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Bathroom components

Maybe you're building the shower of your dreams, or maybe you're looking for spare parts for your shower. In any case, those you are looking for are quality shower accessories: we at Ebath, with our four decades of experience, are ready to provide you with the best products, to make your shower practical, comfortable, durable and beautiful. In other sections you can find all the other components for your shower, from the shower heads to the taps, passing through the shower rails, the hand showers and so on. Here, instead, we present complementary accessories, such as flexible metal hoses, water intakes and shower supports, drains, siphons and various stainless steel accessories.

Let's start with the flexible ones: not all showers obviously need it. For example, let's think about the boxes equipped with a fixed support for the shower head, or even the modern ceiling shower heads. Classic shower, however, impose the shower rails, and therefore the showerhead anchored to it with a practical flexible tube. In this section of our e-commerce you will therefore be able to find flexible shower fittings made of chrome-plated brass or chromolux models. The guarantee is to buy elegant, comfortable and resistant flexible hoses - based on the assumption that hoses are generally the most frequently changed shower accessories.

The choice of the right hose must also be made thinking of the combination of shower head and faucets, recalling other design elements inside the bathroom.

All the shower accessories you need

In addition to the flexible ones, in this section of our online store you can find the water intakes to which you attach the hose of your showerhead, as well as the sockets provided with hook, to solve everything with a single solution, halving the bulk and the jobs for the 'installation. Different in terms of shapes, materials and colors, the water intakes that we present are designed to meet your all your needs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic impact. In this category, finally, you can find the drains for your shower, chosen among the models that allow a faster and practical cleaning and maintenance. Also in this case, a special attention has been given to the design of the shower accessories: you can therefore find pressure drains with round or square tops, with the most different finishes, to match perfectly with taps and shower heads. We therefore present shower drains in chrome, steel, black, white, gold, brushed and so on.

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  • Shower flexible hoses

    How do you choose a shower hose? What are the factors to consider when buying this particular bathroom accessory? The shower hose is that particular folding tube that connects the water pipe or the faucet to the shower head, and then to the mobile spout. Therefore, it is a fundamental accessory in the case of mobile shower heads, which can be the only shower head in the shower or - in duplex solutions - they can simply be a service shower that accompanies a larger fixed shower head installed at the top. In any case,  flexible hose, due to the nature of its use, is subjected to continuous stresses over time. It is therefore necessary to purchase resistant hoses, long-lasting in daily use. There are shower fittings in stainless steel, with double seaming, in chromed brass, rubber, PVC and plastic. Dimensions of the hose should also be considered. The diameter of the attachments is standard for all models, so as to allow maximum freedom of choice; on the other hand, the length of the hose changes, based on the positioning of the water supply point and, possibly, based on the height reached by the shower latch.

    Replacing shower hose

    Before buying a new shower hose it is necessary to take into consideration what was said above about the different materials and the different dimensions. Once this is done, it is necessary to dedicate oneself to style, and therefore to the visual aspect of the flexible hose. Who buys a shower, a duplex or a latch, in most cases, also finds a perfectly matched flexible hose. When you buy a flexible by yourself, however, it becomes more difficult to find the perfect match, although it must be said that it is sufficient to identify a similar color and degree of sparkle. Whoever having a faucet and shower head in chromed brass you will only have to buy a good flexible of the same material, typically with double seaming; otherwise, we will choose different materials, such as the cromolux, which with its colored and opaque finishes lends itself perfectly to complete the most modern and eccentric showers.

    Replacing the shower hose is not at all difficult: as anticipated, the attachments are standard. It will therefore be sufficient to close the water, unscrew the rings of the old hose and screw the ones of the new hose, making sure to position the gaskets correctly, which will ensure perfect watertight seal. It’s done!

  • Water supplies and shower brackets

    When buying complete shower sets, the water intakes and shower supports are included and therefore combined, in terms of material, style and color. This is not the case, however, when you want to buy each element of your shower piece by piece: in that case, based on the selected shower head and tap, you will also need to choose the water intake and the support that best suits. On this page we therefore present a wide selection of water intakes for your shower, with or without support for the shower, according to your needs.

    Water supply point with or without hand shower support 

    As you can see, on this page there are several models of water intakes. Different materials, different shapes, different finishes. But that's not all: in some cases the water supply point is provided with a hollow to hang the shower head, while in other cases the water intake is simple and essential, without this option. The latter configuration therefore envisages the presence of a separate support, which may be present on a shower latch or, possibly, in the form of a separate element. Is yours a traditional or design shower, modern or classic? Whatever the style of your bathroom, here you can find the water intakes and  perfect supports for your shower.

  • Traps

    Which trap best suits to your bathroom environment? On this page you can find traps for your sink and your bidet. Certainly you know that the role of the siphons is fundamental: despite this, many times this particular bathroom accessory is hidden, closed inside the same structure of sink and bidet. In fact, the old traps are purely functional and unsightly. If quality and well made, however,  siphons can also become real furnishing in your bathroom, highlighting the style and character already expressed by taps and fittings. Precisely for this reason, in recent years, designers of the best brands in the world of faucets have begun to design more and more beautiful visible siphons, impossible to hide. Round, square, S and bottle shape traps are thus born, so as to revolutionize the entire bathroom environment. Yes, because laying exposed traps means rethinking the idea of ​​the sink and the bidet, which are thus lighter. Covering structures are no longer necessary, so as to give maximum freedom to the space below the sink: no longer closed furniture, but a simple wall, or again, open, cheap and - above all - modern shelves. The advantages, however, are not limited to the design level. An open trap that eliminates the lower part of the washbasin brings concrete benefits even on the cleaning front.

    Choose the right siphon for your bathroom

    There are many ways to intelligently exploit a furnishing trap. It is possible, as anticipated, to install the washbasin on an open support surface, such as on a wall table with a large lower shelf for towels and other bathroom products. In other situations, the furnishing siphon can be chosen to eliminate the need of a column below the sink, which is perfect for making a bathroom more essential and at the same time enhancing the lines of the sink. There is no doubt, then, in stating that visible siphon fits very well with a minimalist bathroom view. Furthermore, the most attentive interior designers will be able to take advantage of the furnishing traps to give continuity to the finishes of a bathroom, recalling taps, towel rails, handles, baskets, frames and so on. The trick, of course, lies in identifying the right siphons for your sink and bidet: on this page you have a wide choice!

  • Bath drains

    A detail? Of course, but an important detail. Which drains can best adapt to your bathroom's faucets? Which of the discharges on this page are able to perfectly complete your washbasin, your bidet, your bathtub or your shower? Drains are essential to complete the installation of bathroom fixture and fittings.

    But what are the waste drains actually? These are small - or large - metal ring nuts that connect the sink, the bidet, the bathtub or the shower to the relative drain, allowing the water to flow and at the same time blocking the debris. Not all drains, must be said, are the same. In fact, there are drains with universal connections, click-clack type drains and valve with free drains. In the first case, there are drains that can be installed without problems in any type of sink, regardless of the material and size. As a general rule, the universal drain fittings are recommended to complete the installation of modern sanitary fixtures, without the overflow function (i.e. the hole at the top which, connected directly to the drain, allows the water to flow out above a certain level). The click-clack waste drains, on the other hand, open and close manually, by pressure. Finally, there are free-flow waste drains, especially recommended for bathrooms in shops, bars and restaurants, which can never be closed, so as never to fill the sink.

    Select and install the drain for your bathroom

    How to choose the right drain for your needs? We can give you some tips: the discharge of a shower, obviously, will have to make use of a free-draining drain, whereas instead the sink or bathtub will need a click-clack drain to block the flow of water.

    Sometimes, due to poor maintenance, you find yourself having to replace the drain before the faucets: maybe its functionality has been compromised, or maybe the chrome has been ruined over time (something that can happen if you buy low quality products).  Replacing the drain plug is not difficult: to free it, however, it will also be necessary to dismantle the drain, using screwdrivers, a wrench and a parrot.

    For any further information on the drains in your bathroom and on the waste drains, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Shut-off

    What do we talk about when we talk about shut-off? These are small hand showers that are installed next to the toilet and have the particular function of replacing the classic toilet brush for cleaning the toilet bowl. Not by chance, very often, shut-offs are also called hygienic hand showers, or even hydroscopins. Essentially, this is a device complete with a wall water intake, a flexible hose and a small final shower, equipped with a convenient lever switch, to be easily operated with a slight thumb pressure. Moreover, many shut-off models go beyond the mere fiction of hydroscopins: if in fact the latter are connected only to cold water, so that they can only be used for cleaning the toilet, the hygienic showers are on the side - typically on the same water tap plate - a small mixer, which allows the water temperature to be regulated, like a normal bathroom tap. The shut-off, in this case, can therefore also become a replaced bidet, a remarkable expedient for bathrooms that have little space available.

    But why should you think about replacing your normal toilet brush with a shut-off? Well, surely the shut-offs are much more hygienic than the traditional toilet brushes; furthermore, their use is much simpler and cleaner, eliminating the odious drops on the floor. But that's not all!

    The advantages of shut-offs

    Many people wonder if the shut-offs actually manage to clean the toilet well, without effort. The answer is absolutely yes, thanks to the powerful jet of the hydroscopine, which allows a perfect cleaning even below the water level. Some might think that this device is not the best when children turn up at home, who, fascinated by this small shower equipped with a trigger, could shoot water around. Most of these hand showers, in addition to the trigger at the level of the small shower head, are however equipped with a wall-mounted faucet, which allows the water flow to be completely closed: in this way, while operating the shut-off, the smallest ones they can't do damage!

    To all this must be added the fact that the shut-offs we present on this page are small design objects, which perfectly complete a modern bathroom. Their installation is simple: it will be sufficient to set up a cold water point a few centimeters from the toilet or, in the case of an existing bathroom, connect to the water point of the bidet.

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