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Multifunction shower head

Everything you could want in a shower head. When we talk about multifunction head shower, in fact, we talk about headbies that, in addition of being multi-jet, present additional options, and that therefore can turn your shower into a real SPA treatment. So let's talk about different jets, and therefore of rain and spraying effect (and not only) but also chromotherapy function, which allows a concrete multisensory experience. We are not, therefore, simply presenting a shower with the adjustable jet. In addition of going from the classic shower to the mist shower , with a very light steam that caresses the skin, with these devices we can therefore enjoy a relaxing change of lights, which can be adjusted in combination with the type of jet . The spraying effect, for example, can be accompanied by a relaxing blue light, which helps to ward off stress, whereas a more invigorating jet, designed to counteract any muscle aches, could be combined with a rejuvenating light red, to regain the necessary vigour. Having a multifunction head, therefore, means taking the shower experience to another level.  And you, which shower will you choose for your new shower?

Full potentiality of the multifunction head

To adjust the jet and the lights of the multifunction headlights is provided the installation of a watertight control keyboard, which allows the complete control of the shower. So you decide from time to time what your shower should be like.

Chromotherapy is made possible by the presence of special LEDs integrated into the multifunction head, which turn the water – rain, waterfall or mist – into a fascinating vehicle of light and color. In some cases it is possible to decide that the color changes with the change in the temperature of the water, whereas the color therapy involves changing the colors according to our specific needs. Those looking for an invigorating feeling should therefore opt for warm colors, such as yellow and red, until you get to green. Those who want to get out of the perfectly relaxed shower should get married from green to blue.

At any time, with a multifunction shower, you can count on the perfect shower for yourself, your mind and your body. The most natural place to install these shower heads is the ceiling of the shower, so you can make the most of the available surface and the waterfall of colors!


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