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Wall-mounted shower panel for bathtub

Until a few years ago, the bathtubs were almost given up for dead: practically nobody, renovating their house or building a new building, seemed to want to choose this solution, preferring instead shower boxes, less bulky and more practical. Today, however, we are experiencing a small revival of bathtubs, which in fact sometimes become real furnishing objects with their great stage presence. Opting for a bathtub, moreover, does not automatically mean giving up the shower, on the contrary: it is sufficient to install a shower column by your side to eliminate the problem and have both alternatives in a single solution! The concept, moreover, is extremely simple: by installing a shower column for bathtubs you will in fact have the faucets just above the bathtub, with the possibility of using the shower head even when sitting or even lying down. To use the tub as a shower, on the other hand, all you need to do is turn on the shower head, so as to use the tub like a real box. It is up to you now to think of the type of shower column for your bath, also thinking of the other tap solutions in your bathroom.

Choose the shower column for the bathtub

On this page we present you different options when it comes to functionality and style. Obviously the most classic lines prevail. It could not be otherwise: when it comes to showering, we can only think of a retro style first. So here we have selected for you the shower columns for bathtubs that look specifically to the past with round and shiny shower heads, gently curved columns, taps with the classic two handles for cold water and hot water and noble finishing. In some cases, as icing on the cake, you can even see some beautiful ventilation outlet with the shape of a goose beak, to give you the impression of taking a bath in a bath of the 20s. This does not mean, moreover, that no shower columns with a more modern and contemporary design can be installed: in our online store you can in fact find innovative solutions that, with the best features, accompany essential and even minimalist shapes. Do you have any doubts about the bathtub shower column that can be installed in your bathroom? Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us for any information: we are at your disposal by phone or email and, thanks to decades of experience, we will certainly be able to resolve your doubts!

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