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Body Jets

Other than a normal and boring shower: with body jets what awaits you at the end of the day is a fantastic total body massage. Distinctive elements of the most comfortable and most modern showers, body jets are the icing on the cake of a perfect shower. In this case, we are dealing with small additional built-in shower heads, to be installed on the wall, which produce a horizontal water jet, aimed at pleasantly massaging our body, so that we can enjoy a hydromassage even in the shower. It is without a doubt the most complete experience a shower can offer: body jets invigorate our body when we wake up and relax it gently in the evening, after a long day at work. In some cases the body jets are installed directly on the shower column, and therefore in a frontal position and in limited numbers. The small built-in shower heads offered on this page, on the other hand, can be installed freely in your shower, taking up space on the front or side walls, with two or three body jets per side. These small devices bring all the benefits of hydrotherapy to your bathroom: it will be like having a small spa at home!

The many benefits of body jets for our body

Athletes are well aware of this and those who, for sporting activities or for work, often find themselves with sore muscles, know this well: a jet of water that massages the painful area is in most cases a real cure-all , capable of giving immediate relief. It is not, in fact, a simple massage: the temperature of the water that hits the affected muscle group goes to increase the body temperature, and therefore to increase the blood circulation, so as to encourage a quick recovery. Don't forget that our body has a lot of pressure points which, if massaged, help us to drastically reduce the level of pressure.

Back pain, sore muscles, stiff shoulders and neck, stress: a massage shower with expertly positioned body jets can solve many small and large problems that make our daily life more difficult and tiring. Do you have any doubts about the types and installation of body jets? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to present you all the peculiarities of these particular accessories for your shower, selected from the proposals of the best Italian bathroom taps manufacturers.

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