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Shower panels

Shower columns are not all the same. And be careful, when we talk about shower columns we are not referring to shower rails: between the two terms - and the two accessories - there is indeed a big difference. The latch is made up of a bar that allows you to move up or down - typically by unscrewing a special sliding support to clamp - the shower head, which is therefore attached through a flexible tube. The shower column, on the other hand, does not provide an upward or downward movement of the shower head: it is in fact a fixed and static structure, which carries the water jet upwards. It is perhaps a less versatile solution compared to shower rails, but there is no doubt: the shower column soares up and is much more elegant, with its important presence. Choosing this solution, moreover, does not necessarily have to mean a total renunciation of the versatility of shower rails. Some shower column models, in fact, are equipped with an additional adjustable hand shower, the perfect solution for those looking for the elegance of the shower column without sacrificing the possibility of handling the shower head in complete freedom. But how many types of shower columns are there?

Shower columns for all tastes

In this section you can find the many types of shower columns, from the most classic to the most innovative and modern. There are, for example, shower columns without faucet, and therefore with an essential line, which must of course be integrated with combined, built-in or external taps. Among the models fitted with a tap, on the other hand, it is possible to choose between the solutions with the normal mechanical taps and the shower columns enriched with modern thermostatic mixers, which guarantee a relaxing and harmonious wash, with a constant temperature of the water supplied. Some shower columns, moving away from the classic tubular format, appear more modern, with a squared wall body and built-in faucets included and integrated into the structure itself. Choosing a shower column also means choosing the integrated shower head, thus opting for single-jet, multi-jet or multi-function models, which add LED lights, chromotherapy lateral jets and the choice of the preferred type of  jet (rain, waterfall or nebulised).

Do you want a design shower, elegant, comfortable, relaxing and moreover practical to clean? We at Ebath have selected the best and more different shower columns produced in Italy, to give you only the best of the best.

There are 60 products.


  • Shower columns without tap

    Here you can find a selection of shower columns without faucet. We are talking, therefore, of the most important accessory of your shower, which includes a bar, a hand shower with a flexible hose and an upper fixed shower head, but which must be connected to a tap (which is therefore not integrated, and can be chosen freely between thermostatic or standard taps, with mixer or with two handles). It should be emphasized that a shower column is not a latch. Therefore, it is not a shower set that allows the height adjustment of the shower head, but rather a column at the top of which is a fixed arm that carries the shower head in a central position, thus concentrating the mobility and versatility of the environment shower in the lower service shower. To understand what a shower column without a faucet is and what its characteristics may be, it may also be useful to underline its differences with a shower solution for built-in installation and respect to a shower panel. In the first case, in fact, there is no vertical external structure: the shower head is in fact installed directly on the wall, without any column. In the case of the shower panel, instead, in place of the actual column there is a wide and equipped panel, which typically integrates body jets, or water outlets at the median height to massage the body during the shower.

    Styles of shower column without faucet

    We explained, therefore, what are shower columns without taps, and how they differ from other shower solutions. It should also be emphasized that shower columns of this type can also be installed in the bathtub, with an effect that is certainly more elegant and classic than the most common shower rails. Moreover, this is what distinguishes the shower columns, which tend to be made following a classic style, with the column extending upwards and then curving forward in a polite way, to bring a shower head into a central position typically round. To accentuate the retro style even more, you can buy shower columns with elaborate and rounded finishes, or move towards a more properly Liberty style. It is also possible to buy shower columns without faucets characterized by modern lines and shapes, so to accompany a tap with essential lines.

    The shower column, in any case, lends itself to having a shower complete with every comfort, without sacrificing elegance.

  • Shower column with mechanical tap

    In this page of our e-commerce dedicated to taps and fittings you can find a wide selection of shower columns with mechanical tap. It is therefore a very precise selection of shower columns, which exclude solutions without taps and solutions characterized by a thermostatic tap. Equipped with a fixed shower head positioned on top of the column and a service hand shower equipped with an adjustable support - along the column - as well as a flexible hose to give you maximum versatility, these solutions therefore have everything you need for a quality shower. Choosing the column with a mechanical tap for your shower and your bathroom is not as simple as it might seem at the beginning: there are many factors to consider. Let's start, for example, from the mechanical tap, which can be a mixer or, on the contrary, a two-handle system. The first solution is certainly more practical and modern, while the second brings with it the charm and elegance typical of classic showers. We then move on to the actual column, which can be vintage, and then made with soft lines, or modern and design, and then squared, flattened, and so on. Special attention must then be given to the shower head. In the most innovative models there are square and rectangular shower heads, very wide and ultra-flat, which can be tilted according to your needs. The classic models, on the other hand, have round, fixed and big shower heads.

    Shower columns with mechanical faucet for shower and bath

    Finally, the last element to be considered in the purchase of the shower column is the service shower, which with its flexible hose is housed on the adjustable support along the column. The style of this accessory, of course, is determined by that of the shower head: a square shower head indeed requires a service shower with squared shapes, while instead a classic round shower head will require a shower with equally soft lines. There are also very particular solutions, which respond to peculiar stylistic needs - and it’s not all. In some cases, for example, you choose to install shower columns with a mechanical faucet that, instead of starting at half height, start at floor level. And this is just one of the alternative solutions that designers of the best faucet manufacturers put at your disposal for highly functional and stylish showers and bathtubs.

  • Thermostatic shower panel

    Those who find themselves in front of them for the first time, perhaps at the hotel, remain at first a bit confused: the controls are two, but they are not the classic handles of cold water and hot water of the mixer taps. No, one knob is used to adjust the power of the jet, and the other is used instead to set precisely the water temperature. We are talking, of course, of thermostatic mixers, or rather those particular taps that guarantee a constant water temperature for the entire duration of use. Here, on this page, we present you the best thermostatic shower columns, which oppose to the modern mechanical taps with thermostatic cartridge solutions. But what are the advantages, in practice? It is immediately said. Not infrequently, while taking a shower, the water suddenly changes the temperature, becoming suddenly cold or hot. Someone absently could have opened a tap somewhere else, thus also affecting the temperature of the shower: when it happens - and it often happens - it is not pleasant at all. With thermostatic shower columns this can no longer happen: the thermostatic valve has the task of keeping the temperature constant, whatever the conditions. In the event that, for whatever reason, there is no cold water or hot water to deliver a pleasant temperature flow, the water flow is automatically stopped.

    How thermostatic shower columns work

    With the thermostatic shower columns, therefore, the possibility of encountering unpleasant icy baths or annoying - and painful - burns is canceled. It should also be emphasized that, in order to keep children, the elderly or distracted adults safe, the thermostatic mixer is set to not deliver water of more than 38 degrees by itself. If you want to exceed, therefore, you will need to hold the appropriate button. Therefore, the variable conditions of the aqueduct, boiler and other utilities will no longer decide the comfort of your shower: with a thermostatic shower column, in fact, you will be able to avoid any annoying temperature changes. You can opt for the shower columns with thermostatic mixer with classic shape, with soft lines and a round shower head, or you can dare more, installing in your shower a column with essential and modern lines, maybe equipped with a panel with body jets and a multi-jet showerhead, so as to transform your bathroom into a small Spa. Everything depends on the style you want to give to your bathroom and, of course, from the level of comfort you want to reach in your shower!

  • Multifunction shower panels

    A shower head with waterfall, rain or fog, dispensing according to your needs. But that's not all: a shower column with two side water jets, so as to massage your body like in a Jacuzzi. And yet, LED lights for chromotherapy, which turn your shower into a regenerating bath or a relaxing treatment from time to time. Yes, we are talking about a multi-function shower column, ready to transform according to your wishes. Here, in short, there is really everything you can look for in a shower.

    Some models, in addition to all this, also feature a thermostatic mixer, which allows you to precisely adjust the water temperature, being sure to keep it uniform for the duration of the bath: with the best multifunction shower columns, therefore, you have the possibility to leave behind all the sudden cold showers or all the annoying scalds due to sudden and unexpected changes in water temperature.

    The ones we present to you are therefore modern shower columns and equipped with every possible option, a thousand miles away from the most classic shower rails or from simple shower heads installed on the wall: what we offer you is a complete experience, which will make you fall in love with your new bathroom !

    The advantages of a multi-function shower

    There is no question about the charm of a waterfall shower: relaxing already at the sight, the cascading water massages and delights. Not even on the sensations that can be offered by the nebulized and rain jets do we need to stop: those who have already tried them know what we are referring to, and those who have not yet done it ... could not simply understand! Instead, we talk about chromotherapy, or that is a bath with lights. Being able to rely on LED lights in the shower means being able to transform the color of the water jets, to have a tonic, invigorating or relaxing effect from time to time. The red light, for example, is perfect for the morning, to make the charge of energy and face the day better. Blue light, on the other hand, is indicated for the evening, to leave stress behind and to get ready for a night's sleep. Those in search of lost harmony should instead enjoy a green shower, while those feeling particularly dejected should dive into a shower illuminated by a white light. To all this, by choosing the most complete multi-function shower column, you can also add body jets, and then lateral water jets ready to gently massage your body!


  • Wall-mounted shower panel for bathtub

    Until a few years ago, the bathtubs were almost given up for dead: practically nobody, renovating their house or building a new building, seemed to want to choose this solution, preferring instead shower boxes, less bulky and more practical. Today, however, we are experiencing a small revival of bathtubs, which in fact sometimes become real furnishing objects with their great stage presence. Opting for a bathtub, moreover, does not automatically mean giving up the shower, on the contrary: it is sufficient to install a shower column by your side to eliminate the problem and have both alternatives in a single solution! The concept, moreover, is extremely simple: by installing a shower column for bathtubs you will in fact have the faucets just above the bathtub, with the possibility of using the shower head even when sitting or even lying down. To use the tub as a shower, on the other hand, all you need to do is turn on the shower head, so as to use the tub like a real box. It is up to you now to think of the type of shower column for your bath, also thinking of the other tap solutions in your bathroom.

    Choose the shower column for the bathtub

    On this page we present you different options when it comes to functionality and style. Obviously the most classic lines prevail. It could not be otherwise: when it comes to showering, we can only think of a retro style first. So here we have selected for you the shower columns for bathtubs that look specifically to the past with round and shiny shower heads, gently curved columns, taps with the classic two handles for cold water and hot water and noble finishing. In some cases, as icing on the cake, you can even see some beautiful ventilation outlet with the shape of a goose beak, to give you the impression of taking a bath in a bath of the 20s. This does not mean, moreover, that no shower columns with a more modern and contemporary design can be installed: in our online store you can in fact find innovative solutions that, with the best features, accompany essential and even minimalist shapes. Do you have any doubts about the bathtub shower column that can be installed in your bathroom? Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us for any information: we are at your disposal by phone or email and, thanks to decades of experience, we will certainly be able to resolve your doubts!

  • Stainless steel shower columns

    On this page we present a selection of our stainless steel shower columns. Why, instead of buying a chromed brass shower column, should you opt for a stainless steel shower column? Let's put aesthetic factors aside for the moment, and focus on the physical characteristics of this material. Stainless steel is an alloy consisting in principle of iron, carbon, chrome (up to 30%) and nickel (up to 35%). The advantages of stainless steel are essentially two, namely its strength and durability. This material is very resistant to corrosion, and therefore does not risk being ruined by the typical aggressive detergents that can be found on the market, and it is also extremely easy to clean. Thanks to the quality of its surface, stainless steel does not promote the proliferation of bacteria, and is therefore highly hygienic - not surprisingly it is also used a lot in operating rooms. In the specific case of the world of taps, then, it should be added that this material does not release ferrous residues. All these physical properties, therefore, fully justify the tendentially higher price of the stainless steel shower columns, which moreover require a different and more expensive processing: if in fact the chrome-plated brass can be thermoformed, steel must instead be excavated.

    Our selection of stainless steel shower columns

    The minimum common denominator of the shower columns that you can find on this page is therefore the construction material, that is stainless steel. Then you can find very different shower columns: stainless steel shower columns without faucet, and therefore made up of the column, the shower head and the service shower head; or, on the contrary, of the stainless steel shower columns provided with a tap, which can be used as a mixer from time to time, and therefore with a double control, or with a blender, or with a thermostatic valve, for an ultra-comfortable shower.

    Stainless steel is used above all to make the most modern and innovative shower columns, so you don't have to be surprised to find, right on this page, a vast assortment of shower panels with body jets and led lights, to massage the body and to allow pleasant chromotherapy.

    By choosing a stainless steel shower column you move away from the classic models, and then from the soft and retro lines typical of certain models in chromed brass, to dive into the most convinced, functional and comfortable modernity, with some models that allow you to build a small Spa in the your bathroom. Which shower column is the right one for you?


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