black chrome, to which are added gold, copper, bronze, dark bronze and polished nickel.

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