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Shower slide rail

You don't want a fixed shower head attached to the wall, or a false ceiling shower head. You are looking for a shower element that, although more bulky, guarantees greater functionality, and allows you to easily adjust the height of the shower head and the direction of the jet, and also to detach the shower head to control it in full autonomy. All this, of course, without losing the opportunity to enjoy a roaring waterfall from above, as offered by the classic fixed heads. We are talking, of course, about sliding shower rails, the most widespread solution in all our bathrooms. To gain is the versatility and the practicality, both during the shower itself, and during its cleaning - with a fixed head, in fact, you can't count on the mobile water jet to clean the shower cubicle.

To compose a system with shower rail - also called shower set – is the hand shower, its flexible hose, the water intake, and the real shower rail, that is a metal bar that allows to adjust the shower head in height. Opting for a rail instead of a fixed shower head does not preclude the possibility of buying a multi-jet shower head, to combine practicality with maximum comfort.

The right sliding rail for your shower

As you can see here below, our online faucet store offers you a wide range of shower rails. There are extremely modern models, with a rectangular section bar, square hand-showers and essential lines: but there are some very classic models, with the classic round-section sliding bars and equally round showers, which are confirmed as true evergreen. In some cases the designers opt for designs that are straightforwardly retro, proposing showers in polished chrome that, by conception, recall the most elegant solutions of the middle of the last century, while providing them with the most modern features, so as not to lose anything in terms of performance.

The choice, in short, is not as easy as it might seem at the beginning. To orient yourself between one model and another, in addition to your personal taste, however, will be the other elements present in your bathroom: the style of the shower faucet obviously also decides that of the rail- and vice versa - as well as the material and lines of the taps and fittings of the washbasin lay down the law for all the shower complements. Looking at the bars  of your shower as an element to be included in a stylistic whole, your choice will be extremely easier!

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