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Waterfall bidet faucets

Here is a type of bidet taps that are booming. Until not so long ago, all bath faucest presented themselves with the classic tubular shape. Some short, some long, some edcheon and some round, but still closed and narrow. From the world of hot springs and spas, however, came the waterfall taps, equipped with a particular dispensing mouth that, instead of being closed on all sides, opens at the top and widens, so as to recreate, precisely, a cascading effect. These solutions exist for the sink and the barhtub, and yes, of course also for the bidet. The effect is that of a soft, relaxing and fascinating flow of water, which gives a unique style to the bathroom environment in which a waterdall bidet faucet is installed. Buying a faucet of this type means, in the vast majority of cases, to opt for a solution with a modern and minimalist style, that leave behind the decorations: here the main element is water, which with its flow does not leave space for anything else. An option not to be missed in the design houses, waterfall tap sits well with all contemporary furnishings, and with all the bathroom environments that aim to communicate elegance, modernity and relaxation.

Waterfall tap for bidet

As anticipated, the Spa style is winning over more and more people, with the cascading effect protagonist of an increasing number of bathrooms. Depending on the layout and type of bidet, waterfall faucet can be installed directly on the sanitary system or, possibly, on the wall, built-in. In most cases, given the intrinsic modernity of these taps, you will have to deal with a mixer, and therefore with a single-control solution; However, we should not rule out the possibility of choosing a waterfall tap for bidet with two handles, to give a touch of classicism to this modern and design accessory.

A cascading bidet faucet does not go unnoticed, and for this reason the quality of its manufacture must reach the highest levels: as for all the bathroom and kitchen faucets present in our e-commerce, we at Ebath supply only from the best manufacturers Italians, able to combine exceptional design with highly satisfying resistance and durability. For any doubt concerning your new waterfall faucet, do not hesitate to contact us: we’ll be glad to answer to all your doubt.


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