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Shower flexible hoses

How do you choose a shower hose? What are the factors to consider when buying this particular bathroom accessory? The shower hose is that particular folding tube that connects the water pipe or the faucet to the shower head, and then to the mobile spout. Therefore, it is a fundamental accessory in the case of mobile shower heads, which can be the only shower head in the shower or - in duplex solutions - they can simply be a service shower that accompanies a larger fixed shower head installed at the top. In any case,  flexible hose, due to the nature of its use, is subjected to continuous stresses over time. It is therefore necessary to purchase resistant hoses, long-lasting in daily use. There are shower fittings in stainless steel, with double seaming, in chromed brass, rubber, PVC and plastic. Dimensions of the hose should also be considered. The diameter of the attachments is standard for all models, so as to allow maximum freedom of choice; on the other hand, the length of the hose changes, based on the positioning of the water supply point and, possibly, based on the height reached by the shower latch.

Replacing shower hose

Before buying a new shower hose it is necessary to take into consideration what was said above about the different materials and the different dimensions. Once this is done, it is necessary to dedicate oneself to style, and therefore to the visual aspect of the flexible hose. Who buys a shower, a duplex or a latch, in most cases, also finds a perfectly matched flexible hose. When you buy a flexible by yourself, however, it becomes more difficult to find the perfect match, although it must be said that it is sufficient to identify a similar color and degree of sparkle. Whoever having a faucet and shower head in chromed brass you will only have to buy a good flexible of the same material, typically with double seaming; otherwise, we will choose different materials, such as the cromolux, which with its colored and opaque finishes lends itself perfectly to complete the most modern and eccentric showers.

Replacing the shower hose is not at all difficult: as anticipated, the attachments are standard. It will therefore be sufficient to close the water, unscrew the rings of the old hose and screw the ones of the new hose, making sure to position the gaskets correctly, which will ensure perfect watertight seal. It’s done!

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