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Multijet shower heads

At Ebath, we want to help you turn your bathroom into an oase of well-being. We are not, therefore, talking about the shower complements that you can find on the shelves of the large distribution, but instead of the best bathroom and shower faucets designed and produced in Italy. All this applies, of course, also to the shower heads: on this page we want to introduce you to our selection of multi-jet heads, that is, the shower that can change type of jet giving a highly relaxing shower. Those who have tried this technology in the past, perhaps in a hotel room, know very well what we are talking about: with effects that change from rain to mist, the jet of water transforms to ensure energy and relaxation.

As always, our company is committed to select solutions that, in addition of being practical and functional, stand out for beauty and innovation. That's why the multi-jet headblows on this page represent the perfect combination of technology and design, so you can have a great emotional impact. A multi-jet head transforms a simple and banal shower into a sensory experience, and can be installed in any shower, either on the wall, through a special arm, or at the ceiling level. With these innovative shower heads, in short, even the most staunch supporters of the bathtub will only review, at least in part, their convictions!

What is a multi-jet head and how does it work?

Buying a multi-jet head for your shower means that you have a device that can direct the jet and change its intensity and type. The rain effect, for example, gives a unique sensory experience, while the cascade rekindles the senses. It is wrong to think that multi-jet head blows, given the variability of the jet, consume greater amounts of water. Quite the opposite is true: by purchasing an innovative ceiling shower head and produced by the best Italian manufacturers, such as those proposed by our Ebath store, you can choose between eco-friendly models, designed to minimize consumption water, at the same time ensuring maximum comfort.

So, what's your new multi-jet head going to be like? Will it have to be installed directly to the ceiling, or will it instead be mounted to the wall of your shower? And again, will it be a ceiling with classic shapes, or will it instead be a minimal multi-jet blow, or maybe industrial, with a raw style? The choice is up to you, according to your tastes and the furnishing accessories already present in your bathroom. And, for any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us!

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