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Thermostatic bathtub taps

The bath in the bathtub is the most relaxing moment of the day, a break of relaxation that everyone should treat themselves to. But not always, however, things go as they should go, with water that suddenly - maybe because of somebody turns on the faucet of the kitchen-becomes icy or boiling, transforming a moment of soothing in a stressful activity. The trick for a bathtub able to guarantee maximum relaxation? Simple: a thermostatic bathtub faucet. But what is it? The word ' thermostatic ' is composed of two Greek words, ' thermos ', heat, and ' stasis ', stationary. It is therefore clear that the purpose of thermostatic bath taps is to keep the water temperature unvaried – and therefore constant – so as to allow a really restful bath and no nasty surprises. This is the last evolution of the taps. Before, with the two-handle solutions, we had to handle with care and, by force of attempts, find the perfect combination, knowing that however, shortly after, we should have gone to adjust the levers again. With the mixer, the regulation has become simpler and faster, but nothing prevents the water from suddenly changing temperature: if a tap connected to the same boiler is opened, the temperature can change drastically. All this no longer happens with the thermostatic bathtub taps which, inside, are supplied with the special thermostatic valve.

How do the thermostatic taps for the bathtub work?

To make special thermostatic bath taps, as anticipated, is the particular valve that distinguishes them from other solutions. This has the task of mixing hot and cold water appropriately to ensure the desired temperature, reacting in immediate times according to the changes in temperature and pressure of the cold and hot water inside. The result is a comfort and a safety simply unreachable with normal taps. Generally, these solutions are equipped with a movable wheel through which it is possible to set the desired temperature. It is not, therefore, a normal mixer, that we move from one side to the other to have ' more or less ' hot water. No, the thermostatic taps for the bath can be set to the precise temperature of the supplied water. Usually, the bathtub taps equipped with thermostatic valve are pre-set to the maximum temperature of 38 degrees: To obtain warmer water, it is necessary to press a special key, in order to be sure to avoid getting burnt by selecting accidentally temperatures too high.

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