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Thermostatic shower panel

Those who find themselves in front of them for the first time, perhaps at the hotel, remain at first a bit confused: the controls are two, but they are not the classic handles of cold water and hot water of the mixer taps. No, one knob is used to adjust the power of the jet, and the other is used instead to set precisely the water temperature. We are talking, of course, of thermostatic mixers, or rather those particular taps that guarantee a constant water temperature for the entire duration of use. Here, on this page, we present you the best thermostatic shower columns, which oppose to the modern mechanical taps with thermostatic cartridge solutions. But what are the advantages, in practice? It is immediately said. Not infrequently, while taking a shower, the water suddenly changes the temperature, becoming suddenly cold or hot. Someone absently could have opened a tap somewhere else, thus also affecting the temperature of the shower: when it happens - and it often happens - it is not pleasant at all. With thermostatic shower columns this can no longer happen: the thermostatic valve has the task of keeping the temperature constant, whatever the conditions. In the event that, for whatever reason, there is no cold water or hot water to deliver a pleasant temperature flow, the water flow is automatically stopped.

How thermostatic shower columns work

With the thermostatic shower columns, therefore, the possibility of encountering unpleasant icy baths or annoying - and painful - burns is canceled. It should also be emphasized that, in order to keep children, the elderly or distracted adults safe, the thermostatic mixer is set to not deliver water of more than 38 degrees by itself. If you want to exceed, therefore, you will need to hold the appropriate button. Therefore, the variable conditions of the aqueduct, boiler and other utilities will no longer decide the comfort of your shower: with a thermostatic shower column, in fact, you will be able to avoid any annoying temperature changes. You can opt for the shower columns with thermostatic mixer with classic shape, with soft lines and a round shower head, or you can dare more, installing in your shower a column with essential and modern lines, maybe equipped with a panel with body jets and a multi-jet showerhead, so as to transform your bathroom into a small Spa. Everything depends on the style you want to give to your bathroom and, of course, from the level of comfort you want to reach in your shower!

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