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Stainless steel bidet taps

There are so many reasons why you should choose a stainless steel bidet tap. First of all, remember that you are talking about a device dedicated to intimate hygiene, which should therefore meet certain standards. In this sense, stainless steel is, for many reasons, the best choice. So why should you consider a stainless steel bidet? First, this material is highly resistant, both mechanically and chemically. This means that your stainless steel bidet will stand up to the various cleaning cycles without any problem, not being affected even by the most aggressive detergents – whereas, for example, taps of other materials fear use anti-limescale. Secondly, we cannot overlook the increased hygiene that this material guarantees us. Steel is in fact antibacterial, not allowing the mass proliferation of such organisms: it is certainly no coincidence that in the operating rooms you find exactly this particular alloy between iron and carbon! Stainless steel also does not rust, and this too, for an accessory in constant contact with water, is certainly an advantage not to be forgotten. The people who care about the health of the environment, then, know that steel does not contain lead, nor does it require the galvanic baths provided in the case of chrome brass. Steel, for its part, has neither carcinogenic nor environmentally dangerous substances, doubling its environmental sustainability by virtue of its strong durability.  

Why choose a stainless steel bidet faucet?

We anticipated that the stainless steel bidet is not afraid to be clean with normal detergents: to keep these faucets shiny there are no special precautions, except to avoid muriatic acid and that to use soft clothes. From an aesthetic point of view, steel – requiring to be excavated and turned – lends itself above all to the creation of taps with a minimal style, with clean and clear lines, and therefore corresponding with the trends of contemporary design. Those who prefer softer, rounder and therefore classic shapes – if not properly vintage – will have to opt for chrome brass taps, then made with a material that can be thermoformed. On this page, in any case, you will find faucets for bicommand or mono-command stainless steel bidets, and then with mixer, built-in or supported ones with one, two or three holes.


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