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What do we talk about when we talk about shut-off? These are small hand showers that are installed next to the toilet and have the particular function of replacing the classic toilet brush for cleaning the toilet bowl. Not by chance, very often, shut-offs are also called hygienic hand showers, or even hydroscopins. Essentially, this is a device complete with a wall water intake, a flexible hose and a small final shower, equipped with a convenient lever switch, to be easily operated with a slight thumb pressure. Moreover, many shut-off models go beyond the mere fiction of hydroscopins: if in fact the latter are connected only to cold water, so that they can only be used for cleaning the toilet, the hygienic showers are on the side - typically on the same water tap plate - a small mixer, which allows the water temperature to be regulated, like a normal bathroom tap. The shut-off, in this case, can therefore also become a replaced bidet, a remarkable expedient for bathrooms that have little space available.

But why should you think about replacing your normal toilet brush with a shut-off? Well, surely the shut-offs are much more hygienic than the traditional toilet brushes; furthermore, their use is much simpler and cleaner, eliminating the odious drops on the floor. But that's not all!

The advantages of shut-offs

Many people wonder if the shut-offs actually manage to clean the toilet well, without effort. The answer is absolutely yes, thanks to the powerful jet of the hydroscopine, which allows a perfect cleaning even below the water level. Some might think that this device is not the best when children turn up at home, who, fascinated by this small shower equipped with a trigger, could shoot water around. Most of these hand showers, in addition to the trigger at the level of the small shower head, are however equipped with a wall-mounted faucet, which allows the water flow to be completely closed: in this way, while operating the shut-off, the smallest ones they can't do damage!

To all this must be added the fact that the shut-offs we present on this page are small design objects, which perfectly complete a modern bathroom. Their installation is simple: it will be sufficient to set up a cold water point a few centimeters from the toilet or, in the case of an existing bathroom, connect to the water point of the bidet.

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