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Stainless shower head

Few things are as relaxing as a shower with an innovative shower, designed to give wonderful sensations to our skin. For a shower to be really pleasant, however, everything must be perfect: the water temperature must be neither greater nor lower than desired, the light must be soft, the shower box must be wide enough and everything must be perfectly clean – even the bellows, of course. The problem is that many people, in order to have a shower always clean and shiny, resort to the use of aggressive detergents and anti-limescale products all too cheap, putting away at risk the shower heads in chrome brass. With stainless steel ceilings, however, this danger does not exist: this material, in fact, is extremely resistant not only from a mechanical point of view, but also from a chemical point of view. The result is a high tolerability of bathroom cleaning products, so as to make the stainless taps and blowers lasting over time. Buying a stainless steel head, usually, means spending a little extra. This slightly higher expense, however, is largely justified by the technical peculiarities of this material, designed to forage faucets and headlights that can last a long time.

Stainless steel shower heads: it's also a matter of style

It is not, moreover, a purely technical and functional matter. Choosing stainless steel for the tap of your bathroom, in fact, can also be a significant choice from the point of view of aesthetics and design. The chrome brass, with its shine and workability, lends itself very well to the realization of round taps and soft lines, and therefore with classic and retro features. On the contrary, steel, because of its particular appearance and its most difficult and demanding workability, is a material used mostly for the realization of the most bluntly modern faucets and blowers, characterized by clear lines and essentials, with strong tendencies towards a minimalist style.

On this page, therefore, you can find a wide selection of stainless steel ceilings belonging to the different categories of our online tap shop: you will find head ceiling and wall models, large ceilings and small ceilings, monojet, multi-jet or multi-project, panel, round or cubic, to meet your every need. The important thing, of course, is to match the shower head in the correct way with the other shower complements and with the remaining taps


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