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Two-lever kitchen faucet

The classic kitchen faucet with two handles: here we do not have a mixer that allows us, with a single quick gesture, to regulate the power of the jet and the temperature of the water. No, here we have a double handle, and then one command cold water and the other hot water. The kitchen faucet with two handles is a classic choice, which is made especially by those who, through the recovery of traditional blending, want to connect in a more or less explicit way to a vintage style. Moreover, it is not said that the installation of a two handles kitchen taps must necessarily be dictated by a precise choice of vintage style: it should be stressed that, in recent years, there have been several reinterpretations of the concept of faucet for Kitchen with two handles in a modern key, where the traditional roundish shapes left space for decisive lines and squared elements, children of the most contemporary design.

The choice of the kitchen faucet, however, should not be made from the only aesthetic impact: the faucets near the stove ends up being very often the most stressed element of the entire kitchen, with openings and closures that are repeated for dozens of Times a day, if not for hundreds of times

The two-lever kitchen faucet

In addition to design, therefore, before choosing a faucet for the kitchen you have to think about its functionality and its durability in time. As for practicality, as it is known, there is no escape: the single-lever models, and therefore with a mixer, are certainly more comfortable than the two-handle taps. As for the long lasting, the type of faucet goes into the background. To count, in this case, is rather the manufacturer, and therefore the methods, materials and technologies used to make our faucet. For good measure choose Ebath: in our e-commerce dedicated to the world of faucets for kitchen and bathroom, in fact, you can find only faucets of the best Italian producers.

So, you just have to indulge in the choice, keeping in mind the style you want to impress your kitchen. If you have chosen to rely on a two-command faucet, you just have to choose the type of line you prefer, the material, the model of the spout and, of course, the finishes. On this page, for example, you can also find a distinctly vintage faucets, in chromed brass and with ceramic finishing, to give a touch of class to the smallest daily gestures.



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