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Stainless steel shower columns

On this page we present a selection of our stainless steel shower columns. Why, instead of buying a chromed brass shower column, should you opt for a stainless steel shower column? Let's put aesthetic factors aside for the moment, and focus on the physical characteristics of this material. Stainless steel is an alloy consisting in principle of iron, carbon, chrome (up to 30%) and nickel (up to 35%). The advantages of stainless steel are essentially two, namely its strength and durability. This material is very resistant to corrosion, and therefore does not risk being ruined by the typical aggressive detergents that can be found on the market, and it is also extremely easy to clean. Thanks to the quality of its surface, stainless steel does not promote the proliferation of bacteria, and is therefore highly hygienic - not surprisingly it is also used a lot in operating rooms. In the specific case of the world of taps, then, it should be added that this material does not release ferrous residues. All these physical properties, therefore, fully justify the tendentially higher price of the stainless steel shower columns, which moreover require a different and more expensive processing: if in fact the chrome-plated brass can be thermoformed, steel must instead be excavated.

Our selection of stainless steel shower columns

The minimum common denominator of the shower columns that you can find on this page is therefore the construction material, that is stainless steel. Then you can find very different shower columns: stainless steel shower columns without faucet, and therefore made up of the column, the shower head and the service shower head; or, on the contrary, of the stainless steel shower columns provided with a tap, which can be used as a mixer from time to time, and therefore with a double control, or with a blender, or with a thermostatic valve, for an ultra-comfortable shower.

Stainless steel is used above all to make the most modern and innovative shower columns, so you don't have to be surprised to find, right on this page, a vast assortment of shower panels with body jets and led lights, to massage the body and to allow pleasant chromotherapy.

By choosing a stainless steel shower column you move away from the classic models, and then from the soft and retro lines typical of certain models in chromed brass, to dive into the most convinced, functional and comfortable modernity, with some models that allow you to build a small Spa in the your bathroom. Which shower column is the right one for you?


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