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Shower heads - 1 jet

Who said that only the bathtub can be relaxing? If equipped with the right complements, even a shower can transform in the best time of the day: on this page you can find a wide selection of single-jet shower heads, of all shapes, sizes and types. The functionality of the shower – and therefore the degree of well-being and relaxation that this can guarantee us – depends for the most part on the type and quality of the shower. Many factors must be taken into account for the choice of the single-jet head, one has to think about your personal taste, the style of the bathroom, the size of the shower, the water flow of your plant, the quality of the materials, the use that you’re going to do with your shower and so on.

In refined and exclusive environments, there is nothing better than modern ceiling shower head, which give a unique experience that can very well be compared, as far as relaxation, to that of a bathtub. The size of the ceiling single-jet shower head to buy varies depending on the width of the shower, the budget available and the scope of your system. Equally elegant are the modern single-jet wall heads, which are installed on the wall with a special matching shower arm: again you can opt for smaller or larger water jets, so as to enjoy a rain effect highly relaxing and massaging all over the body. Halfway between the two models presented is the single-jet ceiling head with a ceiling arm, which hangs from above with an arm that, instead of being installed on the wall, is mounted on the ceiling in a central position with respect to the shower, like a chandelier.

A single-jet shower for a quality shower

At the retail stores you can buy single-jet or multi-jet shower headpieces for a few tens of euros, but they offer a mediocre service, a B-series aesthetic and a short lifespan. The shower heads in our online store are instead carefully made – and with selected materials – by some of the best Italian manufacturers, always attentive to both the aesthetic appearance and the substance of the taps. On this page you will find very modern single-jet headpieces, such as square or rectangular ceiling models, or models that, by conception and lines, recall a timeless style, such as round headwells to be installed on the wall. Impossible not to find the perfect single-jet head for your shower!


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