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Shower kit

What is a shower duplex? This is a question that many people ask themselves, since this is an element introduced on a large scale not many years ago. The shower duplex is, in fact, the service shower that is coupled to the shower head. As you can guess, therefore, the duplex is installed especially in showers with fixed showerheads. The latter, extremely elegant and comfortable - especially in the higher versions, with a false ceiling and equipped with a multi-jet - does not allow it to be handled. Those who are used to have the shower with a flexible hose, useful for a quick shower and also for cleaning the shower, could therefore find themselves 'crippled': hence the possibility of installing a duplex, and therefore a service shower that can be used separately - with or without diverter. In this way it is possible to reach the minimum overall dimensions and the maximum comfort of the fixed shower heads, while not giving up the practicality of a fully adjustable and versatile hand shower, thanks to its flexible hose with built-in water inlet. solution that leaves no room for complaints, really satisfying everyone. But how can you choose between the various shower duplexes available?

The most suitable shower duplex

Since this is a small service shower, the shower duplex should be chosen by looking at the style of the faucets and overhead showers (and not vice versa). Fortunately, in our online store dedicated to the world of faucets is plenty of choice, with duplexes designed and built to accompany any style. You can therefore find duplexes with soft and therefore classic shapes, to combine with traditional and round shower heads; but you can also find designer showers, with more essential, more decisive lines. Finally, you can opt for duplexes that have renounced any superfluous decoration, with pure and unmistakable shapes. Those who have opted for shower accessories with finishes other than the classic chrome-plated brass or stainless steel might have difficulty in identifying the right hand shower: for this reason we at Ebath have decided to enrich our catalog with special duplexes with refined finishes, such as the models that oppose the opaque colored liveries to the classic shiny metal.

If you have any doubts about your duplex, don't hesitate to call us!

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