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Built-in shower

Shower concept

In the last few years the concept of shower has evolved strongly. Once it was a purely functional element, which did not respond to particular needs from an aesthetic point of view. Today, instead, it has become a central element within the bathroom environment, no longer only from a functional and pragmatic point of view, but also from an aesthetic one. Interior designers have therefore begun to take great interest in shower accessories, knowing that these, together with the rest of the bathroom taps, can completely change an environment. But what do you need to think about when you go to choose the shower accessories? Factors to be taken into consideration are mainly four, namely the design of the accessories, the level of comfort assured, the easy-cleaning and, finally, the duration of the accessories. Let's start with the design: for example there are fundamentally classic shower heads, with absolutely traditional shapes, and instead more modern shower heads, with square and courageous shapes. As for comfort, in recent years there has been a real explosion of novelties. In fact, from the single jet shower head you can switch to multi-jet models and, even to multi-function shower heads, which can for example integrate hi-tech functions such as LED lights and an audio system. Some shower complements also lend themselves to quick and easy cleaning in terms of installation and design, while in other cases perfect maintenance of the accessories is more demanding - but never too much, given the quality of the shower compliments chosen by Ebath. Finally, the duration of the accessories must be taken into consideration: if treated correctly, the quality shower complements are practically eternal, but certainly stainless steel accessories tend to better withstand the action of possible aggressive detergents.

Choose the shower components, from the shower head to the body jets

Modern showers are not only wall shower head. It is indeed possible to opt for ceiling-mounted shower heads, with their large dimensions, or for additional duplex shower heads, to make your shower even more versatile. And that's not all: to turn the shower into a relaxing and recharging moment, it is possible to enrich it with body jets, with comfortable lateral heads with fixed or adjustable jet. In this same category of our online store it is also possible to view and buy the shower arms , slide bars and the modern shut-offs.

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  • Shower heads - 1 jet

    Who said that only the bathtub can be relaxing? If equipped with the right complements, even a shower can transform in the best time of the day: on this page you can find a wide selection of single-jet shower heads, of all shapes, sizes and types. The functionality of the shower – and therefore the degree of well-being and relaxation that this can guarantee us – depends for the most part on the type and quality of the shower. Many factors must be taken into account for the choice of the single-jet head, one has to think about your personal taste, the style of the bathroom, the size of the shower, the water flow of your plant, the quality of the materials, the use that you’re going to do with your shower and so on.

    In refined and exclusive environments, there is nothing better than modern ceiling shower head, which give a unique experience that can very well be compared, as far as relaxation, to that of a bathtub. The size of the ceiling single-jet shower head to buy varies depending on the width of the shower, the budget available and the scope of your system. Equally elegant are the modern single-jet wall heads, which are installed on the wall with a special matching shower arm: again you can opt for smaller or larger water jets, so as to enjoy a rain effect highly relaxing and massaging all over the body. Halfway between the two models presented is the single-jet ceiling head with a ceiling arm, which hangs from above with an arm that, instead of being installed on the wall, is mounted on the ceiling in a central position with respect to the shower, like a chandelier.

    A single-jet shower for a quality shower

    At the retail stores you can buy single-jet or multi-jet shower headpieces for a few tens of euros, but they offer a mediocre service, a B-series aesthetic and a short lifespan. The shower heads in our online store are instead carefully made – and with selected materials – by some of the best Italian manufacturers, always attentive to both the aesthetic appearance and the substance of the taps. On this page you will find very modern single-jet headpieces, such as square or rectangular ceiling models, or models that, by conception and lines, recall a timeless style, such as round headwells to be installed on the wall. Impossible not to find the perfect single-jet head for your shower!


  • Multijet shower heads

    At Ebath, we want to help you turn your bathroom into an oase of well-being. We are not, therefore, talking about the shower complements that you can find on the shelves of the large distribution, but instead of the best bathroom and shower faucets designed and produced in Italy. All this applies, of course, also to the shower heads: on this page we want to introduce you to our selection of multi-jet heads, that is, the shower that can change type of jet giving a highly relaxing shower. Those who have tried this technology in the past, perhaps in a hotel room, know very well what we are talking about: with effects that change from rain to mist, the jet of water transforms to ensure energy and relaxation.

    As always, our company is committed to select solutions that, in addition of being practical and functional, stand out for beauty and innovation. That's why the multi-jet headblows on this page represent the perfect combination of technology and design, so you can have a great emotional impact. A multi-jet head transforms a simple and banal shower into a sensory experience, and can be installed in any shower, either on the wall, through a special arm, or at the ceiling level. With these innovative shower heads, in short, even the most staunch supporters of the bathtub will only review, at least in part, their convictions!

    What is a multi-jet head and how does it work?

    Buying a multi-jet head for your shower means that you have a device that can direct the jet and change its intensity and type. The rain effect, for example, gives a unique sensory experience, while the cascade rekindles the senses. It is wrong to think that multi-jet head blows, given the variability of the jet, consume greater amounts of water. Quite the opposite is true: by purchasing an innovative ceiling shower head and produced by the best Italian manufacturers, such as those proposed by our Ebath store, you can choose between eco-friendly models, designed to minimize consumption water, at the same time ensuring maximum comfort.

    So, what's your new multi-jet head going to be like? Will it have to be installed directly to the ceiling, or will it instead be mounted to the wall of your shower? And again, will it be a ceiling with classic shapes, or will it instead be a minimal multi-jet blow, or maybe industrial, with a raw style? The choice is up to you, according to your tastes and the furnishing accessories already present in your bathroom. And, for any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Multifunction shower head

    Everything you could want in a shower head. When we talk about multifunction head shower, in fact, we talk about headbies that, in addition of being multi-jet, present additional options, and that therefore can turn your shower into a real SPA treatment. So let's talk about different jets, and therefore of rain and spraying effect (and not only) but also chromotherapy function, which allows a concrete multisensory experience. We are not, therefore, simply presenting a shower with the adjustable jet. In addition of going from the classic shower to the mist shower , with a very light steam that caresses the skin, with these devices we can therefore enjoy a relaxing change of lights, which can be adjusted in combination with the type of jet . The spraying effect, for example, can be accompanied by a relaxing blue light, which helps to ward off stress, whereas a more invigorating jet, designed to counteract any muscle aches, could be combined with a rejuvenating light red, to regain the necessary vigour. Having a multifunction head, therefore, means taking the shower experience to another level.  And you, which shower will you choose for your new shower?

    Full potentiality of the multifunction head

    To adjust the jet and the lights of the multifunction headlights is provided the installation of a watertight control keyboard, which allows the complete control of the shower. So you decide from time to time what your shower should be like.

    Chromotherapy is made possible by the presence of special LEDs integrated into the multifunction head, which turn the water – rain, waterfall or mist – into a fascinating vehicle of light and color. In some cases it is possible to decide that the color changes with the change in the temperature of the water, whereas the color therapy involves changing the colors according to our specific needs. Those looking for an invigorating feeling should therefore opt for warm colors, such as yellow and red, until you get to green. Those who want to get out of the perfectly relaxed shower should get married from green to blue.

    At any time, with a multifunction shower, you can count on the perfect shower for yourself, your mind and your body. The most natural place to install these shower heads is the ceiling of the shower, so you can make the most of the available surface and the waterfall of colors!


  • Stainless shower head

    Few things are as relaxing as a shower with an innovative shower, designed to give wonderful sensations to our skin. For a shower to be really pleasant, however, everything must be perfect: the water temperature must be neither greater nor lower than desired, the light must be soft, the shower box must be wide enough and everything must be perfectly clean – even the bellows, of course. The problem is that many people, in order to have a shower always clean and shiny, resort to the use of aggressive detergents and anti-limescale products all too cheap, putting away at risk the shower heads in chrome brass. With stainless steel ceilings, however, this danger does not exist: this material, in fact, is extremely resistant not only from a mechanical point of view, but also from a chemical point of view. The result is a high tolerability of bathroom cleaning products, so as to make the stainless taps and blowers lasting over time. Buying a stainless steel head, usually, means spending a little extra. This slightly higher expense, however, is largely justified by the technical peculiarities of this material, designed to forage faucets and headlights that can last a long time.

    Stainless steel shower heads: it's also a matter of style

    It is not, moreover, a purely technical and functional matter. Choosing stainless steel for the tap of your bathroom, in fact, can also be a significant choice from the point of view of aesthetics and design. The chrome brass, with its shine and workability, lends itself very well to the realization of round taps and soft lines, and therefore with classic and retro features. On the contrary, steel, because of its particular appearance and its most difficult and demanding workability, is a material used mostly for the realization of the most bluntly modern faucets and blowers, characterized by clear lines and essentials, with strong tendencies towards a minimalist style.

    On this page, therefore, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel ceilings belonging to the different categories of our online tap shop: you will find head ceiling and wall models, large ceilings and small ceilings, monojet, multi-jet or multi-project, panel, round or cubic, to meet your every need. The important thing, of course, is to match the shower head in the correct way with the other shower complements and with the remaining taps


  • Shower arm

    When choosing faucets for the shower and related accessories, great attention is paid to the type of faucet, and therefore to the choice between blender and mixer, and to the type of shower head, moving between the various jets, multi-jet and multi-function. One does not think too much, about the shower arm, which however is a fundamental element to give the right character to the overall vision. There are mainly two types of shower arms: the standard one, which is installed on the shower wall in order to bring the shower head into a central position; or that of the ceiling, and therefore vertical, which being installed at the level of the floor has the task of lowering the shower head. There are therefore three functions of this shower accessory, namely that of supporting the shower head, that of bringing water up to the spout and, finally, the purely aesthetic one, which varies from model to model. Consider, for example, a modern shower, which boasts a thermostatic tap with mixer and a multi-jet design showerhead: in order not to betray the style of this elements, it will be necessary to choose a modern shower arm, which knows how to resume their style, with clear lines and an essential shape. The subject is totally different, for those who want to buy a more traditional tap, perhaps with two handles, and the classic round shower head in chromed brass. In this case, the shower arm will have to show off softer and rounder lines, to match perfectly with the remaining accessories.

    Choose the shower arm

    Many shower heads, after all, are already sold together with the arm to be installed on the wall. In all other cases, it is up to you to choose the most suitable shower arm, obviously relying on our advice: thanks to our long experience and our rich catalog, it will not be difficult to find the perfect shower arm for your bathroom. In addition to the style issues seen above, you will have to consider the type of material and finish of the head and the taps: a shower with a tap and a brushed steel shower head, for example, cannot show off a shower arm in chrome plated brass. And that's not all: some of the most modern Italian taps manufacturers also have shower arms with custom-made finishes, from the classic polished chrome to black chrome, to which are added gold, copper, bronze, dark bronze and polished nickel.

  • Shower slide rail

    You don't want a fixed shower head attached to the wall, or a false ceiling shower head. You are looking for a shower element that, although more bulky, guarantees greater functionality, and allows you to easily adjust the height of the shower head and the direction of the jet, and also to detach the shower head to control it in full autonomy. All this, of course, without losing the opportunity to enjoy a roaring waterfall from above, as offered by the classic fixed heads. We are talking, of course, about sliding shower rails, the most widespread solution in all our bathrooms. To gain is the versatility and the practicality, both during the shower itself, and during its cleaning - with a fixed head, in fact, you can't count on the mobile water jet to clean the shower cubicle.

    To compose a system with shower rail - also called shower set – is the hand shower, its flexible hose, the water intake, and the real shower rail, that is a metal bar that allows to adjust the shower head in height. Opting for a rail instead of a fixed shower head does not preclude the possibility of buying a multi-jet shower head, to combine practicality with maximum comfort.

    The right sliding rail for your shower

    As you can see here below, our online faucet store offers you a wide range of shower rails. There are extremely modern models, with a rectangular section bar, square hand-showers and essential lines: but there are some very classic models, with the classic round-section sliding bars and equally round showers, which are confirmed as true evergreen. In some cases the designers opt for designs that are straightforwardly retro, proposing showers in polished chrome that, by conception, recall the most elegant solutions of the middle of the last century, while providing them with the most modern features, so as not to lose anything in terms of performance.

    The choice, in short, is not as easy as it might seem at the beginning. To orient yourself between one model and another, in addition to your personal taste, however, will be the other elements present in your bathroom: the style of the shower faucet obviously also decides that of the rail- and vice versa - as well as the material and lines of the taps and fittings of the washbasin lay down the law for all the shower complements. Looking at the bars  of your shower as an element to be included in a stylistic whole, your choice will be extremely easier!

  • Shower kit

    What is a shower duplex? This is a question that many people ask themselves, since this is an element introduced on a large scale not many years ago. The shower duplex is, in fact, the service shower that is coupled to the shower head. As you can guess, therefore, the duplex is installed especially in showers with fixed showerheads. The latter, extremely elegant and comfortable - especially in the higher versions, with a false ceiling and equipped with a multi-jet - does not allow it to be handled. Those who are used to have the shower with a flexible hose, useful for a quick shower and also for cleaning the shower, could therefore find themselves 'crippled': hence the possibility of installing a duplex, and therefore a service shower that can be used separately - with or without diverter. In this way it is possible to reach the minimum overall dimensions and the maximum comfort of the fixed shower heads, while not giving up the practicality of a fully adjustable and versatile hand shower, thanks to its flexible hose with built-in water inlet. solution that leaves no room for complaints, really satisfying everyone. But how can you choose between the various shower duplexes available?

    The most suitable shower duplex

    Since this is a small service shower, the shower duplex should be chosen by looking at the style of the faucets and overhead showers (and not vice versa). Fortunately, in our online store dedicated to the world of faucets is plenty of choice, with duplexes designed and built to accompany any style. You can therefore find duplexes with soft and therefore classic shapes, to combine with traditional and round shower heads; but you can also find designer showers, with more essential, more decisive lines. Finally, you can opt for duplexes that have renounced any superfluous decoration, with pure and unmistakable shapes. Those who have opted for shower accessories with finishes other than the classic chrome-plated brass or stainless steel might have difficulty in identifying the right hand shower: for this reason we at Ebath have decided to enrich our catalog with special duplexes with refined finishes, such as the models that oppose the opaque colored liveries to the classic shiny metal.

    If you have any doubts about your duplex, don't hesitate to call us!

  • Handshowers

    Not a fixed and immobile shower head, but rather a hand shower to accompany with a practical flexible hose: this is the solution found in many showers and in many bathtubs, and which can be coupled either to a fixed hook installed on the wall by the shower, from which to attach and detach the hand shower as desired, or to a shower rail solution. These are, therefore,  shower heads without accessories, designed for those who want to compose their own shower - or their own bathtub - with maximum freedom or for those who, instead, want to replace their old shower with a more functional and beautiful model. And in our e-commerce the choice is certainly not lacking: in fact we have brought together on this page the hand-showers designed and made by the best Italian producers, which stand out for the quality of the materials used, for design and for duration. It is not, in short, the usual showers that can be found at the level of large retailers. Every single aspect of the hand showers presented on this page, from the handle to the nozzles, is designed to give the best shower experience to our users. And you, which shower head will you choose for your bathroom, among those we have selected for you?

    Classic hand showers and modern shower heads

    When it comes to hand showers there is no limit to the imagination: the shapes, the dimensions, the lines, the materials and the functionalities can change in a thousand ways, creating always new and original models. Nostalgics can find vintage hand showers in our e-commerce, with a perfectly round shower head, raised handle and chrome finish. Those who aspire to an even more retro style can also find hand shower heads with white finishings, recalling the most aristocratic faucets. Of course, not even the lovers of modern design, with square shower heads and bold lines, are left high and dry. But it is not just a question of aesthetic differences: you can buy single-jet hand showers or opt for a two-jet , three-or six-function hand shower, so you can select between rain effect, waterfall effect, whirlpool effect and so on.

    For your bathtub, for your garden shower, to accompany the fixed shower head of your shower with a movable and handy element, in short, for any of your needs, here you can find the shower head that's right for you: on our e-commerce you can find also many types of flexible hose, water intakes and shower supports!

  • Body Jets

    Other than a normal and boring shower: with body jets what awaits you at the end of the day is a fantastic total body massage. Distinctive elements of the most comfortable and most modern showers, body jets are the icing on the cake of a perfect shower. In this case, we are dealing with small additional built-in shower heads, to be installed on the wall, which produce a horizontal water jet, aimed at pleasantly massaging our body, so that we can enjoy a hydromassage even in the shower. It is without a doubt the most complete experience a shower can offer: body jets invigorate our body when we wake up and relax it gently in the evening, after a long day at work. In some cases the body jets are installed directly on the shower column, and therefore in a frontal position and in limited numbers. The small built-in shower heads offered on this page, on the other hand, can be installed freely in your shower, taking up space on the front or side walls, with two or three body jets per side. These small devices bring all the benefits of hydrotherapy to your bathroom: it will be like having a small spa at home!

    The many benefits of body jets for our body

    Athletes are well aware of this and those who, for sporting activities or for work, often find themselves with sore muscles, know this well: a jet of water that massages the painful area is in most cases a real cure-all , capable of giving immediate relief. It is not, in fact, a simple massage: the temperature of the water that hits the affected muscle group goes to increase the body temperature, and therefore to increase the blood circulation, so as to encourage a quick recovery. Don't forget that our body has a lot of pressure points which, if massaged, help us to drastically reduce the level of pressure.

    Back pain, sore muscles, stiff shoulders and neck, stress: a massage shower with expertly positioned body jets can solve many small and large problems that make our daily life more difficult and tiring. Do you have any doubts about the types and installation of body jets? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to present you all the peculiarities of these particular accessories for your shower, selected from the proposals of the best Italian bathroom taps manufacturers.

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