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Washbasin taps with waterfall spout

Here is the faucet that everyone, in recent times, would like to install in their own bathroom: The waterfall sink faucet is in fact the most desired solution between those who are building a new bathroom environment. Goodbye, therefore, to the classic tubular shape of the spout, to embrace a spout open in its upper part and typically enlarged, to reproduce, in fact, a pleasant waterfall of water directed towards our washbasin. The result is a relaxing and lovable water flow on sight, able to transform a normal bathroom environment into something elegant, modern and restful, like a small spa. Choosing a waterfall sink faucet, therefore, means to recognize a special role to bathroom fittings, which becomes the protagonist of this particular space. To create a refined environment, the combination with the right sink is essential: usually, the pair is perfect with the most modern washbasins.

Normally more consistent in size, the waterfall sink tap give a decisive character to the bathroom, which amaze all our guests.

The right model of waterfall faucet for bathroom

As you can see on this page of our online shop dedicated to taps and fittings, there are the most different types of waterfall faucet. For example, there are solutions similar to the most widespread single-lever taps, replicating the forms of the normal dispensing mouths. In other cases, you find a completely original faucet, with a new and very wide spout, creating an even more fascinating waterfall. It should also be stressed that in order to satisfy everyone, we have selected built-in and supported sink taps, as well as the floor models, for those who want to give an extra original touch to their bathroom. And it's not all here: Despite being an exquisitely modern solution, there are those who want to design a waterfall sink faucet with no mixer, but with a double handle, to melt the more classic style with the contemporary one.

Even the simplest act of cleansing your face in the morning, with a waterfall faucet, can change our day. Browsing through the categories of our online store you will find cascade faucets not only for the bathroom sink, but also for the bidet, for the bathtub and for the shower, to match them to each other for perfection. 

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